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  • Warning: Spoilers
    You would think between the box description and the opening scene you would have this movie figured out. The movie starts out with Susan's ghost walking in a graveyard getting into a white stretch limo to travel to the afterlife. However, Susan is not ready to go. The musical score is terrible, sounding like it was taken from some old "B" Euro-film. We then get to see the events that led to Susan's death. Susan comes to live with her sister Molly and her husband. She wants to seduce her husband and to kill Molly so she can live her life. We have seen these films before, done better, and with bigger stars, but none really had this twist to them and they weren't closer to being a comedy than a horror film. The horror aspect was second to the comedy aspect.

    Instead of Molly getting killed, it is Susan and as a ghost she wants to come back. Her appearances are more comical than scarey, especially when the ghost-busters arrive.

    The film is low budget and has few characters. The ghost special effects aren't great, but are passable. The soundtrack is terrible. The girl on the front cover is not in the movie.

    Nudity (thank you Ena Henderson as Susan)
  • nephihaha19 July 2010
    A lot of people will tell you that X, Y or Z is the worst film they've ever seen. Wrong. Most of those are well known films that have to fulfil some notion of quality.

    "Molly and the Ghost" really belongs to the worst breed, straight to video, and barely heard of. Most of the films you hear about have been green-lighted, or at least have some money pumped into them, not to mention a little bit of tolerable music.

    The only reason I got to see this abomination is someone else decided to take it out of the video hire shop at college, because of the sexy cover (see poster on this page). It's actually more interesting than the film.

    What's more, the plot is clichéd and terrible, the film's exploitative, the acting is outrageously bad (although actually to be fair, not the worst I've seen)... and it doesn't even fall into the "so bad it's good category". The budget is also non-existent, and even the sex scenes don't redeem it, in fact, it has *no* redeeming features.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After Molly lets her thieving nut-job of a younger sister, Susan, stay at her and her husband's place after she gets kicked out of her house, she falls in lust with Molly's hubby and hires a contract killer to off her, but the doofus kills Susan by accident instead. So now she's a ghost trying to avenge her own death (that was pretty much all her fault anyway) and haunt Molly as well.

    This film just plays to it's own film 'logic' be it the hapless hit-man who shoots at a ghost he can't hit multiple times, or Molly's total nonchalance that her sister's ghost is haunting them, if you're looking for a film that makes sense you'd do better to look elsewhere. Actually if you're looking for a good movie you'd also do better looking elsewhere. This film may seem like sleazy brainless fun on the onset, it wears it's welcome out very quickly.

    My Grade: D

    Eye Candy: Ena Henderson gets topless; Lee Darling shows T&A

    Media Blasters DVD Extras: a triple-feature combo trailer for Posed for Murder, the Disturbance & Death Collecter; and trailers for "Somewhere, Tomorrow", "Just Before Dawn", "Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals", "the Premonition", "The Thrill Killers", "One Dark Knight", "the Oracle", "One Missed Call", "Red Wolf", & "Rat Pfink & boo boo"
  • This is definitely worth tracking down. Its hardly likely it will ever turn up on Television so a trawl of your local video shops is worth a go. The story of Molly and Her Ghostly Sister, isn't the finest film your ever see but with a title like that you don't really expect it to be. But the production values, score and acting are just there to be believed. I can't understand why Ena Henderson didn't go to a big Hollywood career or why other films by the director Don Jones aren't available. But at least Molly is, so go check it out
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Conniving and duplicitous tramp Susan (luscious brunette Ena Henderson) tries to have her sweet older sister Molly (the equally gorgeous blonde Lee Darling) killed so she have Molly's hunky husband Jeff (the dorky Ron Moriarty) all to herself. Things go awry when hit-man John (ponytailed and pockmarked wonder Daniel Martine) bumps off Susan instead. However, Susan's pesky evil spirit returns to haunt both Molly and Jeff. Boy, does this hilariously horrendous hoot possess all the right wrong stuff to qualify as a super stinky serving of stupid schlock: We've got flimsy (mis)direction by Donald M. Jones (who also gave us such goodies as "Schoolgirls in Chains" and "The Forest"), a poky pace, static cinematography by Robert L. Parker, clumsy attempts at silly humor, a cheesy synthesizer score by Richard Hieronymus, a ridiculous and meandering story that becomes more laughably ludicrous as it unfolds (the last third with Susan returning from the grave is especially sidesplitting in its jaw-dropping idiocy), chintzy (not so) special effects, poor acting from a lame no-name cast, and a dumb script that blends elements of supernatural horror hokum and trashy soap opera melodramatics in the most moronic and ham-fisted way imaginable. Of course, there's also a dab of tasty distaff nudity and a sprinkling of mild soft-core sex to further spice up the cinematic brew. This gloriously ghastly celluloid atrocity basically plays like a painfully extended feature length special Halloween horror-themed episode of a third-rate daytime TV soap. Fans of entertainingly tacky obscure dreck should get a kick out of watching this howler.