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  • Oh Yeah! was really more of a vast number of pilot episodes for Nick under the guise of a series. There were almost 100 segments comprising over 30 half hours, probably 60 of them ended up as one-offs, the others like Fairly Oddparents and Chalkzone were sometimes 4 or 5 segments. Because of the very diverse nature of the shows themselves, the series is often jarring and confused, but understand the real goal of the show was to generate new series. Chalkzone and FOP were the greatest successes (the Invader Zim pilot was aired as part of Oh Yeah! but had been completed before). There are a few diamonds in the rough, but you often need patience to find them. As others have pointed out, Cartoon Network was the first to try this method with Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo and Powerpuff Girls being amongst the shows that evolved from shorts.
  • I've always enjoyed this show and it shouldn't be compared to the "What a Cartoon" show, especially since they do the exact same thing. They give animators a chance to showcase their ideas for new cartoon shows and if successful, they get turned into a permanent series, i.e. "The Fairly Oddparents"(my absolute favorite) and "Chalk Zone". I know that some of the ideas are not very good, but some of them are actually really funny. It's stupid to look at the show as a whole, especially since it wasn't made to be, so for all those who are so irate about this show, please get a grip! It's great for what it is and that's to be a platform for up and coming writers and animators to share their ideas with an audience.
  • First of all, Kimi, this came AFTER World Primere Toons. World Primere Toons (a.k.a. What a Cartoon or Cartoon Cartoons) started in early 1995. Oh Yeah! started in summer 1998. But in this show's defense, World Primere Toons wasn't the first of it's kind. Remember Liquid Television, produced by MTV, which is owned by the same company as Nick (Viacom)? Anyway, the shorts ain't all that funny, but they're cute,and the one where Hobart buys his gal a puppy so she won't have to walk her toaster anymore made me laugh hard. Plus, it gave us Fairly OddParents, which evolved into one of the best things on TV today. Also, My Life as a Teenage Robot, which spun off from Oh Yeah, is shaping up to be a great show.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons is where some of Nickelodeons greatest shows started. The big three were Fairly Odd Parents, My Life as a Teenage Robot (or as it was known in those days My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot), and Chalk Zone. It was a compilation of shows (mostly if not all comedy). There were usually 3 shorts in each half hour episode. It was hosted by live action stars (I think they were Nickelodeon stars of the time). Many shorts never made it past Oh Yeah! Cartoons, and most only had 1 short. I'm giving this a perfect score because or 3 reasons: (1) it deserves it for being the start of 3 great shows (2) many of the shorts not part of the big three were still great and (3) Many of the shorts produced for it remained exclusive to Oh Yeah! Cartoons (even the some episodes made for Fairly Odd Parents). Also, many of the pilots for the shows that did make it, were either re-animated for the standalone shows or reduced to being referenced only in the standalone shows.
  • I prefer the "What a cartoon show" over this garbage. Unlike the what a cartoon show's cartoons, Oh Yeah! cartoons cartoons are stupid, and extremely lame. This show introduced us to "The Fairly Oddparents" which unfortuantly became a series, and a bad one at that! I recommend the what a cartoon show over this any day!
  • What the *&^%$!!#! is this? Even if real kids make the cartoons, that doesn't make them any better. Butch Hartman apparently has a monopoly over the show, given that he's made at least three different ones (two of which, "Chalk Zone" and "The Fairly Oddparents", have gotten their own, equally horrid, shows). This show is still running from time to time, while great shows like "The Angry Beavers", "Rocko's Modern Life", and "Ah! Real Monsters!" have simply disappeared. PLEASE NICK, DESTROY THIS PIECE O' CRAP SHOW!

    Zero stars.
  • Oh Yeah Cartoons was created by Nickelodeon to make fun of Cartoon Network's What a Cartoon Show. What makes CN's cartoons funny just doesn't seem to exist in Nick's cartoons. It's quite boring, and not at all Nickelodeon's best work. The characters are much dumber than in the What a Cartoon Show, and seem to be less inspired too. There is one cartoon on Oh Yeah! Cartoons that was at first a cartoon from the What a Cartoon Show, however. It's called Mina and the Count. It's quite ironic that a WAC cartoon would go to Oh Yeah! Cartoons, when it obviously is making fun of it. Stay away from this show!