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  • HackJob_Johnny6 June 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    A brash business tycoon is enjoying some afternoon delights with a high-priced call girl when he drops dead of a heart attack. So begins this torrid tale of boardrooms, bedrooms and bawdy bliss. It seems that the dead man was on the board of directors of international conglomerate Global Consolidated. The company is left without a leader with his untimely -- to say nothing of arousing -- demise.

    But when his will is read, it seems that he's named curvalicious Krista Lane as his successor! Her lack of credentials might make her seems a strange choice -- until you catch a load of her other assets. Peter North comes into the erotic equation as Krista's nemesis. He's determined not to let a woman into his boardroom, unless it's one with the lip-smacking oral skills of buxom beauty Bunny Bleu.

    The plot thickens, the pulses quicken and the writhing bodies pile up as the film builds to an explosive finale. The tone is definitely tongue-in-cheek throughout but the action is as serious as could be. Krista turns in a breathtaking performance, especially during her tenacious tryst with Jerry Butler during the film's carnal climax. Filled with tight-bodied temptresses, blistering boffs and a smattering of laughs, 'Cat Alley' is the place for red-hot romping in a white-collar world.