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  • augustian4 December 2005
    This review is for the UK edition which I caught on a satellite channel. Being the UK version means that all the hardcore stuff has been edited or panned and scanned out. In my opinion this is no great hardship because I am not a big fan of the Wham, Bam, extreme close-up type of porn. For me, the sex should be part of the interaction or chemistry between the characters.

    This erotic film is a modern take on the Aladdin's Lamp fairy tale. An antiques dealer, Jon Dough, finds an old lamp and while polishing it, out pops the genie, played by the lovely Heather Hart. His wish is to find his Miss Right and, no surprise here, he gets to have sex with beautiful women in this quest. Heather is more than a genie granting wishes and at the end we see that she also has her own agenda.

    This being a porn film, everyone gets to have sex but it is all done within the film's plot. There is a girl/girl scene at the start but all the other scenes are boy/girl. All the cast look as if they are enjoying what they are doing and as the old saying goes, the scenes are necessary to the plot. The best scenes are the ones at the mansion. Jon and Heather have just delivered an old trunk to a couple at the mansion and the lady of the house (Holly Ryder) takes a shine to Jon, and then Mike Horner while Heather and the man of the house (T T Boy) get together in the garden.

    The film has a thin story-line but the plot adds to its interest. I like erotic films with plots, however tenuous, and this film ticks all the right boxes. Heather Hart in particular is a delight to watch but all involved have made a treasure of a film. One can only hope that one day someone will pick it up and get it reissued. It gets a well deserved 7 stars.
  • This is a sexy film, with a plot, albeit a bit thin, but then this is a sex film. The girls are good looking and have that classiness about them. I like the fireside scene on the treasure chest personally, very sensual.Generally good camera work all round throughout the film.
  • this is one of the good sex movies I recommend buying for your collection, a good mix of sensuality and sex that would satisfy both sexes as long as they don't have any problem with sex, or as long as one or the other don't have a problem, with their significant other watching erotica, or having a collection.