The production schedule has been somewhat unorthodox and unpredictable for viewers. Originally 52 episodes were shot in a batch, then aired on Showcase in 2001 for it's first season. Then, new episodes stopped appearing until 2004, leaving many to think the show was canceled. A new batch of 26 episodes began airing in the fall of 2004. Then no more news about the show was given leading to people thinking, once more, that the show had been canceled. However it was renewed for another season of 26 episodes which aired in 2008.

Due to the time difference and the location of the show some actors weren't available to return to the show for it's third season.

Kim Poirier had to leave HypaSpace (2002) and Drive-in Classics (2001) so she could return for the third season. She returned to HypaSpace on 8th March 2008.

The show was originally developed for CBC, but when the racy content scared off some advertisers, it landed at Showcase.

The fictional name of the lake Paradise Falls is on was called Brewster Lake (actually Sparrow Lake in Muskoka).

The more affluent fictional town across the lake was called Fenmore.

The character, Billy Hunter (played by Allen Altman) is a local Paradise Falls artist who wants to create a statue for the town's tourists industry. He wants to create a giant loon, but his idea later morphs into a giant duck with breasts. It is unveiled near the end of season 1.

The show was nominated for 7 Gemini Awards.

In Season 1 the downtown scenes were shot in the picturesque village of Whitevale, ON. However, in seasons 2 & 3 the crew got the right to use the Sullivan Studio downtown set, used originally on the TV show "Wind at My Back".

In the season 1 opening sequence Tony Beroni says, "Clear skies. Calm waters", but in season 2 he instead says, "Blue skies. Calm waters".

Trish Simpken admits in season 2 to torching Billy's giant duck statue.

During Pamela's Wiccan rituals she was often quoted as saying "so mote it be", which was actually a ritualistic phrase the free masons used.

In Season 2, Main Credits were introduced and would often credit cast members even if they didn't appear in an episode. Art Hindle appeared in the most episodes by starring in 23 of the 26 episodes produced. Tammy Isbell appeared in 20, Dixie Seatle and Cameron Graham in 19 whilst Victoria Snow and Chantal Quesnelle both starred in 18 episodes. Kim Poirier, Cherilee Taylor and Salvatore Antonio each starred in 17 episodes whilst Allen Altman was in 15 and both Danielle Hampton & Joshua Peace starred in 14 episodes. Michelle Latimer, Sean Bell and Frank Pellegrino all appeared in 13 episodes whilst both Robert Seeliger & Steve Cumyn appeared in 10 episodes each. Marni Thompson and Jim Thorburn starred in 9 episodes and Andrew Gillies in 7 episodes. Kate Trotter was a late addition to the main cast for 7 episodes and is the only cast member in Season 2 who actually starred in all the episodes she was credited for. Mike Realba and Raven Dauda appeared in 6 episodes, Alan Van Sprang in 5 and Debra McGrath in 3. David Ferry only appeared in 1 episode whilst being in the main credits, he was a guest star beforehand.

Season 3 also featured Main Credits which would feature cast members who didn't appear in the actual episode but also had the actual cast list at the end of the episode which would be mostly accurate. Some cast members would be uncredited despite appearing in the episode.