One of the main reasons why the series is so different from the movie it's spun off from, Godzilla (1998), is that almost all of the production crew were big fans of the original Japanese Godzilla films. Since the American movie's exact details were kept secret, down to the capabilities of Godzilla himself, the cartoon staff had no choice but to base their work on the Japanese movies. Thus, Godzilla Jr. is more anthropomorphic, has the iconic atomic breath weapon, stands more upright and does battle with other monsters.

Despite being popular among young boys, the show couldn't complete its second season run due to the infamous Digi/Poke (Digimon vs. Pokemon) War where both Fox and Warner Bros. were licensing various collection/game type animes, such as Digimon, YugiOh, and others. This show got lost in the scrimmage.

The 3-part mini-series, "Monster Wars". was a direct homage to the Godzilla film, "Destroy All Monsters".

The episode "Dead Loch" marked the final role for 'Roddy Mcdowall' who died a few weeks after completing the episode.

The series was highly popular in Serbia, where it was one of the few American animated series to receive a full dub. Ironically, the Godzilla franchise itself is very unpopular in the country.

Though most Godzilla fans are not fond of the 1998 movie, many do consider this series to be very good and much more worthy to bear the title 'Godzilla'.

In the episode "Tourist Trap" the guy in the boat referred to Zilla as King of the Monsters

The Role of the recurring villain, Cameron Winter, was Ian Ziering's first choice to play. He would eventually play the main character, Dr. Nick Tatopoulos

Kevin Dunn(Major Hicks), Michael Lerner(Mayor Ebert) and Clyde Kusatsu(Japanese fishing boat officer) are the only 3 actors from the 1998 movie to appear in this series. Dunn and Lerner reprised their film roles, while Kusatsu played a Border agent.

Doug Savant who played Sergeant O'Neal in Godzilla (1998) had a small role in Area 51 as Trespasser #2.

Jason Priestley was the original choice to play Dr. Nick Tatopoulos.