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  • Writer / director / editor Thom Eberhardts' feature directing debut is a nicely realized, grim and spooky little shocker worth viewing for horror aficionados hoping to find good lesser known films from decades past. It's got plenty of atmosphere, a never ending feeling of uneasiness, a good spin on "living dead" cinema, and its themes and ideas are interesting. As genre junkies will realize, it's similar in some ways to the more famous "Final Destination", which came along 17 years *later*. Eberhardts' script is often witty and offers good roles to a capable cast.

    Star Anita Skinner is impressive enough in the role of plane crash survivor Denise Watson that one may wish we'd seen more of her in films over the years. She displays just the right amount of vulnerability and confusion. Denise was the *only* survivor of this crash, and she tries to resume her normal life, but weird things begin happening. Unspeaking, creepy strangers start to appear to her and she wonders what it all could mean.

    Also in the cast are handsome Kurt Johnson as a kindly doctor, Robin Davidson as Denise's spunky neighbour, Caren Larkey as a washed up actress with unwanted psychic abilities, and William Snare as a frustrated coroner. Be on the lookout for foxy B movie actress Brinke Stevens as a player in a strip poker game who takes off her top and Leon (Robinson) as a gang leader.

    David F. Anthony composed the eerie music and cinematographer Russell Carpenter, who went on to really big things such as "True Lies" and "Titanic", does a really good job in helping to set the mood.

    The movie also educates us some on the subject of "survivor syndrome", wherein people who live through catastrophic accidents expire themselves within 24 months, possibly through a sense of guilt and feeling of unworthiness.

    All in all, "Sole Survivor" is one of those films that deserves a wider audience. It's too good to remain obscure.

    Eight out of 10.
  • As with other movies that deal with the blurry line between life and death, "Sole Survivor" often lacks cohesion in plot and logic. But the weight of its atmospheric shocks and well-paced suspense is effective–it's a movie that places its concentration on waking-nightmare horror rather than gore. A woman is the lone survivor of an airplane crash, predicted by a washed-up TV actress with psychic tendencies; complications arise when the recently-dead start popping up in the woman's everyday life. Eerie chiller with strong atmosphere and a moody pace draws favorable comparisons to "Carnival of Souls" and "Dead & Buried." Recommended for adventurous viewers with a taste for the offbeat.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember seeing this flick on video, back in 1984. I was working in a video store at the time and my boss decided to check it out. It has many similarities to 'Carnival of Souls'. It deals with a lady who is a lone survivor of a jet-liner crash. She begins to see dead people from the crash. Basically, she somehow cheated death and 'The Grim Reaper' starts knocking at her door. Interestingly, Thom Eberhardt, also directed the Sci-Fi camp film 'Night of the Comet'-both films are very different in tone. Also I believe that the makers of 'Final Destination' were influenced by this film.

    It's been 16 years since I've seen this movie, but I remember liking it for it's low-key and haunting atmosphere. It in no way surpasses 'Carnival of Souls', but it gets your attention. I haven't seen this movie since. But, I hope I run into it again some day.
  • Tikkin2 June 2006
    I've been after Sole Survivor for a while now and thanks to ebay, finally own a copy. I was a little disappointed, but still found it very creepy despite the slow pace. The film does a great job of expressing the idea of death stopping at nothing to claim its intended victim. If you liked the plot behind Final Destination, but want to see a more subtle and well made film, Sole Survivor is for you. That's exactly what I wanted, and in a way that's what I got. It's just a shame that Sole Survivor is so slow moving in parts and doesn't pack as much of a punch as it could have. There are some genuinely creepy moments such as the clock with the moving eyes, but overall I think they could have been used more effectively. Some have praised the film for using little gore, however I think that if some of the deaths had been more brutal it would have injected some much needed energy into the film. The ending is excellent and it's at this point that Sole Survivor seems to redeem itself for the slow pace.

    Overall, this is a horror/thriller for those able to tolerate a slower pace and a little use of your brain. If you're after a mindless slasher or a gory bloodbath, this is not for you.
  • This film was very nicely done despite it's budget. The director thoroughly developed each scene so that you knew exactly what was going on.

    I use to watch this film along side of the classic "Carnival Of Souls" with Candice Hillagoss. The difference between the two was that in carnival the lead character was half dead, but in this film the dead were hell bent making the lead character very dead.

    Cudos to Leon in his prelude role to Madonna's "Like A Prayer" video. You really don't know who he is until he opens his mouth. This is where you hear him sounding like his "5 Heartbeats" character JT.

    This is a must see for all true horror fans, and those who still enjoy the late Saturday night "fright night" features.

    8 out of 10 hands down.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lone survivor of a plane crash is haunted by the people who died on the flight. Seems they feel it was unfair that she lived and decide to even up the score by killing her.

    This little known horror film is creepy and packs quite a punch but is awfully sluggish in some parts taking away from the film as a whole. Still worth while. The ending is very scary by the way. My rating: 7 out of 10.
  • If slow paced, intelligent horror films along the lines of Let's Scare Jessica to Death or Carnival of Souls are your speed, you'll find a lot to love in Sole Survivor.

    Predating Final Destination by nearly 20 years, Sole Survivor tells the story of Denise, a TV producer, who ends up being the sole survivor of a plane crash. Soon after, she starts seeing people following her and, well,...I don't want to spoil anything else.

    Sole Survivor is a perfect example of "less is more." Things are never quite clear or explained, which makes the entire film quite mysterious and creepy. Most of the performances are subdued and natural and a large cloud of doom hangs over the entire film. It's impressively creepy, honestly.

    If you're a gore hound or looking for cheap jump scares, Sole Survivor might not be your cup of tea, but those who appreciate a nice slow burn will probably love it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You might watch Sole Survivor and say, "Didn't Final Destination rip this movie off?" Or you might be like me and say, "Didn't I already see Carnival of Souls?"

    TV producer Denise is the - Sole Survivor, sorry, I had to say it - of an airplane crash, but she feels like she's constantly being chased by something. Her combination doctor/boyfriend Brian (Kurt Johnson, The Fan) thinks it's survivor's guilt. But Karla, a psychic ex-actress, predicted the crash and has a warning for Denise. Then, you know, everyone around her starts getting killed and turned into zombies, leading even a skeptic like David to start to worry.

    Of course, the dead kill everyone. They kill her best friend. They kill her boyfriend. They even kill kids and cab drivers. Anyone and everyone could be the living dead, out to drag Denise to the afterlife. And if the Carrie shock ending is to be believed, death isn't about to stop with her.

    Director Thom Eberhardt would go on to direct the vastly better film Night of the Comet. Here, the film drags at a very slow pace. We all know where it's going and it feels like it may take forever to get there. But hey - there's a Brinke Stevens cameo along the way.
  • Somewhat reminiscent to the cult favourite "Carnival of Souls" and an obvious influence of "Final Destination" series "Sole Survivor" is a creepy little shocker.Anita Skinner plays Denise Dalton,a television commercial producer who is the only survivor of a tragic airplane crash.She starts seeing threatening ghostly figures,who enjoy killing people.Denise is also confronted by a has-been actress who has visions of terrible things happening to Denise.Esoteric chiller with some great scares and a bit of nudity.The pace is sluggish,but the script is fresh and original and the editing is fine."Sole Survivor" is an eerie horror flick with enough subtle scares to satisfy horror fans.8 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Perky young TV commercial producer Denise Watson (a fine and sympathetic performance by the fetching Anita Skinner) is the sole survivor of a terrible plane crash. Denise soon finds herself being stalked by the malevolent spirits of recently deceased people. However, she can't convince anyone else that something is seriously amiss. Writer/director Thom Eberhardt (who later gave us the delightful "Night of the Comet") relates the compelling story at a deliberate pace, does an expert job of creating and maintaining an arrestingly uncanny and ambiguous "Twilight Zone"-style atmosphere, effectively grounds the fantastic premise in a credibly rendered everyday mundane reality, and delivers a fair share of flesh-crawling moments (the sequence with Denise alive amidst the mangled dead bodies of victims of the airplane wreckage is truly grim and disturbing stuff). Moreover, the smart script puts an intriguing spin on a psychological condition known as "Survivor's Syndrome," in which folks who manage to be the only survivor of a horrific incident often wind up dying 24 months after said incident occurs. The sound acting from a capable and appealing cast rates as another major plus: Kurt Johnson as helpful, likable physician Dr. Brian Richardson, Robin Davidson as Denise's spunky best gal pal Kristy, Caren Lackey as neurotic psychic actress Karla Davis, and William Snare as cynical, puzzled coroner Artie. The ever-foxy Brinke Stevens contributes a neat cameo as a sexy lass who removes her top during a game of strip poker. David F. Anthony's supremely eerie and shivery score further enhances the unnerving creepy mood. Russell Carpenter's polished cinematography likewise does the trick. The nightmarish last third is genuinely harrowing. A nifty and most worthwhile fright feature sleeper.
  • bubblewench4 February 2005
    I haven't seen this movie in almost 20 years, but I remember being really freaked out by it. It was pretty creepy. I must see it again. I will find it and watch it!!

    If you like movies that deal with supernatural topics, this is a decent one to watch. If you fly a lot, this is a scary one to watch. Basically this one woman is the sole survivor of a plane crash and death and the dead (not the Grateful) are trying to let her know she should have died. It's amazing to everyone that hears about it or knows her that she lived, it's a big deal and how they portray the attempts to inform her of what should have been her death are pretty cool for a movie made pre computers and super duper special effects.
  • This is a perfectly directed, well written, well acted masterpiece of a horror movie. Whether or not Final Destination or It Follows lifted from it doesn't even matter. The "death is coming to collect a debt" plot was bound to pop up in someone's head again at some point. What really makes a difference is the way this whole thing comes together.

    If you're allergic to the stylistic tendencies of 80's horror cinema or 80's cinema in general, please steer clear. This is that decade done to perfection.

    If you're like me, you will be floored and wonder why the world has kept this a secret for so damn long.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The lone survivor of a plane disaster is menaced by the zombified bodies of the recent dead who intend to take her with them to "the other side", where she truly belongs.

    Although the overall premise will be familiar to most(as presented in the more well known "Carnival of Souls" and "Final Destination"), this film deserves high praise despite its relative obscurity. Poorly distributed at a time when horror film preferences were in the slasher slant, SOLE SURVIVOR is a moody, exquisitely eerie supernatural tale spun with credibility and presented with stylish, crisp direction. Hampered only slightly by the usual limitations of a low-budget horror film, but ultimately transcending the expectations usually held when viewing one. Recommended.

  • Some friends of mine had been raving about this one and it had just been released on Blu-Ray, so I figured I'd give it a try and I'm really glad that I did. Sole Survivor packs a wallop.

    The story centers around Denise, the sole survivor of a freak plane crash, who starts seeing strange, dead-eyed people stalking her every move. In many ways, one could say this is a zombie movie, but that'd be too simple. Yes, these "zombies" are corpses being used by "death" to settle the score and kill Denise once and for all since someone made a mistake and left her alive.

    There are elements of Carnival of Souls, Final Destination, and the recent It Follows, but Sole Survivor is very much its own beast and it's all the better for it. Some might not like the very dreary, downbeat storytelling Sole Survivor dabbles in, but there's so much suspense, atmosphere, and scares that I have a hard time believing that any serious horror fan couldn't find something to like in this movie.

    It must also be mentioned that leading actress, Anita Skinner, is a dead ringer for Chloe Sevingy.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Sole Survivor is one of those 80's films whose box art was a staple of Mom & Pop video stores of days gone by. I've only recently gotten to see this little gem...and I can't believe Final Destination got away with it. It's a complete plagiarism of this film. In Sole Survivor a woman lives through a plane crash while all others die. She is later haunted by strange happenings and Death it seems is trying to rectify his mistake by putting her in harm's way and sending his agents after her. Sound familiar? It's a really good yarn that is quite unlike anything else from that era. There are no stars to speak of and it's very low-budget, but I strongly recommend seeing this should you ever get the chance. It's just different enough to be deemed a solid chiller.
  • A fun, older horror movie that I truly enjoyed watching! Well done... no complaints. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to find. If you are able to locate it - enjoy! The sole survivor of a airline crash cheats death and finds herself haunted by fellow passengers who were not so fortunate.
  • Sole Survivor features a plot that begins a lot like James Herbert's classic book 'The Survivor', and turns into something much more like the modern thriller 'Final Destination'. The idea behind the film is always going to be interesting, as death is the ultimate unknown and stories about the other-worldly forces that govern the afterlife are always bound to be intriguing; but due to this film's low budget and generally slow plot, what could have been a great thriller is left only as an interesting attempt at a good thriller. There were a lot of low budget horror films made during the eighties, many of which are now classics - but this film feels more like a seventies movie, and that's not a good thing as the paltry acting and low quality feel don't bode well with the ambitious plot line. The story follows a woman that is the only survivor of a plane crash. She is haunted by a feeling that her doctor describes as 'sole survivor syndrome', but it turns out that she actually should have died in the crash; and the powers that be have sent their minions to get rid of her.

    The film gets off to a strong start, and writer-director Thom Eberhardt seems keen to explore all the implications of the central idea. However, it soon goes downhill as the film never really gets going, and most of the ideas don't end up being fully explored, which is a shame. The film does benefit from a continually creepy atmosphere, which bodes well with the central plot in that it makes the finished piece more horrifying. It's always obvious that the film has been made on a shoestring, however, and the director never really makes any attempt to mask this, which is disappointing. The acting isn't exactly brilliant, but it's one of the better things about the piece, and Anita Skinner does well at heading a cast of other unknowns. Eberhardt's script is good in that it manages to give credence to its characters as well, which ends up making the film more credible as we are given a reason to care about the plight of the lead character. Overall, Sole Survivor isn't essentially a 'bad' film; but it is extremely disappointing in that it could have been a lot better.
  • Wouldn't this be the ideal movie to show during a 12 hours flight over the Pacific Ocean? It doesn't show an actual plane crashing, but it would make clear to all the passengers that, in case of a crash, none of them is likely to walk out of there alive. And even if you do come out of a plane crash unharmed, your life is still ruined and you're guaranteed to die only a short while later. "Sole Survivor" is a truly obscure and little seen 80's movie that benefices from a forlorn and genuinely creepy atmosphere, but it eventually lacks the necessary shocking-power to be referred to as a legitimate hidden gem of horror. The basic premise holds a lot of horrific potential and it's definitely ahead of its time, but the elaboration of the script is too slow-paced and there's a severe shortage of action and/or gruesome images. With a slight bit of imagination and skepticism, you could state that M. Night Shyamalan 'borrowed' fundamental key elements from "Sole Survivor" before scripting his TWO hugely successful blockbuster hits "Unbreakable" and "The Sixth Sense". How come? Denise Watson, the female lead character here, mysteriously survived a disastrous plane crash without a single scratch AND it doesn't take too long before she sees dead people. Maybe the creators of the popular franchise "Final Destination" ripped of the storyline of "Sole Survivor" as well and, on the other hand, one could state that this film is simply a low-budgeted imitation of the classic black & white milestone "Carnival of Souls" and the unsettling James Herbert novel "The Survivor". Ah what the heck, cinema is just one giant copying-ideas business anyway. The most important thing is that Thom Eberhardt's "Sole Survivor" is a generally solid chiller and admirers of atmosphere-driven terror tales won't regret watching it. Shortly after the crash, the aforementioned character Denise has visions in which recently deceased people uncannily stare at her. Her boyfriend/doctor thinks she suffers from the feared Survivor's Syndrome (meaning she feels guilty for being alive while all her fellow passengers died) but according to a psychic acquaintance, Death itself is warning Denise that they haven't forgotten about her. Eberhardt builds up a creepy and continuously ominous atmosphere and there are several moments of nail-biting suspense, like when Denise encounters the little girl in the hospital's basement. Unfortunately, the script is too often confusing and many of the dialogs are difficult to understand because the characters talk quietly and with awkward accents. If some distribution company ever decides to release "Sole Survivor" on DVD, I hope they'll provide optional English subtitles. The acting performances are adequate, the direction is moody & stylish and the climax leaves open a lot of room for discussion. Overall recommended, just don't expect to see a dazzling and jaw-dropping masterpiece.
  • "Sole Survivor" is a horror movie which opens with a palpable sense of dread and some effective moments but squanders them all in a final act which reveals it has no idea what to do with the points it's earnt.

    The plot is about a plain looking woman who is the titular "sole survivor" of an airplane crash. She appears to suffer hallucinations of those who died in the crash following her around.

    But are they hallucinations or are they... REAL?! You probably won't care. I know I didn't.

    The spectres of the deceased, who look like extras wandered over from whatever zombie movie George Romero was shooting that year, are at first spooky but soon become boring since they mostly just stand there. The movie doesn't really develop the idea it starts with, until a rushed conclusion at the end which is entirely unsatisfying.
  • Scarecrow-8811 March 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Denise Watson(Anita Skinner), an up and coming producer for a television studio, remarkably survives an airplane crash. It seems Denise has even found a new man in her life, the physician who nursed her back to health, Dr. Brian Richardson(Kurt Johnson). Yet, there's this state of unease that exists and Denise notices strange individuals standing from afar. An older actress, Karla Davis(Caren L Larkey), returning from 6 years of obscurity living pretty much as a recluse, is supposed to be starring in a series of coffee commercials for Denise's company. Karla claims that she has psychic premonitions and attempts to warn Denise of potential danger she envisions in her nightmares. Through Karla we discover that Denise was not suppose to survive(..this is presented in a very subtle way)her plane crash, and, in fact, those unusual folks that seem to follow Denise are in fact undead corpses, perhaps used to reclaim the one who got away from the clutches of death. When an unfortunate series of violent circumstances arise as others encounter those undead corpses "assigned" to "retrieve" Denise, she will have to depend on Brian for help, reluctant and unconvinced, at first, until his own personal investigations turn up some really odd information(..certain corpses moved into a coroner's lab show signs of blood collection in their legs as if they had died standing;and a particular corpse, which kills someone close to Denise, shown as to have died of a coronary, actually was muddy and wet and lying in his car seat in a way not associated with the forensic evidence). Can Denise escape from death that is stalking her? Will Brian be able to save her?

    This was a nice surprise. Pretty spooky little movie, with limited violence(..the zombies of the film attack humans who pose a threat to their mission). Director Thom Eberhardt is more concerned with building that state of unrest and that terror towards the heroine intensifies as the zombies of the film gradually become more of a threat. At first, the undead watch from afar, lifeless and emotionless, as if they had moved from the slab to spy on her. Then with each appearance, they are more and more threatening(..the parking garage scene where Denise narrowly escapes in an elevator as a zombie closes in from behind is an effectively suspenseful sequence), until those who aren't particularly targets fall prey to them for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A quite interesting twist develops regarding those who are killed by the zombies, themselves pose a threat to Denise's life. I really liked how Eberhardt establishes the undead predators, often shooting them from far away..kind of reminds me of Michael Myers, who looks on at a target before setting in for the kill. The eerie shots of the silent city at night with the streets practically empty(..with his camera particularly interested in store window mannequins)are quite effective, and I thought Eberhardt produces a great sense of hopelessness as Denise slowly descends from a confident and calm working woman into a nervous wreck popping pills, downing booze, and smoking because of her supernatural stalkers. I also appreciated the ambiguity behind the whole film, using dialogue and performance to convey the truth at what is transpiring to the tragic character of Denise and those in her inner circle attempting to run from her own mortality, death never ceasing to stop until it can secure her soul. Big thanks to Code Red for releasing this on DVD so that a new audience can appreciate it( a lot of cases, those behind the making of the film received no rewards for their labor due to the distributors). Eberhardt would go on to direct the cult hit, NIGHT OF THE COMET. As others have mentioned, SOLE SURVIVOR is quite reminiscent of CARNIVAL OF SOULS, although the films have very different types of female leads being pursued by very different types of ghoulish predators.Robinson Davidson also stars as Denise's reliable teenage neighbor, Kristy. Brinke Stevens has an early role as one of Kristy's school chums, who must remove her bra during a game of strip poker. My favorite sequence would have to be the chilling nightmare where Karla sees the aftermath of the plane crash as bodies lay dead amongst the debris with Denise seated alone in a dazed state.
  • movieman_kev22 April 2008
    Denise Watson (Anita Skinner) is a TV reporter who's the lone survivor of an airplane crash, thing is she wasn't supposed to. Now with dead people after her and cryptic warnings from her actress friend (whom happens to be a psychic), she's getting more and more unsettled. I enjoyed this little film, it's slow-moving and low key, but at the same time has an effectively unnerving atmosphere and pretty cool ending.

    Eye Candy: Scream queen Brinke Stevens gets topless and Anita Skinner shows her left boob briefly

    My Grade: B-

    Deep red DVD Extras: An intro by producer/actress Caren Larkey; Commentary with Larkey, executive producer Sal Romeo, film historian Jeff McKay, and director Jeff Burr; 8 & a half minute Interview with Larkey and Romeo; theatrical trailer; and trailers for "the Unseen", "the Farmer", "the Dead pit", "the Silent Scream", & "Human experiments"
  • Lone survivor (Anita Skinner) of a plane crash finds herself feeling depressed and unworthy of living. Then she begins to notice dead people lurking about. At first they just stalk her, but soon they are trying to kill her since she was not supposed to survive the crash. Creepy, cold, original thriller is a bit too slow, but still entertaining.

    Rated R; Sexual Situations, Nudity, and Graphic Violence.
  • If there is one thing I can not stand it is when a movie pretends to be something it is not on its movie poster, on the back of the box, or in the case of this movie the trailer itself. I would have possibly given the movie a higher score if not for the blatant lies the trailer showed when this movie first came to the theaters. I still remember the trailers as a kid and one of them showed a demon like hand coming out of a fog, a scene that does not materialize in the movie at all thank you very much. The only demon comes rather early in the movie in the form of a sort of echo on the radar screen. This movie in the end is more of a bad version of the classic low budget horror film "Carnival of Souls", granted this one is a low budget movie as well. The story has the survivor of a plane crash feeling guilty as she was in fact the only survivor. Well it is not to long that she seems to be seeing dead people, and they seem to be wanting her dead. So yes you can see the similarities to "Carnival of Souls" just from that line. However, for the most part you are not going to see much going on the movie just needs more to it, or maybe if they had advertised this movie for what it was instead of trying to make it out to be some cool horror movie I could have enjoyed it better.
  • Almost incoherent but atmospheric, would best describe "Sole Survivor". The film opens effectively creepy with the lone survivor of a horrific but unseen plane crash, having an ever present feeling that she is in danger. She befriends and eventually becomes involved with an interning physician, who slowly uncovers a theory of the walking dead seeking the survivor who cheated death. The middle portion of this movie is extremely slow, muddled, and uninteresting, with flashes in time, unexplained characters, and general confusion. There is also a totally gratuitous nude scene involving strip poker. The film almost redeems itself with an ending that is downbeat yet effective. - MERK
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SS is a daft semi-amateurish horror film from which the makers of the "Final Destination" serial might have "borrowed" the basic premise. Except that FD movies make sense, while this one does not. SS would make sense (at least its premise) if Denise were the only person to be targeted by the freshly undead. But she isn't. In fact, zombies don't even try to kill her during the first few days. Instead, they just stare at her from the distance like a bunch of retards, while cliché horror music "composed" by music amateurs doodles in the background. If only these scenes looked menacing; they don't. And when these pasty-faced zombies finally get down to the business of murder (as we knew they would) they kill Denise's pal Karla first. They got the wrong woman!

    Or did they? They then slay a taxi-driver and then Denise's new boyfriend as well. Denise snuffs it only a little later. Apparently, these zombies FORGOT whom they were sent out to hunt down, and end up attacking ANYBODY they can get their hands on, not just the "sole survivor" Denise – who is the only victim it would make sense that they pursue. Dumber yet, these zombies WAIT a few days before they start their killing spree. (The notion that zombies may have poor memory – perhaps even extremely advanced Alzheimer's – makes sense, in a way, considering their low IQs, so perhaps I'm being a little harsh.)

    Absolutely nothing makes sense in the 2nd half. Are we to deduce that the plane crash started off a zombie apocalypse? There was no mysterious gas involved, nor did the airplane crash into a nuclear reactor or anything like that; it was just a bloody plane crash, one of many. So what made THIS plane crash so special that it started off what seems like the early stages of a "Dawn of the Dead"-type scenario? How the hell does a movie with an obvious ghosts-gotta-collect-her-sole-coz-she-shouldn't-be-alive shtick become a random-killing zombie-dawn flick? (BTW, for all of you who think the premise was original, consider the fact that it is stolen from "The Twilight Zone" episode "The Hitchhiker" AND the movie "Carnival of Souls".)

    Whoever wrote this nonsense was just as confused as the guy who cast Anita Skinner to play the lead: no boobs, no womanly hips, and a fairly mediocre face. In fact, during the opening bus scene, from the distance I thought she was a man. No joke.

    Speaking of which, the opening scene serves as a SPOILER. I've never understood movies that start off with one of its last scenes. I'm against it because if I wanted to watch a trailer I would have done so before pressing "play" for this piece of crap. I don't want to know anything in advance. I mean, horror flicks of this kind are dull enough as it is, without having the handful of its flimsy plot-twists given away early on. Duh.

    There is a particularly baffling segment around the mid-section when Denise's neighbor is playing strip-poker: one dweeb and three women, to be exact. Is this even possible? How does a DWEEB convince three young women to play strip poker? I mean, what is in it for THEM? To see him naked?

    But wait; things get even dumber pretty soon. Her neighbor Karla gets drowned – for zero reason – by one of the zombies that have been stalking Survivor Girl Denise for days. So why would they kill her friend instead of her? But I repeat myself.

    Back to the strip-poker: the woman with the small boobs gets naked – instead of Karla who seems to be very well endowed. The director must be a boy-lover because all 4 boobs that he shows in SS are small.
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