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  • MartinHafer17 August 2011
    "La Tour" (literally 'the tower') is a film about the Eiffel Tower. However, it's not the usual sort of movie, as there is no story but instead consists of an exploration of practically every inch of the structure by the camera crew. In other words, there is no actual story--just showing views of the tower, the elevator, the ground below as well as a stop-motion recreation of the tower being built. While this may all sound quite dull, the director (René Clair) had a wonderful eye and a great artistic touch here--and I actually found this film extremely watchable. A nice homage to a great structure--and a surprisingly good short film. This is just one you need to see for yourself--as mere words won't do it justice.
  • This is a documentary about the famous tower which was built for the 1889 World Fair and should have been destroyed afterward but the people in Paris were wise enough to change their was made between two movies and the music was composed and added in 2003 by Arnaud Gauthier; Generally I do not go much for Clair who is the only famous French director of the thirties I have no interest in.This 14 min short will not make me change my mind.It's all the more pointless since in "Le Mystere De La Tour Eiffel",a contemporary movie ,Julien Duvivier had already given exciting shooting of the tower in the last twenty minutes.And at least to these eyes,Duvivier is a much more inventive director than the director of "14 Juillet " .