• PIN1988SP24 July 2003
    This is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    I`m a huge AMY JO fan,as well as a huge SWEETWATER fan.

    I could not believe when AMY JO had been chosen to play NANSI NEVINS. It was great to see her sing such songs as MOTHERLESS CHILD,IN A RAINBOW,WHAT`S WRONG? and TWO WORLDS.

    For those who don`t know,AMY JO`s also a singer. She`s released an album called THE TRANS-AMERICAN TREATMENT,which is amazing.
  • ds7929 August 1999
    Brought back memories of songs not heard for 30 years
    The general theme of the movie was good. It was overplayed in some portions, but what I really enjoyed was hearing songs from their first album. It was sad to see how so many people were effected by one tragic event. Amy Jo did a great job of playing Nancy and her voice was great.
  • Piglet2718 August 1999
    A 'Behind the Music' Movie
    I just finished watching this TV movie & couldn't believe that people hadn't already began to comment about it. I loved it, personally. Amy Jo Johnson shows she's more than Julie (of "Felicity"), giving a wonderful performance. I have to admit, the working in of the reporter's storyline seemed a little inappropriate. They barely touched it, but tried to make it seem like a big thing. All in all, this was really good, I thought.
  • amyontheend16 August 1999
    Pretty Good
    Normally, I don't watch the movies on VH1, but this one caught my eye. I didn't know much about Sweetwater, and the story interested me. I don't have to blab how good it was or flaws or anything, but all in all it was entertaining. Amy Jo Johnson did a great job making her character, Nancy believable. If you have the chance to see it before VH1 stops playing it, I suggest you watch it. For me, at least, it was worth my viewing time.
  • Bufychic16 August 1999
    Since the Power Rangers I have been an Amy Jo Johnson fan! Since then she has seemed to gain more and more success.
    Nansi was cheated from her dream. When her band became "it" tragedy struck. She continued to fight to keep in the buisness. Because she was "a singer [she] played for half a million people and 20 times that much on TV." It really was a good movie, whether you are into the 60's thing or not.
  • Hermit C-216 August 1999
    An interesting story (but it's still a TV-movie.)
    I was intrigued when I heard that the music channel VH-1 had chosen the band Sweetwater as the subject for its first original movie production. After all, a band which didn't even get their 15 minutes of fame and who 99% of the potential viewers never even heard of wasn't exactly what one would have guessed would be their first project. As it turns out, there was a story worth telling about the rise and fall of this band who never got anywhere near the top, but did hit rock bottom.

    Lest anyone doubt it, Sweetwater actually did create quite a buzz for a brief time with their exciting live appearances, especially at the large rock festivals in the summer of 1969. However, their first album release failed to capture that live energy and the multi-ethnic band with the flutist and cellist quickly dropped from view. What most fans never knew was that Nansi Nevins, the lead singer of this 7-piece group with a Caribbean/Latin jazz flavor, was in a serious auto accident not that long after their Woodstock appearance, an accident which greatly diminished her singing voice. The band struggled on for a while, but without her identity and visual focus as well as vocal talent they had no future.

    Nevins' story is the focus of the movie and she hits the skids after her accident in true rock star fashion, but she is redeemed eventually. Amy Jo Johnson plays her and does her own singing. As a co-star on 'Felicity' she sometimes gets the chance to sing as well, but those are usually quiet introspective songs and she probably relished the chance to belt out a few tunes for this film.

    The problem, though, is that this is a TV-movie, and almost by definition that means a more bland, homogenized product than a theatrical release. The compelling true story helps ameliorate this built-in shortcoming and, all things considered, it was a decent flick.

    In a newspaper review of this film there was the suggestion that the backers of this movie had some sort of financial interest in promoting the recently reformed Sweetwater's comeback and that this movie was part of that effort. I don't know if the same sort of standards we apply to politicians and such apply here, but it is a potentially sticky situation. On the other hand, one could hardly think of a less lucrative moneymaking vehicle than this band, based on their past track record. I am grateful that someone took a chance on this rather arcane subject matter; we could use more of that from television. On balance, I'm glad they made 'Sweetwater,' the movie.
  • BruceC16 August 1999
    Not too bad, for a TV-movie...
    Usually, made-for-TV movies turn out to be simply filler, without much substance. Not so in the case of Sweetwater, a film about the first group to perform at Woodstock, and then never heard from since. Amy Jo Johnson turns in a very impressive performance as Nansi, the band's lead singer, who suffers an agonizing blow to her career after a near-fatal car accident which scarred her vocal chords. The movie shows the height of her fame (Woodstock), and then the tragic crash and burn of a singer who refused to give up her life as a singer, until she almost lost her life to booze and destitution. The movie was pretty powerful emotionally, and VH-1 did a great job by following up the movie with a "behind the scenes" look at the real performers of the group, in a "where are they now" kind of format. The one thing I would've liked to see in the movie would have been a showcase of more of Sweetwater's songs. Unfortunately, the predominant song throughout the movie was "Motherless Child", which started to get on my nerves by the time the movie ended. But, all in all, a decent movie - one that VH-1 should be proud of.
  • Ace-3811 September 1999
    Good rookie effort from VH-1
    While I was born about 2 years too late to have even been alive during Woodstock, this TV movie about the first band to play this legendary festival was informative and did an excellent job of telling this story.

    The story's primary focus is on Nansi Nevens...a young girl with a golden voice who fronts an unknown rock band and takes them straight to the top, only to fall prey to the demons of fame. Amy Jo Johnson (who has been primarly known as the Pink Ranger to this point) does a stellar job as young Nansi, and delivers surprisingly good vocals on the Sweetwater songs (yes, she sang, check the credits)

    The story is believeable, and focuses on a typical American trait..."whatever happened to......." Good turns from Michelle Phillips as present day Nansi (perhaps exorcising a few 60's demons of her own??) and the rest of the cast add to the enjoyability of this movie.

    This was VH-1's first shot at making movies, and based on this movie I will likely watch any others that are made. A good addition to their "Behind the Music" series, as you learn much about the characters and the history of the first band to play Woodstock
  • explorer-321 August 1999
    great for every one !
    i especially loved the historical content as well as the actors and actresses amy joe johnson is a real tribute to her art shes a one of a kind among actors and actresses alike in general i,d have to say great going guys it,s a real rarity among movies these days a tribute to our musical heritage etc.
  • Angel-20619 August 1999
    When I first heard of this movie coming on VH1 my instinct was ok it look OK...well the thing that made me want to watch was that i'm a big fan of Amy Jo Johnson...i thought why not...So i taped it because I was going to be out that night...the next day i sat down to watch it...I was taken aback...the music was great and the story was heartwrenching...to think that a band as cool, great and completely ahead of their time could be completely demolished because of one tragic accident...the acting was great and the story was told with dignity and grace about the tragic rise and fall of this great band...After this movie i've seached the internet for sites on Sweetwater and for Albums that i could purchase or bid on...so far i haven't found much...but i always have the movie to remind me of this legendary band.
  • SnoopyStyle31 March 2014
    Fair TV movie for music fans
    Cami Carlson (Kelli Williams) got kicked off her own show for being stoned on the air. Now she's forced to do a 'Where is She Now?' segment on Nansi Nevins (Amy Jo Johnson/Michelle Phillips) after 30 days sober. It's been 30 years since Sweetwater fronted by Nansi was the first band to play in Woodstock 1969.

    It's a VH1 movie. I don't really know about the accuracy, but they didn't open Woodstock as sometimes claimed in the movie. The production is rather lower level TV movie. The Woodstock part looks almost good enough. The drama picks up only after the accident. I didn't really care for TV reporter part of the movie. Maybe it was real, but it seems more like a writer's invention. It's a fair TV movie for music fans.
  • swinques15 August 1999
    I would recommend this movie
    Sweetwater shows the viewers how much trouble that music stars go though during their stardom. One day, you lead at a major concert and in the next couple of weeks, your life can really fall apart. Amy Jo Johnson did a good job portraying the lead singer for Sweetwater, and her roller coaster life. The casting was excellent in picking a talented actress and a great singer. I liked how the movie goes back and forth between the 60s and the 90s, with a television reporter wanting to do a story on the Woodstock opening act, Sweetwater. Kelli Williams from "The Practice" is the reporter and she wants to find out what happens to the band and their lead singer, Nancy Nievens. I recommend this movie to whomever wondered what happened to the band, and for the young people wanting to go into music, so they know what being famous can involve.
  • AbbyGurl15 August 1999
    Really touching!
    I loved this movie. It showed a behind the scenes look at "Sweetwater". I love the music. It's so moving. And Amy Jo Johnson is a great singer! All in all I thought it was awesome! I am taping it right now it was so good! Be sure to see it! Definetely 10 stars!!
  • jax-2015 August 1999
    Worth watching
    Amy Jo Johnson shines as Nansi, the lead singer of Sweetwater, the band that opened Woodstock and virtually disappeared after she was in a horrible car accident.

    While the movie really barely touches Nansi's spiral into drugs and alcohol, Johnson's portrayal of a young girl who feels unloved, then climbs the mountain of fame only to plummet into despair, was very strong, despite what I thought was a weak script in points. I also think the story would have been stronger without the reporter arc. Attempting to parallel the modern-day reporter's struggle back to sobriety with Nansi's 30 years ago took time and focus away from Sweetwater's story.

    Overall though, it was a pretty decent movie, which I enjoyed.
  • Sparklingdiamond_2516 August 1999
    Best TV Movie Ever
    This is a great movie, you have to see it if you get VH1 [don't worry, they overplay everything] It was a great portrayal of a struggling rock and roll band. [trust me, as a musician, I know] With excellent costumes and historical accuracy, the story of Sweetwater is told classfully. The music is great, and you want to watch it again when it's over. I'd give you a summary, but I'd rather you go see the movie.
  • IrisNo1116 August 1999
    Plunge Into Sweetwater
    I really didn't want to watch this movie on VH1 last night, because I thought it was going to be boring, but it wasn't really boring, yet it wasn't as exciting either. It was good, but all the events just happened so fast, that they really didn't give enough time to show the rise of Sweetwater's career. Amy Jo Johnson and Michelle Phillips don't look anything like the REAL Nansi Nevins at all, but they did give great performances as Nansi, Amy being the younger hippie Nansi and Michelle being the older teacher Nansi.

    From one point to another, "Sweetwater" was dramatic, especially after they show Nansi's downfall in her career, but I will also admit, she was quite selfish, self centered, and spoiled when her hopes were high about sucess whether it was with Sweetwater or when she was solo (but a dream is a dream).

    In a way, this movie reminded me of "Velvet Goldmine" with the reporter trying to find a missing rock legend and doing a report on it, only in "Sweetwater", the situation is different, and both movies end differently. Plus, whoever came up with something called "Mix TV" -- good job! heheheheeee...

    So as a result, I think "Sweetwater" was good (but I thought it could be better), and VH1 did a terrific job! Maybe someday, whoever is reading this review, you can catch "Sweetwater" on VH1, and you be the judge! You might be pleased, you might be disappointed! I was pleased, and I was expecting to be the opposite! :o)

    I guess that shows how good I can predict the future! HA HA!
  • Oz-2731 August 1999
    Amy Jo Johnson rocks!
    I'm 14 years old and i hadn't ever heard of Sweatwater until i saw the movie about the band. VH-1 Promoted it like mad so i decedied to watch. Boy was that band awesome. I love them and the movie.

    Amy Jo johnson keeps proving herself everytime she does something new. This is by far the best performance of her career. She has a wonderfull singing voice and she fitted the role perfectly.

    Over-all good film. I hope Vh-1 keeps supplying us with good T.V. Movies.
  • xyumaboy24 August 1999
    Interesting and well told
    I'm intrigued by VH1's foray into the movie business. So far they are 2 for 2 with "Sweetwater" and "Ricky Nelson-Original Teen Idol". Both were well acted and informative. I look forward to the next made for VH1 movie.
  • Juliet Gabriella Kaleigh23 August 1999
    Sweetwater, a catchy movie with catchy tunes and heartbreak
    I first saw Sweetwater on the day it aired in VH1. The movie was good, I am a regular watcher of the show Felicity, in which Amy Jo Johnson stars. The girl was the perfect choice for Nancy Nevins, she has a great voice of her own. Nancy Nevins was infamous for about two you years,but that ended quickly when her voice was spoiled. She became adepressed,moneyless,drinker. She found out that her mother had cancer all at the same time. Nancy brought herself back up from the devil.
  • dolesdonnell21 July 2003
    Sweet Movie
    I bought this movie recently and I gotta say - it's pretty good. I enjoyed watching the story of the band unfold and I thought Kelli Williams and Amy Jo Johnson were wonderful. Its such a bittersweet story, but with a great ending. Highly recommended!
  • bobo8915 August 1999
    I've already seen Velvet Goldmine
    This film was basically Velvet Goldmine if the writers of party of five got a hold of it and made it a t.v. movie. The film lacks what Velvet Goldmine had which was good acting, writing, and basically everything else. The film had some of the worst writing I've seen since Wild Wild West. It definitely needed to be interesting. I know vh 1 has become a household name for their behind the music shows. which are a lot better than all this which would have worked if it was a behind the music episode but didn't and feel flat on it's face.
  • malllover1323 December 2001
    I never really saw this movie on VH1, but I rented instead. I first rented it becuase of Kelli Williams role in it, and I am a big fan of her. After I rented it I was kind of sorry I did becuase it didn't seem like a movie I would really like. i got home and watched it, and after the first 10 minutes or so i loved it! I watched the whole movie and it has become one of my favorites! amy jo did wonderful and the parts that kelli was in, were good but few and far between, but belive me, i'm not complaing. the story of the band was so intresting and i loved it! i recomend this movie to any and everyone!

    -- love yall all and happy holidays! -- * lindsay-grace aniston! *
  • jehanzaib115 September 2001
    super directon, great cast
    I congratulate director Lorraine Ferrera for directing such a great movie.I am a big fan of Kelli Williams and yes nobody could have done it better than Amy Jo who played the lead singer role.It was my first time I heard about sweetwater as when i was gowing up,it was ABBA of Sweden that made to the top in the charts in Pakistan.Yes,i will buy the sweetwater album after this movie... I give this movie 2 thumbs up always... jehanzaib khan
  • jprice-49 December 2000
    A Great Movie from VH1
    In 1969, an unkown band was opening a festival called "Woodstock",They made fame and fortune until it cut short with Nansi Nevin's car accident that cause the band to dissapear.

    30 years later an reporter (Kelli Williams) was doing a story about the band "Sweetwater". Then she meet Nancy Nevins, present day (Michelle Philips), telling the story about them. Then they reunite the band after 30 years.

    Great flim from VH1.

    I give it *****.
  • Watcher-3716 August 1999
    Not a bad movie
    The movie Sweetwater wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't a great one either. Amy Jo Johnson and Michelle Phillips share the role of Nansi Nevins, a singer for the movie titled band, Sweetwater. The band was the first one onstage for the original Woodstock concert, and this movie captures the events leading up to the festival, and what happens to them, and particularly Nevins afterwards. For me the movie seemed a little rushed, and the whole idea of the reporter, played by Kelli Williams from TV's The Practice, tracking her down for a piece on the anniversary of Woodstock was supposedly not even true, according to an accompanying documentary about the making of the movie. The music in the movie was pretty good stuff and Johnson's vocals played against the original band's music was pretty good. A good first outing for VH-1, but there is still room for improvement.