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  • Why? Why did they think this movie would be cool? I don't think that anyone who has seen this movie could seriously enjoy it. The reasons for not liking this movie are infinite but I will focus on 3 that really blew me away.

    1. Nothing and I mean NOTHING in this movie is given even a poor explanation. From start to finish, it is assumed that you know what is going on without the slightest indication as to why.

    2. This movie has no action. I found this movie listed as an action movie and for some reason. But take it from me the action is minimal and the little action that does surface is very poor.

    3. The title to this movie is "G2". If anyone can tell me why "G2" has anything to do with this movie in any way I'd love to hear it.

    The fact is that this movie is a real hard one to finish and I recommend never starting in the first place.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bernhardt play a former cop, Steven Colin, who begins having nightmares about fighting a group of evil Asians and constantly getting stabbed by them and not dying. The dreams are so real to him. Turns out that he was actually a soldier in another life who was sent to retrieve the sword of Alexander the Great and give it to him, but a group of Asians tried to kill him for it, but the sword allowed him to destroy them. So the dreams that Colin has been having his from his former life and the enemies come back 2000 years to the day to settle the score and destroy him once and for all. I don't know why people say there's no action in this. The first 10 minutes are full of fights and gunplay with various different violence plagued throughout the film. Those people must not have been watching G2 (probably P2). The acting sucks, but who cares. The plot is awesome and its very enjoyable.
  • audie-66 August 1999
    Daniel Bernhardt is totally wasted in this lame attempt to duplicate the success of the HIGHLANDER series. It has the feel of a made-for-TV pilot and with some of the loopholes in the script it may be better to be viewed as such. It even tends to draw on some elements from JCVD's LIONHEART. Bernhardt obviously has true ability, but he is better suited for other films like BLOODSPORT 2 & 3 and TRUE VENGEANCE
  • This movie seems to make people think of Highlander. I disagree. It's as much Highlander as it is Excalibur. The plot is nothing spectacular or original, and does remotely resemble Highlander, but it certainly ain't no Highlander. Heck, even Star Wars looks remotely like Highlander. It's all a case of level of abstraction from the story. But enough about that. It was sorta disappointing that people thought it normal when the "immortal" (actually reincarnations) died with a lot of lightning.

    So: it ain't no classic, but it certainly is worth watching.
  • This has to be one of the worst movies of all time. It is a mix between a Jean-Claude Van-Damme movie, Mortal Combat, and the Highlander. In the background you can hear music playing and it dosn't stop once during the whole movie. It seemed to get louder and louder and it just won't go away. This movie is almost as bad as Puma Man. At least Puma Man was fun to watch. This movie was like having your fingers broken one at a time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One of the worst movies I've ever seen. No idea what to write about it to fill in the (minimum) required ten lines... Don't ever watch it, don't try to understand it - there is no plot, no action, so sense... Compared to this, B movies deserve an award.

    Yes, there is a remote idea from Excalibur and some poor, unfortunate resemblance to Highlander, but... they should better use those ideas in an episode of South park or Family Guy, I bet we can have a lot of fun. Somehow I got hooked, I had to see it 'till the end... Bad, bad mistake, it was a waste of time and it ruined my evening. Next time I want to kill my time, I'll switch to Cartoon Network.

    Again - don't bother watching, there is no movie.
  • G2 has a pretty good idea (albeit though original one) with Daniel Bernhardt as a Macedonian warrior who is reincarnated 200 years later to do battle with a sinister Mongolian clan led by James Hong. The action sequences are fair at best and I found myself trying to decide if this movie was a "self-contained' film or the pilot for a possible series. Overall, it wasn't really that bad and who knows now that HIGHLANDER is off the air here......
  • During the opening credits, I almost walked out. An "Arthurian" sword against a backdrop of stars...oh, dear. Thankfully it then started to improve somewhat, although there were several points at which the audience's credibility was stretched too far: a dead body struck by a mysterious electrical force and vanishing in front of the police - and no one made a comment! Well I guess that's normal in Chicago.

    Overall, this film reminded me so much of Highlander, that I think it has been misnamed. Highlander 5.