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  • TC-430 September 1999
    The original Last Seduction with Linda Fiorantino was a delight.

    This sequel watching Linda Severance smoking in every scene and trying to look tough made me think of her health status. After about 20 minutes I gave up and went for a walk with me dog.
  • The only seductive element about this twaddle was the title which leads one to hope that the film might have some connection with the original.

    The connection is there alright in the central character but that's about it. The plot line is pretty well unfathomable and the acting generally wooden. The decision to 'European-ise' the whole thing and import B-list English actors ( who have all been seen in much better things and really need to change their agents) is a disaster. Even a couple of bursts of gratuitous violence are badly done and every character in it lacks any form of credibility. The two female leads flash their stocking tops but still manage to generate no more than a fraction of the eroticism that Linda Fiorentino could have done in the original wearing a heavy overcoat and a ski hat. Suitable only for film students who really want to know what 'awful' really looks like.
  • This is a hugely disappointing sequel and doesn't do justice to the original. One would think that whomever decided to make a sequel, they would at least start with half decent script. I've rarely heard such appallingly bad dialogue. It is also, as others have pointed out, insulting to the British. The only good thing about the film is Joan Severance, despite her constant smoking. She may not be a great actress but anyone who thinks that Joan Severance is totally devoid of sex appeal is devoid of a pulse in my opinion. Though not in Linda Fiorentino's class - certainly as far as this role is concerned - she is still a stunning and sexy woman.
  • This is a tawdry, cheap and offensive little movie that should have been strangled at birth. Not only an offense to the brilliant film it allegedly is a sequel to, but to anyone who might rent or watch it on that strength. Dismally acted, scripted and shot, it is one of the genuinely worst movies I have had the displeasure to see.
  • miles-2916 August 2005
    The Last Seduction was one of those marvellous indie thrillers that pops up all too rarely, it had wonderful direction, a script as snappy as suspenders and a cast that chewed the scenery in all the right places.

    This lame sequel has none of that.

    Everything about this film reminded me of a cheap porno without the sex; the acting, the sets, the script, it's all just too wooden. You can see how hard they're trying, it's written all over the actors' faces, but there's just nothing I would recommend about this film. If you liked the original the temptation might be there to watch this as a curiosity, but trust me, it's just not worth it, there's nothing here. This isn't 'cult' bad it's just bad bad.
  • It's possibly the worst I've movie I've ever seen.

    Joan Severance (Bridget Gregory) is completely devoid of sex appeal - a quality fairly crucial to the role - and does little more than smoke throughout every scene. Con O'Neill (Troy Fenton) made me want to vomit for the duration; yes, he's supposed to be a repulsive character but it was a little too literal. Beth Goddard (Murphy) was weak, although she was the only character with any sort of sexual allure, and I'm not even going to bother commenting on the rest of the characters.

    The story lines are predictable, the portrayal of the British as being nothing more than common thugs is offensive, and the whole thing should come with a health-warning. Literally.
  • I really wish I could give this movie lower than one star. It is an insulting follow-up to one of the best modern films noir ever made. I was initially intrigued when I saw the title, and I expected an ample follow-up to Bridget Gregory's antics. I was sorely disappointed to see none of the original cast in the credits, but persevered nonetheless; maybe it still had merit, I hoped. My disappointment spiraled downward to mild anger that anyone would waste time making such an offensively inferior "sequel" as this one. It really was soft-core porn; I fully expected the two women with larger roles to contrive some way to get it on. Ugh.

    I wonder if the actors in this one can salvage their careers?
  • How rare to find a sequel so embarrassing. Gone is the plot, mystery, the dark aspects of the first... a sham. Glad I only rented... You will use your fast forward a lot during this film.
  • Whereas I thought the original 'Last Seduction' didn't quite make the mark, I found that this sequel just barely does. This is the opposite reaction of many people to the two films, so take it with however many grains of salt you wish.

    'LS II' is mostly set in Barcelona, which provides some nice location shots, something the film could have used more of. Joan Severance steps into the role of con woman Bridget Gregory this time around. With her hair dyed jet-black, she successfully takes on the character's persona, which basically means looking ultra-cool and acting as if the world is giving her a bad case of ennui when she's not pulling a scam on someone. Beth Goddard plays the capable English bounty hunter who is hired to find her and bring her back to answer to the people she wronged in the first film. These women both seem to live by the same golden rule: Do unto to others before they get their chance.

    These two women are the most interesting characters, but neither one is very likeable. The men in this flick are such sleazeballs that you won't mind anything that happens to them. If I had to make a choice, I'd give the film a "thumbs up," but not an enthusiastic one.

    One other note: If you are trying to stop smoking, maybe this isn't the best movie for you right now. Severance's character lights a cigarette about every three minutes.
  • "The Last Seduction 2" is by no means high-quality entertainment. It's one of those movies you catch on cable at around 2 A.M., watch it since there's nothing better on, and end up getting sucked in by it. I mean, the original film was good, but it wasn't like it was a masterpiece. So I don't feel the filmmakers were being blasphemous by making this cheap, direct-to-TV sequel (the original also started out direct-to-TV, but later was released in theaters). Joan Severance is certainly no Linda Fiorentino. She pretty much plays a one-dimensional stereotype of a film noir vixen. But her performance is passable and like Fiorentino, she's not too difficult on the eyes. There are those little flaws that you'd expect in a film of this nature. For example, there's one scene where the female bounty hunter goes to a travel agency, which is in New York, and the man at the desk is obviously a Brit trying badly to hide his accent. But those are the kinds of things you can simply laugh at, and it adds to the fun of the film. I could've done without the scene where the film's villain punches one of his pregnant employees in the face. If this were a film of substance, I would say that the scene was shown to add to the film's realism. But instead, it was just shown for the sake of shock value, as a cheap device to make the audience hate the villain. The plot itself is actually quite good, and it has some nice twists and turns. I found myself hooked in throughout most of the film. As long as you take it with a grain of salt, "The Last Seduction 2" is decent late night entertainment.
  • "The Last Seduction II" is a sequel of the movie that did not feature anyone from the original movie. In this sequel, we find sexy and luscious actress Joan Severance playing the role of Bridget Gregory,who is after a businessman.Apparently,the businessman will be the next victim of her seduction.

    Well,what saved the movie from a 1 is the presence of Joan Severance. Despite the poor screenplay, the poor performances, and that could be categorized as a soft-core flick,there is Severance to make up for it. Make up in the sense not to make the movie great - it will be poor as expected - but for her sexy presence and delight for the male viewers.

    In short, Severance will seduce the viewers of her presence. And as always,she never fails to deliver.
  • g404c20 December 2005
    I rented The Last Seduction II from Blockbuster when it was first released back in 1998 or 1999. I saw Linda Fiorentino on the video box cover so I thought it would be awesome. When I got home and started the movie I was surprised to learn that it was not Fiorentino's face I had seen--it was that of Joan Severance (the likeness is incredible) cast as Bridget Gregory! Initially, I was disappointed but my disappointment quickly evaporated after I heard Severance speak her first line. She had a certain screen presence that had me glued to the TV.

    In The Last Seduction II, Bridget Gregory (Severance) flees New York City for Barcelona, with Mike's father (Mike was a character in the first film) hiring a bounty hunter (Beth Goddard) to find her. Bridget meets Troy Fenton (Con O'Neill) at a bar in Barcelona and they become lovers. Bridget also schemes to route some of Troy's phone-sex line business profits into her bank account, with the help of a friend in London named Simon.

    The Last Seduction II has everything: good actors, stylish cinematography and beautiful locations, glamorous wardrobe, eroticism, violence, humor, and more. Severance is very beautiful in this. The Last Seduction II is more upbeat and brighter than the former. Severance even makes smoking look good (not that I am advocating smoking or anything). Severance, O'Neill, and Goddard really make this movie great. None of the actors are present from the first one, but the storyline appears to continue from the end of the first movie. I recommend The Last Seduction II. 10/10
  • Then this would be the last before last seduction, right? It will happen, I am positively sure. But what about this movie? Apparently it is bad if you have seen The Last Seduction PERIOD. I did not see that original and must say that I was pleasantly surprised by number II. I am convinced that it is in a entirely different vein, it is probably more a parody than a follow-up. I felt well entertained and often quite amused.

    Is this a good bad movie? Definitely! The action is supposed to take place mainly in Barcelona, Spain. But the movie makers had to make do mainly with Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain. So do not expect a presentation of the more glamorous parts of the capital of Catalonia in this movie, the place seems to be populated mainly by Brits here. The storyline is a little sketchy, but where it is unconvincing it adds to the hilarious overall atmosphere. And there really is quite some (intentionally) funny dialog, several good and quick verbal exchanges and a pretty elaborately laid out credit card scam angle which already is of a certain historical value.

    This certainly is a movie whose cast is above the material. The majority of the actors and actresses are British, and they know their trade. The male lead is very convincing as sleazy wannabe gangster boss with a low I.Q. Joan Severance is pretty much the only American in the cast, she puts the right amount of irony into her performance – and she really has extremely long legs. There is also some great support by Spanish bit players (the Spanish sounds at times a bit shaky, though – but what else can you expect in Cardiff?).

    The Last Seduction II may also be pleasant to watch for feminists. The two leading female parts order the macho guys around pretty much and are mostly on top. The most funny scene for me was a simple extreme long shot of Severance and the male leading part walking down a street side by side. The man is more than a full head shorter than his companion and although in full macho regalia he looks rumpled and thoroughly miserable.

    Believe it or not – except for some unnecessary violence I can recommend this movie.
  • Watching "The Last Seduction' you will see that Bridget Gregory is one tough woman. Not one to cross! In "The Last Seduction 2" Joan Severance picks up where Linda Fiorantino left off. "The Last Seduction 2" is set in Europe and is not up to the tech standards of the original. You can tell which movie had the most money spent on production. But with the faults "The Last Seduction 2" pulls it off. Joan Severance is a delight in the evil persona of Bridget Gregory.

    Beth Goddard who plays Murphy is almost as tough as Bridget and out to get her. Beth does a great job and I hope to see more of her in the future. Overall "The Last Seduction 2" is not the same as the original but it is worth the watch. If there is a "The Last Seduction 3" keep Joan Severance as Bridget Gregory, Beth Goddard as Murphy and spend more money on the production. It will be a winner.
  • Yes, it is chewing gum for the eyes but Joan manages to keep a minimum level of suspense to make it worth watching. Chain smoking prevents her from blowing lines but yet she keeps an air of mystery about the plot. The movie also helps show the new trend of the "smart" female that makes things work in the stereotype male world.The glass ceiling also exits in crime and she wants to break this. Her scam is acceptable but not too believable, especially the bank scene. The best scene is the seduction one where she performs safe sex with the villain who runs a phone- sex 900 service. She manages to reprogram the computer(with C++ no less) and skim profits to her bank account. Yes, it is a B movie but Joan can play more demanding roles in better written film noires and should bear watching. Enjoy this if the ball game is rained out.
  • I watched this movie the other night as there was nothing else on I thought I would give it a chance. Having never seen the first movie the storyline became apparent within the first 10 mins. There was no shortage of action and the plot kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat for the full 94 mins. The mixture of British language and humour I found quite amusing.

    The only thing that dissapointed me was the ending as I was expecting the story to continue further...will there be a third movie?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If this was named something else, there wouldn't be all the outpouring of negativity. This is never going to be as good as the brilliant original.

    However, it is still a nasty bit of femme fatale noir and thus enjoyable on it's own. The plot is a bit weak in that supposedly Mike from the first movie has a birth father who is some hugely rich tycoon and he is willing to pay any amount of money to get Bridgit to recant that Mike killed her husband and raped her. He is willing to pay the mysterious "Murphy" to illegally find her, drug her and get her back to New York.

    Bridgit, as usual blows town when the going gets too hot and flees to Spain. She arrives, looks around for someone to have sex with, meets a nasty guy (well he thinks he is - he is actually quite a pawn because he totally underestimates a beautiful woman and how far she is willing to go to get some money, her way, revenge, or just to screw with him because she is bored).

    Murphy turns out to be a nasty ruthless woman herself and Bridgit finally gets an almost worthy opponent, however, once again she proves she is willing to go to any length to get her way. Even Murphy reveals that she was shocked at what level of amorality and violence she will use to her purposes.

    Stop whining that this isn't the original and enjoy it for what it is. People can like the Hannibal Lecter character because he is amoral, but if a female does it they are shocked and appalled? Please!