Critic Reviews

  • 75
    Jonathan Foreman New York Post
    It isn't particularly subtle or original. But it's a good-natured late-summer romp fueled by Lawrence's manic shtick.
  • 75
    Edward Guthmann San Francisco Chronicle
    Apart from Lawrence's goofing, Blue Streak isn't much of a movie.
  • 75
    Jami Bernard New York Daily News
    The plot is formula all the way, but Lawrence has found a way to incorporate the physical techniques of the great silent stars with his standup comic's arsenal, and it's a pleasure to watch him at work.
  • 60
    Jessica Winter Village Voice
    The contortional physical shtick familiar from Lawrence's sitcom, laden with a dollop of Three Stooges violence, should keep the boys happy.
  • 50
    Lawrence Van Gelder The New York Times
    The buoyancy is only intermittent.
  • 50
    Curtis Morgan Miami Herald
    The story is stale, action uninspired, pacing lackadaisical. The whole production looks a little cut-rate, too.
  • 40
    Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader
    The usual valorizing of guns and vigilante justice and tedious action sequences to begin and end the picture.
  • 40
    Richard Schickel Time
    Not a bad concept, and Martin Lawrence is appealing. Unfortunately, the writers have no gift for comic writing.
  • 30
    Andy Klein Dallas Observer
    While the idea may be good, its execution is awful.
  • 20
    Paul Malcolm L.A. Weekly
    (Lawrence)'s not just unfunny, he's coarsely anti-funny. The film just lurches from one dull skit to the next without bite or much of a point.