Based on a true story.

Before the film was released in 2001, posters and ads reflected the rating as R before it was re-edited to dub over the kids using the "f" word. Despite quite a bit of profanity remaining, the film was then released with a PG-13 rating.

All of the league's team names are taken from tribes in Africa.

Feature film debut of Michael B. Jordan.

There are at least three players on the Kekambas team whose names we never learn, nor do we ever hear them speak. The only ones who speak and have their names mentioned are: Andre Ray Peetes, Miles Pennfield II, Jefferson Albert Tibbs, Kofi and Jarius "G-Baby" Evans, Raymont "Ray-Ray". Bennet, Clarence, and Jamal.

Premiered in the same weekend as The Glass House (2001), also starring Diane Lane. Hardball was number one at the box-office, and The Glass House was number two that weekend.

The professional baseball game Conor takes the kids to was filmed at the now demolished Tiger's Stadium in Detroit. You can tell by the unmistakable Old English "D" on the seats.

"Hard Ball" and "The Glass House" were both released on September 14, 2001, and were the first two major motion pictures to be released after the terrorists attack on September 11, 2001. They both co-starred Diane Lane.

The basketball game between Chicago and Miami being watched from outside the bar is actually the 2000 Continental Basketball Association Finals between the Yakima (Washington) Sun Kings and the La Crosse (Wisconsin) Bobcats held at the Yakima Valley SunDome. Yakima won the game, 109-93, to win their second CBA title.

The number of players on the Kekambas team changes consistently throughout the movie. In the beginning, there are only eight players consisting of: Andre Ray Peetes, Jamal, Clarence, Jefferson Albert Tibbs, Miles Pennfield II, and three others whose names are never mentioned. Then they are joined by three more boys, Raymont "Ray-Ray" Bennet and Kofi and Jarius "G-Baby" Evans bringing the team total up to eleven. Jamal is cut from the team halfway through the movie because of a technicality which brings the team down to ten players. Then after "G-Baby" is killed in the drive-by shooting at the end of the film, it brings the final total of players to exactly nine.

In the ending scene where the team is together holding their trophies, only eight players are there.