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  • Bezenby30 December 2018
    Talk, talk, talk. Even if you go into this one expecting a realistic Damiano Damiani tale of people going up against an organisation they can't possibly defeat, you're going to get bored.

    In Naples or possibly nearby, policeman Lugio Pistili meets dodgy businessman Franco Ressel and tells him he's going to take him down. Not long after, Luigi has a couple of bullets in him and isn't breathing no more and Franco is making a dash away by car, only to get involved in a car crash with a doctor. The doctor is all out to help, but when Franco sends him off to call an ambulance, he returns to find no one there. The cops aren't chuffed by this and haul him in...and meanwhile...

    ...A young hooker whom the doctor treated for a head wound has copped off with two fellows, but hasn't been vigilant enough to note that one of them is Luciano Rossi! He's always raping and killing women, and don't you know it, the young girl gets murdered and found on a beach, near where the car crash happened, with a prescription written by the doctor in her hand bag...

    Thus begins the endless tale of a doctor trying to prove to the cops that he really did witness an accident while the cops think he's covering for murdering a hooker while the mafia and corrupt businessmen are trying to cover up for Franco Ressel by using bribes, promotions and threats. The problem is that the film is full of endless, endless talk and little to no action. The only bullets you see fired are at the start. There are no car chases, and one single nasty event near the end of the film brings on the predictable end.

    I'm struggling to find something good to say about this one as it mainly involves people talking to each other using thinly veiled threats. The music was okay though. I'd never heard of this one before and I think I know why. Every single Guiseppe Rosati film I've seen is better than this film. DUD!