Daniel Bannier: Hi!

Juli: You made it.

Daniel Bannier: Nice to see you.

Juli: Where's your date.

Daniel Bannier: My darling, I've traveled thousands of miles, I've crossed rivers and moved mountains. I've suffered and endured agonies. I've resisted temptation, and I've followed the sun, so that I could stand before you and tell you I love you.

Daniel Bannier: My name's Daniel.

Isa: Isa... So, Daniel. Where are you from?

Daniel Bannier: Hamburg.

Isa: Hamburg! I got an aunt who lives in Hamburg. How do you earn a living?

Daniel Bannier: I'm a student teacher... I'm gonna be a teacher.

Isa: A teacher?... You?

Daniel Bannier: Yeah.

Isa: Shit kiddo. You sure don't look like a teacher.

Daniel Bannier: How do I look.

Isa: Don't know. More like a bum... Going to the fucking south?... To the Turk country, man!

Daniel Bannier: Oh, I see. Yeah.

Isa: Going on vacation?

Daniel Bannier: Nope. I'm after a girl.

Isa: Your wife?

Daniel Bannier: Nope.

Isa: You're in love. Cool! Tell me about it.

Daniel Bannier: It's quite a long story.

Isa: Hey, we got a long way to go, man.

Daniel Bannier: Ok, we'll play the old game. The first person to stop decides where we go, ok?

Juli: Want me to tell you something?

[Daniel nods]

Juli: I love you.

Daniel Bannier: What?

Juli: I love you.

Daniel Bannier: It's funny but I'm not sure I heard that right...

Juli: I love you.

Daniel Bannier: I said that it's difficult to understand you.


Daniel Bannier: That's how it has to sound.

Daniel Bannier: [stealing a car] You know what you're doing, don't you?

Juli: [nods]

Daniel Bannier: You got it?

[Juli pulls out a camera and takes a picture of him]

Daniel Bannier: What are you doing?

Juli: It was here.

Daniel Bannier: Hurry up, damn it!

[Juli tries to start the noise and the car makes bad noises]

Daniel Bannier: Hey! Are you crazy you're going to break everything!

Juli: Trust me, ok?

Daniel Bannier: Ok, ok...

Juli: Ouch!

Daniel Bannier: Did you hurt yourself?

Juli: No, I'm ok.

Daniel Bannier: Oh, damn! Don't move. I think someone's looking. Oh shit! He's looking this way... Keep cool.

Juli: Isn't this romantic?

Daniel Bannier: What?

Juli: I never stole a car with anyone before.

Daniel Bannier: Juli, do me a favor and start this car, so we can get outta here! Please!

Juli: Ok.

[starts the car]

Juli: Well, what did I tell you.

Daniel Bannier: Unbelievable!

Juli: Give me five!

Daniel Bannier: You're the best!

Juli: You look like you could use some luck.

Daniel Bannier: A bag would do.

Juli: [holds out a ring] What's this?

Daniel Bannier: A sun.

Juli: What's a sun.

Daniel Bannier: It's a ball of gas which the Earth and 8 other planets revolve around.

Juli: The sun lights up life: for me, for her, and for you. Another word for light is?

Daniel Bannier: Energy?

Juli: It's good luck.

Daniel Bannier: I see. The ring is a lucky charm.

Juli: You're very smart.

Daniel Bannier: I'll be a teacher soon.

Juli: A teacher? Really? That's funny. What's your name.

Daniel Bannier: Daniel. Daniel Bannier.

Juli: That's a nice name.

Daniel Bannier: What's your name

Juli: I'm July?

Daniel Bannier: Like the month.

Juli: What about the ring? It's a very old Mayan ring. The legend says whoever wears the ring can recognize happiness. You will soon meet a girl wearing the same sun that you have. She is the only person destined to bring you happiness.

Marion: July?

Juli: Yes.

Marion: What was that?

Juli: That was Daniel Bannier.

Marion: Yeah, sure. But what's so special about him?

Juli: He has something deep inside waiting to get out.

Marion: Like what?

Isa: Hey, you two lovebirds! Where to?

Daniel Bannier: To the fucking south!

Isa: Ok, get in.

Daniel Bannier: [after getting arrested] This is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Now it's all over with! Forever! And why? Because the guy who picked me up has a corpse in his trunk! Just imagine! A corpse! Is that your hobby?

Isa: Shut up!

Daniel Bannier: I'm not gonna shut up, ok?

Isa: Don't work me up!

Daniel Bannier: Will your pants burst or what?

Isa: Listen here, you prick! I don't wanna hear more than 20 words from you till we get to Istanbul! Ok?

Daniel Bannier: Ok, you can have 'em right away: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole...!

Daniel Bannier: What's that?

Juli: [chuckling] The border. The Danube.

Daniel Bannier: What's so funny? It's real funny, huh? Real funny. Terribly funny.

Juli: Calm down.

Daniel Bannier: No! It's all your fault!

Juli: My fault?

Daniel Bannier: Your fault!

Juli: Why is it my fault?

Daniel Bannier: Because all this shit is your fault! If I'd taken the ferry from Bari, I'd be in Instanbul now instead of a pit like this!

Juli: Bari! Without me you'd never get to Bari! You'd still be in Bavaria! Who helped you cross the border? Who stole the car?

Daniel Bannier: And who sold me this stupid ring? If I hadn't bought this stupid ring, I'd still be in Hamburg... reading on my balcony! And I wouldn't be here!

Juli: Then go back home to the Elbe! Read a newspaper or a book! Just go back to your old dull life!

Daniel Bannier: You just don't want me to meet her.