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  • Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt) leaves San Francisco and the Salinger family to find her real father in New York. It´s the first time she stands on her own feet. "It´s the end of the world as we know it" - an old R.E.M. title - Sarah sang at the end of the pilot-episode. The song fits! "Time of your life" didn´t survive a long time. Why?! It was full of interesting characters!

    Maybe I´m in the minority, but I don´t think that the focus of the show wasn´t too much on Sarah. There was enough space for the other characters to develop their own stories. Romy (Jennifer Garner), an actress who tries to find work, Maguire (Jonathon Schaech), the guy from the record-shop, who falls in love with Sarah, J.B. (Diego Serrano), a hairdresser who works at the edge of legality sometimes and falls in love with Romy, etc - they all try to find luck on their own way. I can especially remember episode 12 "The time everything changed" when Molly, a girlfriend of Romy died. I guess it was the most dramatic episode! Besides in Germany - where the show was called "New York life" - all 19 episodes were aired. So the american TV-audience will never know who Sarah´s real father is. It was a real touching moment when she met him....

    "Time of your life" would have been a great alternative for "Party of five"-fans. Why didn´t they give the show a second chance?! It really had the potential for success! I can remember that "Party of five" was also a missuccess in the first season! It´s a shame that it was cancelled so soon!

    Another great show on television that I will miss...
  • diablotine13 February 2001

    I know I'm late, but I'm a french TOYL fan (called "Sarah" in France), which is almost unknown in here because you can only watch it on a small cable channel; and you can still watch it on this moment. I've just seen this week episode, and I worry about it to be the last one, as I heard the series is over in USA. In this episode, JB is going to jail, Sarah is about to leave New-York (but doesn't) and Maguire actually does. All the characters seems to be depressed and it sounds and look like the end of something. So what, was it the last episode? Or the last episode is it about to arrive?

    I hope my english is not too bad and someone will answer my questions. I'm sad anyway the series will end, and I'm mad about the TV channels worrying so much about audience results, because here in France if americans don't like something we just don't get to see it, without any right to make a choice!!

    Thanks for reading me...
  • The show is good, its a spin off of Party of Five. The dialogue is good, the only bad thing is, Jeniffer Love Hewitt talks way too much. I think that the writers should give a chance to the other characters to speak. This is actually a great show with witty characters and great dialogue, but it shouldn't all go to JLH.
  • I was such a huge fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt back in the late 90's.

    But this show was so slow! It had boring plotlines. Nothing exciting ever happened.

    On "Party Of Five," Jennifer Love Hewitt had a character named Sarah. Although this show was supposed to be a spin-off about Sarah, it seemed like this show was all about Jennifer Love Hewitt rather than her character Sarah.

    It's a shame because Jennifer Love Hewitt totally ruled the late 90's. However, the most popular teen icon does not make up for crappy writing and slow plotlines.

    Jennifer Garner also co-starred in this show. Who would have ever thought that she'd become the big screen queen she is today?
  • As a fan of "Party Of Five", I had to watch "Time Of Your Life" more as an obligation than for pleasure. "T of Y L" is for sure a hundred times worse than "Party of Five" and sometimes it's unbelievable and strange. And the problem is Sarah, Jennifer's character. She was almost married with Bailey, was dating him for years, lived in his house and then, in her second day in NY she decided to stay there!

    Well, let's look at the beginning: Sarah was living with Bailey and decided to make a trip to New York to find her father. She would come back in five days. In the first night in NY she lost her baggage and money and found her mother's house. In the same night she was already living there. The next day she found a job in the bar, met 2 persons that could be her father, and one of the two was a very rich man. One night after it, she went to jail for not paying to the subway, and this rich man paid the surety and more than this, found her a very good job. Less than two days after it, she resigned the job because she was is NY for fun (poor Bailey)! No problem, she's will work in the bar (her 1st job, remember?). It's strange that they didn't put other person to work there, as she was already working in the job found by the rich man. Then, in the night, she just fight and scream with the rich man that was helping her a lot. Oh, and only after all those things she decided to phone Bailey! There is only one thing I know about Sarah: she's the most SELFISH person in the world. What a boring girl! And what a fast girl!

    But Sarah is not the unique character there, although she appears during 90% of the time. And all these things doesn't mean that Time Of Your Life is bad and don't even mean that Sarah is bad. All the others are convincing and their stories are too much better. It's just ridiculous to give an entire TV-series for Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's cool, nice, fun but not famous (and talented) enough to have her own.
  • I have to say I hate this show. Not because of its content but for what it represents. They took a beautifully drawn character from Party of Five and ruined it, absolutely ruined it. And that is a crime for all of us fans of Party of Five, which was a much much much better show.

    In the final season of Party of Five just as we're aching to see whether Sarah and Bailey will finally find lasting happiness, Sarah's character is ripped out of the show and sent off to New York in the 3rd episode without warning, never to return. This not only aborted one of the central romances of the show that had developed over 4 wonderful seasons, it also robbed us of Sarah's character just as she was really beginning to blossom and develop her independence and her own identity at the end of season 5. Yes, "Time of your life" was meant to continue her story arc, but the writing was just not nearly as good and Sarah/JLH was much better as part of an ensemble cast rather than trying to lead her own show (at least at that stage of he career).

    I think a lot of us PoF fans feel like we were cheated out of 20 further episodes of this character in the final season. JLH was so wonderfully talented and beautiful and PoF is the best thing she ever did. Why do they always have to ruin something good?
  • Not available to stream anywhere. Party of five got a shabby box set release. They should do a better one and include this season. America never got to see all the episodes.
  • Time of your life a series that stopped airing on the Fox network in 2000 was a show I really enjoyed and thought that it was going to run for at least one more season, but I guess the network thought otherwise, maybe its ratings wasn't high enough I am no sure. I was just a fan of it and watched it every Wednesday on fox for that whole year until they cut it. There were 19 episodes that were done, and was a unique series. I sure do hope they put it on DVD if there is high demand for it. Not that Jennifer Love would go back into it anyways, I mean she is a big movie star now. I am sure if she was interviewed about the show she would say that it was a good show and she enjoyed working on it and what party of five was the time of her life. This show was awesome.
  • In this spin off from Party of Five Sarah Reeves Merrin (Hewitt) leaves the Salingers in San Francisco and goes to New York to find her birth-father.There she meets lots of interesting people.Time of Your Life lasted only for one season from 1999 to 2000.This drama series was nothing special but it is always nice to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt.She can make the worst show worth watching.But this wasn't such a bad show.It still kept me interested during those 19 episodes.I recommend Time of Your Life for every fan of miss Love or who just wants to see fairly good drama.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Stars in this amazing series called "The Time Of Your Life" It's about a girl who goes to New Your to find her father. And she's in a new town know's no one. This is an Excellent series I like it alot and i just have to say that this series is just Excellent. I give it 10 Stars **********
  • First of all Jennifer Love Hewitt can't act. If it weren't for her looks she'd be telling people about the weekly specials. And I don't even find her to be very attractive. She also doesn't seem to have a very intelligent mind- things were going great for her on Party of Five, but nooooo-- she has to have her own series.

    And the other characters aren't that great too. Jonathan Schaech (does he expect us to pronounce that?!) is highly annoying. He's been in some good movies in which he was annoying too. Then there's Diego Serrano, who plays JB. He's even more annoying than Jonathan Schaech. And there's Gina Ravera who plays, Joss- also annoying.

    Jennifer Garner plays Romy Sullivan, notice how she too has good looks. Of course she's a zillion times prettier than Jennie Love. She's ok, I can bear her but she can sometimes get on my nerves. And- Pauley Perrette, who is a much better actress than all the former. There's just something about her character which I like. And finally- Patrick Fabien, who is relatively ok.

    But, I was not surprised when Time of Your Life got cancelled, I hope Jennifer Love learned something from it.
  • Turtle-716 November 1999
    I'm a fan of Party of Five and all I can say is Jennifer Love Hewitt you made a bad choice. Except for the fact that she now gets to hang out with Johnathon Schaech. That was pretty much the only reason I watched the one episode I did turn on. I could not believe how annoying the Romy character was. Maybe that's the reason I disliked it so much, but it just hurt to watch.