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  • Ashlyn Gere almost saves this minor look at a futuristic televised beauty contest, but her sexual talent and acting ability are largely wasted.

    Concept is a sexual competition, with home viewers voting interactively on the winner. Thirty years later it seems quaint, as text messaging would do the trick.

    But of course it's the sexual nature of the content that makes the difference. After teaching the four contestants how to do a proper striptease, Gere dominates the rest of the movie as well, giving her own personal demonstration before the girls compete simultaneously on stage in events: masturbation, blow-jobs and intercourse.

    After a hot lesbian-sex scene in the dressing room for K. C. Williams and Angela Summers, K. C. drops out of the contest, leaving Summers, Cassidy and Trixie Tyler to compete. Four studs service them, led by Mike Horner, and the guys get no dialog at all.

    It's not very interesting and seems hopelessly dated, with an open ending, as the premise has the home viewer (in this case the one watching the VHS video) to decide who's the winner.