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  • Surprisingly soft-core in content, Bruce Seven's CONTROLLED is among his lamest efforts. Presence of some all-time great femme performers in the cast piqued my interest, only to disappoint miserably.

    With a 1990 copyright, reissued on DVD in 2008 for some reason, the video unfolds as a painful in-joke. Poor Lois Ayres and Raven Richards have their (unseen) car break down and stop at the Baron's home to make a AAA phone call. That is the basis for umpteen horror and sex films made before the cell phone took over, but is just a lame excuse for tying up and whipping here.

    Ed Powers (his slicked-back hair making him look like an imitation Tony Tedeschi) hammily portrays the German-accented baron with Patrick Collins as his goofy assistant, who can't seem to remain in character, frequently mocking the video he's in.

    Their bondage Mistress Jeanna Fine (nearly flat-chested here pre-op) whips Lois and Raven who look great topless, especially from low angles. Funniest moment is an out-take included at the end when poor Raven falls with a thud from a hanging upside down contraption, none the worse for wear afterward.

    Avoidance of triple-X action and very tame B&D footage renders the exercise a waste of videotape. A flashback concerning prior victims is embarrassing, as superstar bondage director Ernest Greene, with hair!, milks Trinity Loren's breasts quite sloppily for the bemusement of thirsty Patrick Collins. I greatly admire Greene's sincere videos in the BDSM vein as auteur, but he might want to suppress this early silliness before the cameras.