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  • Here is another example of how too often the real gems go by unnoticed...this film rocks! I was lucky enough to catch it on British Airways coming back from the UK and even in its edited form was quite moved. It's one of those films that holds you throughout, you really get dragged into the fast-paced, tense, sensual and moving dynamics of this young group of friends. But one of the real highlights is the sound track! Is this available in the UK? If not are bootlegs available?? (can someone please let me know?) The sound of the group was just amazing. One of my favorites from 1999. Definitely check it out if you can.
  • I saw it only once several years ago, probably 1999 or 2000... (Today - 2007 - I finally succeeded to find and order a DVD copy and expect to get my hands on it in a couple of days.) I remember that my TV was on, set to one of the movie channels I had in my satellite package. I didn't expect much but soon found myself unable to take my eyes off. I fully agree with other, more eloquent reviewers here - the soundtrack and its blending is definitely a masterpiece. To this day, I have never experienced anything close to it when watching a movie. Amazing.

    I think that movies are like wine - it all depends on one's state of body and mind. Sometimes it gets you, sometimes not. But as far as I can judge from other reviews here this movie does has something that got so many people who were lucky to stumble on it one way or another.
  • When they left school, six friends were full of hope and dreams of success. Four years later they are still trying but mostly their lives are still on the same track – with their same partners and playing in the same experimental jazzy funk combo. However when Charlie gets involved in an accident it sends shockwaves through an already troubled group; Bean goes off the rails when he sees his girlfriend with another man, becoming hooked on drugs and dealing; Rix get his girlfriend Sherry pregnant and has to try and hold the band together as Sam wants to drop the jazz aspect and bring in a new vocalist to become more commercial.

    Opening with the same actors supposedly playing 16/18 year olds, this film quickly moves onto four years later where, aside from school uniform, they look exactly the same – however this jump in creditability is the least of your worries in a film that never stops adding to the plot in an effort to replace real emotion with pace. The story introduces to a collection of characters quite quickly and seems to have aimed to be realistic of life for young people in London but, as the film goes on, the base premise is opened up as each character has all manner of tragedy happen to them resulting in the film feeling far too busy as it spins towards a rather overblown conclusion. It's a shame because the people are quite interesting at the start but the script doesn't allow them to really develop as real people and so puts them in extreme lives and covers for the material's inability to really grip and involve by simply having it move very fast and always having something happen on screen. It is pacy enough to keep watching though and I'll say this for it – I was never bored, but I also never really cared for the people or found myself involved in these lives.

    The direction is pretty good though, using London quite well without becoming a tourist trade film. The atmosphere of lost lives is well put across and it keeps a downbeat tone even as the plot twists become decreasingly like any life I've ever lived! The music is pretty good though even if it will probably have dated pretty badly in about ten years time – personally I quite liked the jazzy sort of jungle stuff and I like the vocalist even if she did turn it very poppy (which was the point I suppose).

    The cast find themselves with good basic characters and are left with the challenge to keep them real people while their lives become increasingly exaggerated. Newman does well with his loss and makes it believable even if he has little time to put complex feelings across. Shepard is OK but his character is quite bland and it shows in his performance. I did feel a bit sorry for Waters, whose character goes the farthest and becomes rather silly and OTT by the end of the film. Ejiofor is pretty good and works well with a lot more time and dialogue than he was allowed in Love Actually (hasn't he put on a lot of weight by the way!) but it's a shame the same isn't offered to Smith who is only given a bump to carry around and little else.

    Overall this is a reasonable British film but hardly any great shakes. It has pace and energy and it has tried to create an ensemble drama featuring 'real' lives but the emotion and drama is not as real as it thinks and involving stories are replaced by exaggeration as the film is unable to stop adding to it's drama. If it had been better written it could have rested on smaller events but as it isn't, it needs to keep moving for fear of stalling. In this regard it does keep moving and is never really boring but it isn't that good a film as a result but should please those who are easily won over by soapy dramas as the like.
  • Anyone who's had a friend, pondered on the brutal transience of life, smoked a joint, danced to music or had their dreams and their life weave between each other should see this movie immediately. It simply rocks. It's heartbreaking, it's funny, it's one of those movies that you end up renting at the video shop and then wonder why the hell the likes of Lock Stock got so much screen time. This has the integrity of a real story involving real characters with more than two dimensions. It's what British films should be and it's a tragedy that it wasn't in cinemas longer for people to appreciate it with their friends. Don't watch it alone. Watch it with the people you love and I guarantee that afterwards you'll just appreciate everything and everyone so much more. It's a film that makes you see the world in a different way just as soon as the credits roll. 10 out of 10.
  • nitricy24 October 2002
    now that i have seen this movie twice now I know for sure its one of the few movies made these days, that you truly feel a part of. it takes you to places you haven't been before, to people you haven't met before you become one of them, you are them. in addition to this, the music is so beautiful that you will try to find the soundtrack as soon as you wipe off the tears from your face and move on...
  • bruntsfield-two23 June 2004
    Late night BBC 1. Where would we be without it. Just caught this on what is now a Thursday morning.

    It's TV actors, TV writer and a TV director and as a result has a rather small scale TV feel. It's not Human Traffic. It is, however, not an episode of Casualty. Everything is done very well, nothing is too OTT. Most of the cast can act and have a script that doesn't kill them, which happens all too often with 'Gri'y Youf Drama'.

    Worth renting? Perhaps. Definitely worth staying to the end if you find yourself in front of it.

    And yes, the music is pretty good, especially the trumpet which is ABSOLUTE Genius!
  • stratosphere10 January 2000
    Well, I was shocked when I saw this film. I do not ususaly read or follow critics views. Never was one for following other people's opionions especially from those who have never actually written or produced a film in thier lives. This time however I read Empire's review and I agree with the critic, totaly gripping. It's a slice of life that if you have close friends you will totaly get this film. Wonderful cast wonderful music wonderful film. Shame so little publicity. Although I understand that British airways were showing it on all international flights, two of my friends saw it and we of which I grew up with and agreed that it was a joy to watch.

    To say it has no plot, Jasby!!? Shows just how much you understand film. I also noted that you have commented on no other films on the IMBD network, I wonder why that is!?

    Hey anyway, if it gets out here in the states on video. Go see it.

    It's all in the balance -

  • I was a bit skeptical when my wife put this movie in the basket at the rental store, but what a great story! I was sucked into it from the first scene, and couldn't drag myself away until the end. And the music was simply amazing! I had no idea trumpets could do that! This is definitely a must see movie.
  • Another excellent English film. Very liked the acting. I liked also very much the actor in the wheel chair. He is the best I think. Nice to see not just one main character, and not a boy meets girl, drugs type of film. Really good and very sad. Go see it!!

    The music was just awsome.

  • sfkostas13 April 2008
    Did you know that Alec Newman (Charlie) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Rix) will appear together again on "Three Way Split" (2008)? "G:MT Greenwich Mean Time" made me cry... That doesn't happen often! Frenzy plot, really frustrating situations, innovating music! A hidden gem! I watched it on a Greek channel after hours, years ago... I first thought "Do I really need to see a modern English movie in the middle of the night" and "How on earth will these characters mix"? I was so mistaken; it kept me glued to my sofa! I hadn't caught the title when I first watched it, for I had lost the beginning of the movie... But thanks to IMDb, now I know where to search for a copy! Unfortunately it hasn't been released on DVD in Greece yet, so no Greek subtitles!
  • I've seen two versions of the trailer. The first were on previews of rented videos in Tokyo. It made it look like one of those campaigns desperate to cash in on the teeny-boppers and younger 20s market. I avoided it for months thinking it was going to be high on frills, low on content. The second trailer was the one that stems from imdb. It gave a bit more of an image that it was a story, but scattered. After seeing g:mt, the trailer should've had narration to mold the pieces together therefore enticing movie-goers, or in most cases, video renters, that they would indeed be in for quite a ride, which afterwards, they'd want to go on again.

    zcourser and jabsy simply wanted to add variety to the list of rave reviews g:mt greatly deserves. Fantastic job to all involved, particularly the writer, Simon Mirren, and of course, John Strickland whose vision of Mirren's story got us interested into each character. This movie is fresh in the way that it's fast paced, has YES! multi-racial characters you can relate to as well as those from which you'd rather repel. It makes bold statements we as people need to hear but makes them without preaching. The original music of the characters including a female on bass (which is cool because you don't see girls in bands enough), a dedicated brotha on the ebony and ivory, trumpet sounds with emotion and improvising vocals added on by a hot singer combining to provide an energetic yet dreamy musical background.

    Although g:mt is directed to a young audience, this ain't no feel-good movie. The story is as real as it can get leading the viewer to consider the values of life and how anything can happen to change it, the values of our friends and how we treat them, and the responsibility we have of taking care of our children. The issues it attacks show us how these 22-year-olds cope with having to mature, quick.

    G:MT has everything. Out of ten, I give it 9 stars.
  • Greenwich Meantime is one of the freshest, most invigorating films to come out of the UK in years. It tackles head on the issues and emotions involved with being a young person at the end of the century in London - living in the city, having no money, no direction and being in the same boat as many others. This is Simon Mirren's real strength - the ability to write honest, compelling and emotionally powerful relationships. There are several moments in this film which pass the 'tingle' factor with flying colours. I look forward to seeing Mr. Mirren's future work with bated breath and in the certainty that it will accurately reflect these times.
  • Great viewing - young talent doing well. First third was a little slow, with the historical whiteness quite difficult to differentiate the fresh young faces. By the time the Beenz had met up with his old school friend who'd turned to less desirable habits - I hadn't remembered him for the school screans. Some gratuitous nudity - to support the young and free state of the team? The racial perspective was accurate, the paraplegic perspective also desperately sad but accurate, the music was fantastic, the plug for the Virgin air ambulance was quite commercial - a full frontal of the helicopter - in London, we'd have all known it was virgin's just by the red tail? The shootouts at the end were also a little gratuitous. I enjoyed the line about being able to see the garden. Pleased to have seen and would recommend others to see it too - should have been round longer. Hope it resurfaces to ride on the millenium wave in December.
  • Hak-210 October 1999
    We went to see this movie as a last resort not expecting it to be that good, we was shocked to find that the movie was Very good, The Story, Acting and Overall Production was Fantastic, I've Recommended this Film to Friends and Family and Will continue to do so.
  • A must-see! An exciting and truly heart-felt story told with energy and a cracking soundtrack. Great acting from a young cast. Ben Waters is mesmerising. Loved it!
  • Tiger-6325 May 1999
    Unlike any film I have ever seen before. The understanding and feeling you get from watching the characters was truly inspirational. The mood, the style, I was really surprised. You don't generally get to see films structured in this way, because they don't usually by pass the white middle class film makers that make up 90 percent of the film industry. People like Polygram and others would never understand this. They just like to make period costume drama's or trendy, pretentious films like trainspotting. Well done who ever it was that produced this film.

    Favourite Characters Charlie, Bean and Ricky...

  • A group of youths in London, an accident, a hold up, drugs and life in the big city. Could have been dark, depressing and tokenistic but it WASN'T. Mirren's fully drawn characters and fantastic undercutting of sentiment (a very british way) made this film one of the best (unsung) british movies I've seen in ages. It's honest, informed and has such heart, no one could fail to be engaged.

    I got it out on video this weekend, sadly didn't see it on the big screen. Why was that? Where was the publicity and why haven't we seen more from this guy??

    Get it out and enjoy.
  • This is the moving story of a group of friends whose lives are thrown into disarray when one of them has a tragic motorcycle accident. The strain is too much to keep their band together. Eventually one of the group goes batty on drugs and tries to rob a bank. I won't give away the end because you should see it for yourself. It has an excellent cast of new young British actors.
  • Saw it in Cannes. It's the first film that has a sense that it knows what it is talking about. The characters are moving and very original, played by some the best British talent to grace our screens. Wonderful sound track. My favourites were Charlie, Bean, Rix, Elroy and Ricky. The whole structure feels different. There is no one real protaganist. A real sense of style, without being pretentious and looking somewhat like an advert. You could not ask for much more out of a film than this provides...

    Well done...
  • i saw this film on VHS five years ago & still loving it a very good casting the actors gave me the sense of a true story good directory work not only that it was one of the best films ever it had a fantastic music . (well done Hinda hicks & been it is your music) this film shocked me on the detailed work of the director in order to display a realistic image of ones life . the high light of the film comes through the music excellent choice of style

    please if anyone knows where can i find the soundtrack for this film contact my mail. thanks - Ofer .v.
  • CountZero31318 July 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Films, so the screen writing gurus tell us, are written from the ending. Writers are on a journey; they know where they are going and then plan how to get there. The destination in this film is two ex-mates turning up coincidentally in a bank at the same time, one with a bunch of flowers, the other with a gun. Each equally implausible, given that they share the same purpose - to win a woman's affection. If you think I am wrong, ask your female friends how much they like it when their ex turns up in the middle of their shift in front of their workmates to try and get back together.

    I assume this is the ending the writers set out with, and it bodes ill for the British film industry that no one shouted 'contrived!' at any stage. If this was not the ending they started out with, how did the collaboration process end up at this farcical destination??
  • Background

    Greenwich Mean Time is a true story. The characters in the film are living in the very area that he film is from. All of this is documented. The film was screened to over one thousand people and it scored ratings of over 72 percent excellent. I have seen the film twice and love it. To say it has no plot is ridiculous. If you hate this film then it this itself should tell you something about your own life. It is brillaintly acted by all the cast and at least this film does use a multiracial cast. At least this film is brave enough to use unknown actors. Twin Towns was also trashed by critic and idiots like Jabsy.

    If you fit into to the catogory of billy no mates then do not see this film. Because this film is about true friendship and it tells the story from the heart. If you find it confusing than you realy need get a life, or a good friend to explain what friendship means. One thing I would agree with Jasby or Jabsy is that this film is a youth film. And as I understand was infact written by the writer when he was in his early twenties. But why attack someone for trying to write from the heart. Four Millon pounds was put into that script becuase they believed in it. Maybe the film isn't as good or much like the original script but at least they tried. And when making comments on film's, remeber one thing. At least they made a film or got a film made, and at least they are prepared to stand up and be counted.

    Almost every cult film in recent history was trashed by critics only to rise again and become a cult classic.
  • If you think this film is going to be another good modern British film to entertain you like Trainspotting, Twin Town and Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels...then prepare yourself for disappointment!

    The film has a very weak storyline, so much goes on that it is confusing at times and you never know exactly what period in time it is supposed to minute they are sitting there scene is 9 months later etc, very confusing at times! The film is much like watching MTV's "Real World" series and only seeing one in every three episodes so you never quite get a feel for what is happening. Overall the film feels like its trying to fill to much in, there are so many sub plots that you never really feel attached to any and some are just plain unbelievable. If the plot focused in on fewer characters then it could have been better.

    Some of the locations around London are well filmed but nothing really stood out. The soundtrack fits in with the atmosphere and theme of the film and is well done, although it wasn't "my cup of tea".

    The film it the biggest load of pretentious rubbish I have seen in years and it is not a film that I'd watch again. If recommending it to someone I'd tell them to wait until it was released on video rather than see it in the cinema. I should imagine the film will appeal to people in their late teens, any older then you may also be disappointed with the film.

    Greenwich Mean Time is certainly the worst film I have seen this year!
  • I saw this film while in Europe, and was extremely unimpressed. The characters are wooden, the acting painfully amateur, and the story uninteresting. The plot involves a group of spoiled, aimless British twenty-somethings that do nothing but hang out and play in a 'garage band' thanks to the wealth of an orphaned megalomaniac friend. We soon find the lack of a father figure drives the ambition of this wealthy peer to ruin all of his friend's lives in an attempt to make them a marketable musical enterprise. He drives one friend to become an improbable drug dealer/addict, and emotionally torments several girlfriends. Dominated by this troubled youth, the other friends flail and fret their way through to success or failure. The sappy, stupid soap-opera script is not saved by the actors, who give performances better suited to television dramas like Eastenders. It is rare you run across a film where you could care less what happens to the characters or what will happen next on screen. Best save you time for other pursuits than watching GMT.