Francis Hunter: Put some fresh coffee on, it'll be ready in a minute.

Roxy Hunter: I think I wanna go to Pamela's, there must be a reason why I was sleep walking to her house.

Francis Hunter: She's a witch, she cast a spell on you!

Roxy Hunter: Why would she do that?

Francis Hunter: Spite! She's jealous!

Roxy Hunter: Of what? All our money, the furniture? Maybe she could help.

Francis Hunter: Let me be the one to help you.

Roxy Hunter: I know you want to help me but you can't just kiss me and make it better. Not this time.

Francis Hunter: Oh, I can try!

Roxy Hunter: Let me see her, please. Please!

Mayor Pete Braga: The truth is, I am your father.

Roxy Hunter: Why are you telling me this now?

Mayor Pete Braga: Because you deserve to know. I would've told you years ago but I didn't out of respect for your mother.

Roxy Hunter: Out of respect? All those years living in that fancy house, watching me grow up in that shitty trailer! Was that out of respect for my mum too?

Mayor Pete Braga: I deserved that.

Roxy Hunter: You deserve a lot worse.