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  • Team of Jim Enright and Cash Markman go through the motions for a second helping in this mediocre porn video.

    Gone is Ashlyn Gere and the entire cast from the first movie, replaced by Paula Price and friends. It's another static non-adventure at a private health club for women in which the male staff are essentially gigolos there to service the gals. The flipside of usual prostitution turns into a yawner, again.

    Sean Michaels and Peter North improve on the studs from the first one, though North's second scene and cumshot is botched by poor camerawork -yes, he delivers his face blast on cue, but it seems inivisible due to poor camera angle. Sean's long dick gets two shots also for interracial content.

    Paula gets to hump her real-life partner Eric Price and there are two scenes in the bathroom: a shower for Alicia Rio and a bath for Madison. Big-deal Penthouse Pet of the moment Shannen Steele is a flop -her threesome with Madison and Price suddenly ends with a fade to black midway, and her movie career similarly faded away quickly.