Loosely inspired by Writer and Director Brad Silberling's own experience. He was dating Rebecca Schaeffer at the time she was killed by an obsessed fan in 1989.

The film's original title was "Baby's in Black", after The Beatles' song. The producers found the rights to the song too expensive, so the film was renamed "Moonlight Mile" after a lesser-known song by The Rolling Stones.

Neighbor's Restaurant is really Haley's Liquor Store in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Writer and Director Brad Silberling wrote the characters of Ben and JoJo Floss with Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon in mind.

A screening of the film was held at Salem State College's auditorium in Salem, Massachusetts, which is adjacent to Marblehead where the film took place.

When Jake Gyllenhaal and Dustin Hoffman are sitting on the park bench talking, the front was shot in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and the rear was shot in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The cast includes three Oscar winners: Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, and Holly Hunter; and two Oscar nominees: Jake Gyllenhaal and Edward Lachman.

Keanu Reeves was considered to play the part of Joe Nast.

The cast features Ellen Pompeo, before she shot to fame on Grey's Anatomy (2005).

The title of the film comes from "Moonlight Mile" - a song from The Rolling Stones' 1971 album Sticky Fingers.

In one scene, Joe (Jake Gyllenhaal) says his birthday is in December. In real-life, Gyllenhaal's birthday is also in December.

In the final scene in Ben's (Dustin Hoffman's) real estate office, he gives Joe (Jake Gyllenhaal) a piece of advice he wishes he would have given his deceased daughter. After kissing Joe on the forehead, he simply says "Go", which is the shortest, correct, complete sentence in the English language.

John Balma, Richard T. Jones, and Ellen Pompeo appeared on Grey's Anatomy (2005).