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  • This movie is only thirty minutes, but it amazingly has a lot of stuff in it. The plot is that Linnea and her elderly friend Mr. Bloom set off on a trip to Paris to look at Monet's preserved house and garden.

    The movie provides you with lots of images of Monet's paintings and teaches you a lot about them, like how impressionism works and why he painted like he did.

    The film sparkles with humor and warmth, and really lets you see the friendship between the two characters. I saw this movie in a French class, and it showed me how awesome Monet was. The best movie about Monet I have seen, and it is definitely recommended.

    1 Star for amazing character interaction

    1 Star for striking animation displaying lots of details

    1 Star for a very good look at paintings

    1 Star for a good and not forced display at humor and warmth

    1 Star for being historically accurate, even accurate for the present!

    5 out of 5 stars...A...Above and Beyond
  • Ive only seen it one time... When I was just a little child, but it was my first movie Ive seen on the big screen and I was really excited and I really liked it... I wanna see it over again but I just can´t find it anywhere.

    It´s really nostalgia thinking about this movie.

    If you can find it anywhere GO SEE IT!