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  • I first saw this when it came out back around 1992. It's a good thing as WB sued the company who produced this due to some copyright violations. (I've heard they used sound from "Batman Returns" in the movie and Cal Jammer was wearing a commercially available Batman suit on the cover.) THe movie was recalled and destroyed. But, there are some copies still existing including the one I own. Basically this is a porno spoof of "Batman Returns." THe unique thing about this porno is that the performers actually act well and make the comedy of it all worth a watch. Cal Jammer plays Bruce Stain/Splatman very serious, just like the actual character. Madison does Catwoman as psychotic and aggressive. But the BEST performance is by Tony Tedischi who plays the Pornguin. This guy steals the show and also participated in a couple good sex scenes including a 6-some with the 2 women, one of them Ona Z, getting DP'ed by 4 guys. This movie spawns a number of one liners, who could forget the Mayor's assertion of "Poppycock!" when callers phone in crime reports? This is one flick you'll have to track down and see if you like porn, super hero's, and parodies.
  • lor_10 January 2021
    Ripping off the popular Adam West tv version (replete with the superimposed cartoon captions of "Squish" and "Splat') and a carbon copy of its theme music, this low-budget porn parody consists of way too much dialog, lousy action scenes out of a backyard amateur movie and cosplay from the BDSM/fetish genre, including a masked-woman in a suspended cage.

    Madison imitating the Catwoman is the best actor, looking smashing in regular dress and kinky in fetish gear. Her sex scenes with Tiffany Million and Fallon are arousing. Tony Tedeschi as The Penguin (see screen credits, as IMDb "Pornguin" is inaccurate) is terrible -pure ham. Coup de grace is title character Cal Jammer with fake cum shots recalling Borowczyk's La Bete -very poorly done tons of spunk. And another correction: Ona Zee's d.p. is with Jake Steed and Tom Chapman only.