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  • Vincentiu9 April 2012
    too much, too strange, too non-senses. tomb stone for a series and exposition of week clichés. Cosmin Sofron in a bad character and script as horrible improvisation. nothing realistic, nothing nice. only a rain of search to say another story, interesting at first sigh, about high school life style, teenagers adventure, a slice of sex and new generation of Liceenii. result - pure disaster. and everybody is innocent. director, cast, producer, screenwriter. a film without form, line or good acting. a comedy far from humor. one examples of Romanian comedies in early democracy. need to present all in powerful colors, vulgarity and childish solutions for action. end of a series like forgotten toilet.
  • it is only an improvisation. mix of clichés and themes. and nothing more. the fall of an idea who seems has not force to continue.and, sure, it is a disappointment. but "Liceenii în alertă " has a small virtue - it defines a way , seductive for few directors, to use the freedom of expression for different experiments. many from theirs film are collections of kitsch, vulgarity, dumb dialogues and unrealistic stories but this is far to be motif to blame . because the trend remains basic line of a kind of exorcism or success/glory conquest. nothing surprising. only bizarre. "Liiceenii în alertă" responds to the expectations of a slice of public. its public. and this is the most important detail who defines it. childish, absurd, eccentric, without a real story, just an improvisation.