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  • I am a huge Diana Ross fan, and as such I was compelled to watch this movie just to see her. What I found, however, is that I actually FORGOT that I was watching Diana Ross and really began to believe that this person was Olivia King (her character), which to me is the sign of a good actor and script. The story concerns a wannabe singer who abandons her young child (played by Brandy) to pursue what becomes a Diana Ross level-of-success singing career.

    As the film progresses, the two are reunited. What ensues are some extremely moving scenes between the two as Miss Ross attempts to gain her daughters forgiveness, respect and love by helping her with her own fledgling singing career and trying to be the mother she never had.

    There are some great songs by both artists. Several of Brandy's biggest hits are featured, and Miss Ross performs some of her most enchanting music in years, particularly the ballad 'Someone That You Loved Before' and 'He Lives In You' (both featured on her album Every Day Is A New Day, which is well worth purchasing). An exclusive duet was written for the two stars by Diane Warren - Love Is All That Matters, and is featured as a duet in the film.

    Both the DVD and video versions feature a promotional video clip by each artist.
  • Expecting the worst I was actually pleasantly surprised at Double Platinum. Granted this won't win any Emmy's, it is a pleasant way to kill a couple of hours. Both Diana Ross and Brandy sing and act very well, and the score is excellent. There are worse ways to spend an evening.
  • Diana Ross received good notices for her work in Lady Sings the Blues, including approving comments from leading film critic Pauline Kael, and also from noted literary writer James Baldwin, one of the leading African-American writers of the 20th century. She also received an Academy Award nomination for that performance. Her performance as a woman suffering from a severe mental illness in the television film Out of Darkness received very good reviews in 1993, two decades after Lady. Her performance as a woman who sacrifices her family to achieve success as a singing star in Double Platinum was much awaited--Ross should have made many more films than she has and so her performances are highly anticipated. In Double Platinum, she presented a sensitive but determined woman, elegant, self-confident, tormented but disciplined, a believable success, a fascinating but mysterious personality. The film was not deep--it told us nothing we did not already know about family or success, but both Ross and Brandy had good singing and acting moments, doing the kind of work people who get more attention from the media--cover stories, award nominations--would be glad to do. Just as Ross had much success in the past, she now seems to have to fight a great deal of negative assumptions, an odd karmic reversal.
  • Further proof that Americans aren't as tasteless as many Brits insist comes from the news that this TV movie was a resounding (and deserved) flop when it aired on ABC - Diana Ross' first film since "The Wiz" casts her as a singing superstar who abandoned her daughter (played by Brandy) in her bid for superstardom, and now wishes to a) get back into her life and b) give her a hand in making it herself. The two stars also served as two of the FIVE executive producers, making this a vanity project times two - our divas take it in turns to exercise their lungs, and if you're a fan of either you may enjoy it on that basis alone.

    But unfortunately the laughable dramatics and inability to believe the two women could be related (in anything other than egomania) makes this tough sledding. You may find yourself wishing that the fisherman from "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" would show up and finish Brandy off once and for all - and go after Miss Ross for good measure.

    And as for Diana's clothes - WHY?
  • Never mind Diana Ross (who is actually not half bad) and Brandy Norwood, and never mind the utterly insipid music. What makes this movie an outrage is how it wastes the time and talent of several of the best stage actors in New York. It does not even show them off at their best: while I yield to nobody in my admiration for Roger Rees, he simply is not convincing as an American, and to give Brian Stokes Mitchell a non-singing role in a musical simply boggles the mind.

    Of course, this really isn't a musical at all. A musical is a work in which songs are used to advance the plot and establish and develop the characters. This, on the other hand, is a series of music videos surrounded by dialogue that this film does not bode ill for the revival of the television musical.
  • Small time singer Olivia King is offered a label contract and takes it even though it means she moves away from her husband and her baby daughter. 18 years later she is famous and she arranges to meet her daughter and introduce herself. To repay for the hurt Olivia arranges for Kayla to get a record deal to start her off – but the hurt between the two is never far away.

    I approached this with an open mind as I quite like Brandy as a singer. The plot is just poorly developed from start to finish. The soul searching never goes deep enough and things are resolved a little too easily for my liking. At least 30% of the film is singing, so if you don't like Brandy then you'll be lost here. I like her but the film's timing put me off a bit – it was made at roughly the same time as her album (where all the songs come from) and hence it feels like an advert for her album at times.

    Ross is a terrible actress – if you don't believe then watch this, she can't even bop in the background convincingly! Brandy is less bad but has two faults. One is she can't cry on cue and any tearful scene we only get to see her with wet streak put onto her face by makeup. Also she overplays the ethnic stereotype of attitude at time (snapping fingers, wiggling necks, talk to the hand etc), it's irritating but she doesn't do it too often happily. The rest of the cast are poor TV actors at best with the only other big name being Harvey Fierstein – and when he's one of your `big names' then you know you're in the s***.

    Overall this is a poorly made tearjerker that isn't well written. It seems to be structured to allow as many musical numbers as possible. If you want to she Brandy sing then this is for you – if not then avoid this.
  • lisacartergismo27 January 2007
    i thought the film was very good i watched it twice, i think there is a lot of truth to the plot in the film its called life,choices and consequences and brandy and Diana played it well so what if they didn't write the song so what if they where 2 of the 5 directors does it really matter the film looked at a choice a mother made to get a career for her self so when she was offered a chance of a life time she tried to get her husband on board but he didn't believe in her how many people would turn it down i wouldn't but the film is about choices and the consequences that you have to take to become a star or what ever choices you make in your life. great film one to watch if you believe in life,choices and consequence's
  • It could have been Double Platinum. But the plot drags, the actresses who could be as good if they acted were busy being divas and it didn't quite reach the mark.

    Still it was a nice feel good movie and if you are a sucker for happy endings, you'll be misty eyed when the credits roll.
  • Overall, it was a well told story. True, it's been done before (what story hasn't), but I still liked this spin on it. As Diana Ross wanted, we could all see she still looks wonderful, even though she has 5 grown kids. I had to laugh at the artfully placed ferns in the shower scene, though. The biggest negative was that Brandy was crying her eyes out every other scene. I felt like it detracted from the story by the end of the movie.
  • IrisNo113 August 1999
    I thought it was interesting having two really great R&B divas each from a different generation...Diana Ross from the 1960's and 1970's, and Brandy from the 90's. I thought it was touching in some ways and shows a beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter. Yet what I found quite strange was the fact that they used Brandy and Diana's real life songs (as if Diana and Brandy don't even exist) instead of writing different songs for the movie for Kayla and Oliva. Plus, the plot and idea of this movie is all too common.

    So, I rate "Double Platinum" 4, because to be honest, it could've been better.
  • It was really cool. They both are very talented, and they did a wonderful movie that had me emptying a box of Kleenex. It's about Olivia King (Diana Ross) reuniting with her daughter after 18 years. Kayla Harris, (Brandy) goes with her mother to NY where she becomes famous. Then she and her mother fight and she is left out on the street after finding out her mother was right about her Boyfriend. Then at the end she and her mom perform a wonderful song called "Love is all That Matters" and it's a great movie for anyone who loves music or BRANDY!
  • I have nothing but good things to say about this mother/daughter film. Diana Ross is a famous diva who leaves her baby daughter behind with her husband for a promising music gig. Eighteen years later, she arranges to meet up with her 18-year-old (Brandy, in a fine performance) who wants to be a singer as well. To make up for lost time, the mother tries to give her daughter a boost in her career. Brandy only performs two songs ("Almost Doesn't Count" and "Have You Ever?") from her album, Never Say Never. Brandy, you deserve plenty of credit for this movie. My evaluation: A
  • I must admit, I am not a big fan of movies that have been made for TV, but Double Platinum surprised me - it is definitely the only made-for-TV movie that, in my opinion, is worth watching.

    The movie focuses around the two main characters Olivia King (played by Diana Ross) and Kayla Harris (played by Brandy) and their struggles as they try to reignite the mother-daughter relationship that was non-existent for 18 years between the two.

    Olivia, a struggling club singer in St Louis, is offered the opportunity to go to New York in order to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. However, in order for her to do this, she has to leave her baby daughter Kayla behind.

    Eighteen years later, Kayla wins a contest run by a local radio station to meet her favourite singer Olivia King (whom she doesn't know is her Mum at the time). From there, the story progresses and Olivia helps Kayla, a club singer in St Louis herself (ironically enough), to establish her career as a singer in new York.

    This is a truly heart-warming, feel-good movie. By the end of the movie, you will believe that love is all that matters. Watch Double Platinum and you will not be disappointed!
  • RKOE73209017 March 2001
    I got this movie on DVD and really enjoyed it. I think Diana Ross and Brandy both gave performances worthy of an Oscar. This is a very well-done movie if you can accept the basic premise that a famous mother would not be able to make any contact with her young daughter for 15 years. But, of course, all good fiction is based on the notion that a reader (or viewer) is in the mood to contribute a "willing suspension of disbelief." Once you cross that small hurdle, you can enjoy a wonderful movie. I gave this movie a rating of 10. It's that good.
  • OK i know I'm a little late to be reviewing a movie that came out in the late 90s, but whatever here it goes.

    I finally saw the film last night, and i was looking forward to it because i had wanted to see it for years. And it had first come out when i was about 7 years old. Now I love Diana Ross'es voice and I've been a fan of Brandy for a very longtime. Bouth this woman can act and sing very well IMO. But i don't know,something just didn't click for me when i was watching this movie. You would think its a good story before viewing it. Yet, in reality its really isn't something you will keep you at the end of your set to see what happens next. I'm a of them, but when i make reviews for ANYTHING i always tell the truth.

    Also felt the movie was a way for bouth Brandy and Diana's albums, i think this is fine...but the movie just made it so obvious. You can go 10 minutes with out hearing a song from eather of their albums.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First thing I want to say is why have one of the finest singers alive, Brian Stokes Mitchell in a musical in a non singing role? I was sure somewhere in the story Mama Ross was going to say she met her husband singing in a band and perhaps we would see some flashbacks. No he was a Saxaphone player. What were they thinking? Maybe because he sings to well. The movie involves Diana Ross who abandons her daughter and hubby to find fame. I think she looks very good but I am not buying her being Brandy's mother. I think she is a little too old for the part. Other then that I think she does a pretty good job. She comes back years later to reclaim her daughter. Why Diana is still wearing that weave only she knows, Her wig when she was younger looked much better. Brandy who is very pleasant but IMO has a very weak voice, but no worse then the current teen queens Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan. But Brandy has something very endearing about her that IMO puts her above most of the teen queens.

    She is angry, she comes to NY, she makes a record, she meets a boyfriend who is a dog, she moves out of her mothers Penthouse, she becomes a star, she gets hurt by her boyfriend and comes back to mommy in a big long bonding scene in cabin. Everything ends well but what happened to her father and her best friend? They vanish just like mommy did years earlier.

    Why Roger Rees and Harvey Fierstine and Chritina Ebersole is in this bit of fluff Lord only knows. They have three four of the biggest Broadway stars in the flick and you hardly see them. it was like they were friends of Diana and decided to do the movie as a favor for her.

    If you have a few hours to waste this is a OK movie. I must d there was a scene when Brnady's record is played on the radio for the first time. A obligatory scene in movies of this type. Well Diana goes to wake randy up so she can her her song on the radio, Brandy asks Diana what is this is this Mommie Dearest. I died I wish more lines were as clever as that one.
  • v2hot4u012 July 2001
    This film is one of my favorites. I loved watching it. Brandy and Diana Ross teamed up for an outrageous performance about a girl who is left by her mother, a famous singer named Olivia King. 18 years later, she comes back to win her motherhood back and help her daughter Keila with her singing career.

    To see what happenes in this touching film, please buy it or rent it. You'll love it.
  • R'N'B diva and 'Moesha' star Brandy plays up-and-coming singing sensation Karla in this dramatic musical. Great songs (mostly from Brandy's 'Never Say Never' album) on here, Brandy is brilliant, Diana Ross who plays Karla's mother is great also. The story itself is about Karla's rise to fame, her mother who adopted her, was also a singing great of her time and apart from her career, the story is about the relationship (however rocky) between the two. A good concept with good acting, but there's something lacking here, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh well, it is still a bit of fun for all the r'n'b (and Brandy) lovers out there!
  • A movie with Brandy and Diana Ross. An untalented, horrible actress coupled with a has been. Brandy looks more like a canine than a human, and her voice has no range. A horrible movie. This movie was horrible. We get to see rich divas whine and cry about how their lives are so hard.
  • Why all the negative reviews here? I think the movie was fine. And I liked it very much. I have one other review about another Diana Ross movie on my comments, and I repeat what I said there. Diana Ross is a superb talent--both as an actress and as a singer, This movie was somewhat far fetched, plot wise, but it showcased the enormous singing and acting---yes acting---talents of both Diana Ross and Brandy. Brandy is a fine actress and great singer in her own right. She is huge talent. The movie is good entertainment and I recommend it. Brandy, in a way, is sort of a younger version of Diana Ross. Well, she is not as pretty as once was Diana Ross, but she holds her own. I liked this movie and I enjoyed it.
  • I enjoyed seeing Brandy and Diana Ross on screen together. It was really interesting. Brandy's a great singer and actress, although this is the first movie I've seen her in. I would definitely watch this one again. The story affected me in a nifty way and I think that the whole movie was just done up right. I understand that many people don't like these types of movies, but they're made anyways, for people who might just enjoy them such as myself. I'm a musician and it affected me profoundly, having been adopted 22 years, I think to others who are in the same might have an impact. I'd recommend this to people if they were interested in what I had to say.
  • I loved the movie. I have seen it 16 times and counting. I am the biggest fan of Diana Ross,it is unbelievable. I just think that putting Diana Ross in the role of a mother and her having five kids in real life is absolutely brilliant. And then to put Brandy as her daughter, not only does she have the perfect voice parallel to Diana Ross but she is a child herself. So those are two perfect roles in the beginning. I just feel like every time I watch that movie, I learn more about life. I mean it happens all the time. Maybe not to a star like that but I mean abandonment and then they find them. They just played the roles perfectly. And as for the music. I think it was wonderful of them to use their own songs, that way they could have one less thing to do. I mean it's a made for television movie, they are not going to go all out. I would give anything to be Brandy. And the songs were just so wonderful. They went with the movie great. I thought that they both are wonderful and they had a great role in that film. And I think that if you didn't like it, you don't know what true talent is. I mean they played their natural roles as a mother and a daughter. And I am so glad that Ms. Ross was able to put the songs from that movie on her album. I love those song. Because love is all that matters and I think that that song came from Diane Warrens heart. I love everything that Diana Ross does. She is such a talented person. I mean she has a 12 year old son at age 56 and she just got divorced and to make such a movie and record her album right when she had just gotten divorced and she was married for 14 years. I would give anything to see her in concert, but she never comes to Iowa. But besides that I loved the movie and I will continue to watch it for many times to come.
  • alamsami23 March 2001
    A must!
    Great songs! Heartwarming movie concerning the relationship of a mother (Ross) and her daughter (Brandy). Good acting by all supporting cast. The spotlight is on Diva Diana Ross who does an excellent job , she acts with great feeling & love. Filled with drama and emotion...Not to be missed because Love is All that Matters.
  • I have commented on this film once before, and I want to comment on it again, I just love this film, since my last comment, I have grew to love Ms.Ross more than ever, I have researched her, read her book, got her autograph, and continued to watch this movie, I truly just love all of the characters performances, not just Ms. Ross's. I like Brian Stokes-Mitchells and Brandy's as well, they are just all very talented!! I just believe this was the best casted tv movie ever, sure, they might have all been something they're not, and sure, they used their own songs, but I mean, it's a tv movie, not something with a grand opening with a bunch of stars in hollywood, it's an ABC tv movie, they're not going to go all out and have them learn new songs, it's a great way for ABC to earn some money and for Ms. Ross and Brandy to promote their cds. I just think you guys are being a little too babyish about it, no they didn't go all out, and I don't think very many people expected them to, just remember the key word here, TELEVISION!!! So just drop the whole thing and grow up!!!!