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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two guys are sitting around a bar and complaining about how they can't get any girls and how easy it is for women. The one guy is doodling on a napkin and replies, "Wouldn't it be great if women would just be able to call us when ever they wanted sex?" He doodles a huge penis and the words "Dial a Dick" with his phone number/address.

    The guys leave and a woman finds it. So it begins.

    More sex than they can handle.

    Of course this leads to a variety of situations, two girls and one guy, two girls and two guys, two guys and one girl.

    This being the 80's, nothing too crazy. In fact, this was the first full length (no pun intended) adult movie I ever saw. It's cheesy factor is high and it is full of lots of vanilla sex.

    My favorite line was, "Oh, you're a girl (as the woman discovers the "guy" she is making out with is in fact a girl) Oh, well!" Cue up the girl on girl scene.