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  • kclambeth12 July 2007
    Dear god where do i start? Malibu, well a cardboard cut out of a beach and some fake, terrible actors in front of it.

    The worst culprits of terrible acting was Stads and Sam, they had one facial expression between them,sounding like they were reading off an autocue, were the auditions in bikinis? Traycee, not sure whether she's a bad actress (Its hard to tell) but come on, there was only two reasons why they hired her! not exactly a role model for teen girls.

    And talking of two boobs, Scott and Jason, absolutely awful. Scott, gym obsessed idiot, with yet again an opposite twin brother. i am a twin, we are not opposites, we don't pull horrible stunts on one an other like childish twits, i mean how old are they? eighteen? Adults presumably.

    The thing that gets me is that these 'teen' shows talk about some issues but never talk about sex or drugs or even death, the worst they get is divorced parents and their long term partner dumps them. Why on Peter Engel shows do they always land jobs on Radio shows and in bands and have their own TV shows and clothing lines? i wish life was that easy.

    Sometimes i watch this to laugh at the absurdity of it, a bunch of young adults who are lifeguards and waiters, don't work hard, wear bikinis all day and then moan about their 'hard' lives.

    This is one of the worst of The Whole peter Engel lot, City guys is way better and a least a little a bit gritty.
  • "Malibu, CA" is in the same mode as all other Peter Engel Productions; attractive but bland cast - has anyone else noticed that other than "Saved By The Bell" spawning Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselar (we'll forget Elizabeth Berkley, if it's all right with you), no one's emerged from his shows to go on to anything reasonably higher up the evolutionary scale? - thin scripts, non-lavish production values ("Baywatch" was at least filmed on a real beach) and nothing much for anyone older than the audience this is aimed at. The girls ARE cute, though, but that really isn't enough here.

    On the plus side, the theme song is as close as anything can come to making this essential. But apart from that...
  • Juniore10 January 2000
    At the start of this show, everything was A okay. The setting was good, the characters were good, everything was good. But then they dropped the two hottest girls on the show and got two new characters. The plot of the show isn't as good anymore and the show sucks now. They need to bring Stads and Sam back!
  • Beautiful women, nice beaches and funny actors. Most of the actors in the show are great. Beautiful actresses such as Wendi Kenya and Priscilla Taylor. Murray (Brandon Brooks) is very funny too and his participations in the show adds the fun element!. This TV show also had many great appearances such as Victoria Silvstedt among other great beautiful actresses. The locations where the episodes were filmed are great, very sunny in general. I recommend this show to anybody who likes the beach, beautiful women, and to have fun. I use to watch this show on MGM and hopefully it gets retransmitted again. It combines beautiful beaches, funny scripts and a good time!
  • Even if this isn't the greatest show in the world its pretty nice show to watch.

    And it worth to see this show just for the two-three second that PRISCILLIA LEE TAYLOR (Tracy) is on.

    she's H O T T T T T T . . . . .
  • This show is awesome! It has Wendy Kenya playing Stads who was previously on "Breaker High" portraying Cassidy. That show was cool too.This show is awesome as well and is a lot of fun to watch!
  • To sum this show in two words: sucky show! Yes it is a sucky show. Peter Engel could have done better than this. I liked "California Dreams" , "Saved By The Bell" , "Saved By The Bell: The New Class" , "USA High (the best!)" , "City Guys" , and "Hang Time". This show stinks more than "One World," geez! If you like Peter Engel go and watch this show. If you don't CHANGE THE CHANNEL...QUICK! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!