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  • Although I am probably too old to be enjoying such a movie, I could not stop watching this! I loved every minute of it. They sing the most amusing ditties and try on great clothes! I love all the stores they visit. And when they go to the cafeteria...that part is so cool. They try all the different cultures foods and it shows how, despite their young age, they are expanding to the world around them. And they aren't racist. Then they meet those cute boys and play putt putt with them. But the climax of the film is when they gather in the gathering place and have a concert. MK and A sing along and everyone has a grand old time. It is pure cinematic brilliance. Watch this MK and A classic! Just remember these words: "Everybody come down to the mall yeah, everybody come on, EVERYBODAY!"

    p.s. I'll meet you at the mall!!!