• 75
    Lawrence Toppman Charlotte Observer
    John Hancock must be the best filmmaker working in LaPorte County, Ind.
  • 63
    New York Post
    It is hard to dislike such a wholesome, well-meaning movie, which has some very funny moments and a lovable cast.
  • 63
    Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News
    All the full-blown wackiness turns a rather sweet movie into one that's decidedly overripe.
  • 63
    Miami Herald
    In an era when cynicism so often passes for insight, a movie as decent, well-intentioned and good-hearted as A Piece of Eden can't easily be dismissed.
  • 63
    Boston Globe
    The kind of heartwarming, well-intentioned film many audiences claim they want to see at their local theaters.
  • 60
    Ken Fox TV Guide Magazine
    A modest but well-done film with a little something for everyone.
  • 60
    It's a film in which nothing is at stake, that's safe and sentimental to the core.
  • 50
    Lisa Alspector Chicago Reader
    Has the enthusiasm and naivete of a first feature.
  • 30
    Paul Malcolm L.A. Weekly
    Its tone is as disjointed as if this were a first effort.
  • 20
    Edward Crouse Village Voice
    Mushy and musty itself, A Piece of Eden takes an eternity...this time to cheat and shortcut its way to lesser Frank Capra moments without the gritty touch of, say, a Garry Marshall.