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  • ab-25 January 2000
    This game is great. I was actually helping my sister beat it and then I started liking it. This game is action-packed with new weapons (I think). And the cool thing is that when you beat a all the levels of one section you get special add-ons! This game is a must for anyone who likes Crash Bandicoot!
  • This (and the other games) is one of the best video games ever to come to PlayStation! I am not very fond of the sports games, but I LOVE platform games! Awesome graphics, cool movies, more intricate gaming, and great voices (Clancy Brown is awesome!) make this game a must-have for all PlayStation owners. Another trilogy I recommend are the "GEX" games. Those are pretty cool, too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As you know I played Crash Bandicoot Warped for PS1 and I enjoyed it for the most part. I have played this on the PS1 console and I got the PS1 download for my Playstation 3 network download.

    You play as both Crash and Coco his sister. You get play in levels including Medieval times, scuba diving, prehistoric times, Great Wall of China race, jet-ski racing, Arabian nights levels, tomb pyramid level, motorcycle racing against racing cars or flying saucers, airplane fights or races. You also get to fight Bosses which I enjoyed doing. there's a total of 25 crystals, 45 gems and 30 ankhs to collect. With that said let me tell you some of the good stuff in Crash Bandicoot Warped. You also get 5 brand new power ups which improves this game from the 1st and 2nd Crash Bandicoot game. This game now has time trial mode which is the first game to have this feature.

    The Good stuff in Crash Bandicoot Warped.

    First of all you get to choose which level you want to teleport in just like in Crash Bandicoot 2, you have to dodge enemies or jump on them or spin attack them, but watch out for TNT boxes and nitro boxes. You have to break all of the boxes to earn a gem, you can see how many crates you need to break before you earn a gem. You also have to get 5 different colored gems in order to access secret areas, you also have to get 5 ankhs to access a secret level. You can also access 2 secret levels one in Road Crash where you have to crash into an alien sign to get to a Jet Ski level. Another one in Dino Might where you're carried off by a Pterodactyl and you get to ride the Dino Rex.

    I enjoyed the motorcycle races with wheel car drivers, I also liked the jet-ski race dodging pirates and the tiger run on the great wall. I also liked the cutscenes with Dr. Cortex and Uka Uka and their minions which made me laugh. The boss fights are pretty easy once you know how to dodge and attack.

    I liked some of the power ups you get after defeating a boss, including Super Belly Flop, Double Jump, Tornado Spin, Fruit Bazooka and Crash Dash. The Fruit Bazooka is my favorite because it allows me to fire hard to reach crates and enemies, I also liked running because it helped me with the time trial mode and finish the level quicker and dodge enemies faster. I liked the invincible Aku Aku mask that makes Crash invincible.

    Some of the death animations for Crash and Coco is pretty funny especially when Crash gets eaten, or electrocuted, or sucked in the drain, or his bottom getting burned by lava even though he's wearing pants, or getting his pants cut exposing his underwear, or getting turned into a frog or getting kissed by a frog or cut in half by a sword, or the spirit of Crash going to heaven, getting poked by spikes, getting deleted, crashing into the wall, or getting blown up by explosions or shot down from an airplane or drowning or falling to his death are animations that I found to be funny though it's not funny when I want to succeed a level.

    The alternative ending is worth going after, even when you beat the game the first time and you get a special ending for gathering all of the crystals, gems and Ankhs.

    The Bad stuff in Crash Bandicoot Warped.

    The time trials modes can be tough especially when you're trying to earn gold Ankhs so you can get the 45th gem and 105 percent. The Underwater levels, Arabian night levels, the Tomb Pyramid levels and Future levels and the motorcycle race and airplane race are very tough for time trial mode.

    While I did like the motorcycle race I didn't like the stiff steering, I also didn't like the super sensitive jet-ski steering which made it hard to steer in control. The flying through hoops in an airplane similar to Superman 64 was very difficult to control when you spin through the hoops which was hard for time trial mode. Some of the enemies and traps make this game frustrating to win a level.

    In conclusion this is the Best Crash Bandicoot game ever, it's worth spending money on the PS1 disc or buying it on the Playstation 3 network. Unfortunately, this game is excluded from the Playstation Classic Mini Console which is a shame as it should've been included on the Playstation Mini. I hope you Crash Bandicoot fans buy this game as it's well worth your time.
  • ante1300022 December 2015
    We all have things from childhood that we hold dearest, and for me one of these things is this game, it is the best game in Crash trilogy and,with Spyro 2, one of my favorite platformers of all time. Crash Bandicoot is a great character, he is funny, his victory dance is awesome and his deaths are also amusing.

    This game is at least less frustrating than the first part,which I gave 9/10, but the save system bugged me to no end.Dr. Neo Cortex shines once again, with a gallery of old and new villains, which are all great and boss battles are interesting.

    Levels are pretty diverse, and you have different eras, different means of transportation, different enemies, which are all great and interesting. Overall, I suggest this game for everyone, be it hardcore or casual gamer, because for me this game is perfection. 10/10!
  • This was the first Crash Bandicoot video game that I played in the series. I first was introduce to the game from a Pizza Hut Demo Disc that contain it. It was pretty fun to play.

    Crash Bandicoot: Warped has Crash his sister Coco and Aku Aku must stop Doctor Cortex and Aku Aku's evil twin brother Uka Uka as they travel across time collecting Time Crystals and gems.

    The game does give you some challenges that you must overcome in order to win. The game has some good graphics for the PS1 which the PS1 can have good graphics but the game play is where the game shines as each stage is different from the other and you never know what you will have to do once you get to that level. The sound effects are pretty good and the music is impressive as well the controls are easy to get hold of and played for hours

    The game offers a lot of replay value even today which is not easy for many games these days while it does have the trouble of being a challenging game on some levels the game is all about you having fun

    I give Crash Bandicoot: Warped an 8 out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    still a good game i like the secret levels better in cortex strikes back the side spin isn't same anymore side spin clicking o and square really fast and you jumped higher and go faster then normal walking the story is the same but this time sapphires you go against the clock and you have to complete the level at a certain time to get a sapphire but you have to get the crystal first the bike levels are annoying and more harder to get the sapphires it's a good game not as a good as cortex strikes back this time you get to plays a coco there are different types of levels go on the ski, riding a tiger, aeroplanes and bike riding anyways try it out you might like it
  • I haven't really tried the first two Crash Bandicoot games(nor any of the other games that feature the characters therein), except for a demo of the second, but after playing the demo(both demos letting you play through one whole level of their respective games) to the third game, I knew I had to have the full game. Precious few demos have that effect on me. Once I did get it, I quickly beat it... but I found myself returning to it, in order to collect the various bonuses... it's rather addictive, that I must admit, and most of the time, it's also a lot of fun to play. And here I am, several years after, having just beaten it again, though this time mainly in order to review it. The first thing I want to mention in this review is the humor; it's so cartoon-y and far out that I can't see any kid playing through it without laughing. Even most adults playing or watching the game will find themselves chuckling and smiling. Most of the jokes are fine for all ages, as they are entirely inoffensive and even Crash's deaths are colorful and cute, though there is maybe one or two sexual jokes, as well. On the plus side, I don't believe there's any gross-out material. Control is simple enough, anyone used to playing on a PlayStation should be able to assume full control of Crash, the Bandicoot, within minutes. I don't really know much about the story and game-play as compared to the other games, but I rather liked both in this game. The time-traveling may not be the most original way to go, but it works very well and it lets Crash go to quite a few interesting places and time periods. The typical level has Crash running and jumping, though in some he will swim, and occasionally, the female character(whose name eludes me at the moment) will come in to ride atop a young animal for the duration of the level. The game consists of 25 levels and 5 boss enemies, one for every 5 regular levels. The difficulty slowly rises throughout the game, meaning that completely new players who don't even know the series will be able to get into it without problems(and since one of those players are yours truly, I know that very much from my own experience). However, this also means that the last few levels are, at times, incredibly hard... and they will provide about as much frustration as earlier levels provided fun and entertainment. Which brings me back to the bonus stuff; it can be darned hard to get, in some cases, and will, again, at times provide more frustration than entertainment. The vehicle control is particularly a source of the former, more than the latter... in fact, in general, levels that differ from the main ones(with the exception proving the rule being when an animal assists you), tend to be a bother(putting it lightly). It just, for my tastes, seems much too dominated by random things, especially in the boss fights. The game-play is fairly fresh and entertaining, but at times you really miss more attacks, particularly ranged ones(apart from the bazooka, which is only unlocked once you've beat the fourth boss, meaning you can use it for the last five levels, and go back and beat earlier levels with it, but that's it). Crash's main attack is spinning, and he can also jump onto some enemies(a la Super Mario, a title I believe more or less any gamer knows), and a few more are added throughout the game, but apart from aforementioned gun, they're all close-range. In addition to what you can collect for bonuses, you can also complete the levels in a timed mode. Among the stuff to unlock are several bonus levels, and the game's status window tells you how much of the game you have successfully completed. The level design is fair, though I guess most levels are reasonably simple. Visually, they're quite a treat, though, with detailed and animated backgrounds and very high LOD(Level of Detail) on all foreground elements, as well. The boss enemies are cool to fight, and nicely diverse, there aren't really any two that can be claimed to be exactly the same, if they do get really difficult to beat pretty quickly(at least each defeated one grants you a new ability, most of which are attacks, and in games where such are so sparse, getting more is a very, very good thing). The camera dynamically follows Crash as he runs, spins and jumps his way through the levels, and this works really well. The graphics are great, no doubt about that. The game is basically a 3D platform action game, with a 3rd person camera, and as such, it's a pretty good game. The sound is nice and sufficiently varied. The music is marvelous... each unique setting(in time and on Earth) has its own unique score, and they're all rather nicely done. The enemies are imaginative and diverse. Few actually follow you or actively attack you, and a number of them aren't even intending to hurt you. The creativity and imagination is a rather admirable quality of this... every world you visit, every new time, every foe, intentional or otherwise, and last but not least every untimely demise of the title character, all are well-thought out and vivid. The whole feel of the game is cartoon-y, colorful, cute and it's all fairly easily accessible, and I would guess that the game is primarily aimed at kids... but that doesn't mean adults can't enjoy it, too. All in all, highly entertaining and addictive game, but a tad too frustratingly hard in the latter part. I recommend it to kids and gamers alike, especially if they're into the comedy and the style, and I would assume that fans of the franchise will find great enjoyment in playing through this, as well. Sense of humor advised. Patience and high tolerance for annoyance required. 7/10