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  • Simply a great film with a memorable, funny, and unique plot. The casting is done very well, the actors and actresses give a great effort throughout. This film isn't that easy to find since it was only released in Hollywood Video rental stores. It has recently come out on DVD however, and it is a very good DVD! This has quickly become one of my favorite comedy movies, and I've seen tons in my years. I would recommend this great film to anyone looking for a good solid laugh! This may be of particular interest to fans of the 80's cult film "Teen Witch"
  • I was expecting another one of those disgusting horror movies that fascinate me so. However, I was pleasantly surprised at this clever comedy with little horror if any, although that guy who ran to hotel was kind of scary, hehe.

    Guilford Adams was brilliant in his role as the girl turned boy. I have seen him in other movies as well and this is his kind of role. Allie accidentally cast a spell and turned into a boy she would call Caleb James, played by Adams. I would point out, however, that Adams acted particularly effeminate, while the girl Allie, who became the boy, was not so girlie herself. Perhaps, however, the tragedy of becoming a boy made her cling to her feminine ways all the more. Wait until you see how Allie/Caleb gets revenge on her boyfriend, and more importantly, her arch rival. This movie while have you laughing as good as anything in the comedy section of the video store. I would say that is where it belongs, but then, I would have never stumbled across it there, so I am glad they placed it in Horror.

    I gave this an 8 out of 10, which is I believe the highest rating I have ever given to an indie film. I recommend this not only for comedy fans but horror fans as well. It is a nice change of pace from the usual sadistic gore of indie horror.
  • Ghostly8312 December 2001
    I saw the trailer for this film on another first rites film Pep Squad and I thought it looked good so I went out and rented it. I wasn't expecting much but I really enjoyed it. The story is good and the acting while not perfect was good for an indie film. The comedic tones of the film will really make you laugh. And the truth is I got this film in the Horror section of the movie store but there really is no horror. It's more of a comedy. So if your want a good comedy or just a good film check out this one.
  • Last night I went to see "Equinox Knocks" at the Dobie Mall. This is actually a really good film. I was surprised. I was expecting to not be. I went because I know some of the people in the case, and I thought it would be a novel experience and a fun evening. But I was not expecting to find the characters believable, because I know most of the actors in "real life", and I was expecting to be pretty bad because most indie are pretty bad. Very much to my surprise, this is actually a really good film, very much on a par with a good studio production.

    Far from being distracting, the few times I did even thought about knowing the actors, it was only to note what a great job they were doing. The movie kept reminding me of the John Hughes films from the 80's. The performances were easily on a par with these films. And, I was amazed at how such a young cast was able to get across some very subtle thoughts using nothing but body language and subtle expressions. I know many veteran actors who couldn't come close to that. Everyone (Amber Lea Voiles, Katherine James, Sean Corrigan, Brandon Howe, and the 'etts) did a great job. But, the performances of Guildford Adams and Debra Cassidy really stood-out in a film of really nice work. The comic side characters also did a great job. This was really a good movie. Debbie Haber deserves recognition for a fine job of casting.

    The only indication that this was an independent film, was the film stock. At times, during night shots with low light, the grain drew attention to itself. But other than that, the production values where on a par with a studio film. Usually the sound on indie films is just terrible. It is the main reason I hate to watch most indie films. The sound on "Equinox…" never once hinted that this was a low budget film. The constant tape his that many of us associate with independent films was nowhere to be found. And, not once did the sound distort during a loud scene. It may not have been Dolby Digital Surround Sound, but it might just as well have been for all the difference you could tell.

    Zinka Beton and Fran Rzezink have made a really nice film here. Is it "Gone With The Wind?" No. But it is a really nice movie. So, if your looking for a dark edged independent film, this is not that. But, if you are looking for a really good little film, in the John Hughes vein with a Wiccan twist, This is an excellent choice.