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  • First Motion Picture Unit (1943)

    *** (out of 4)

    Interesting WW2 documentary short teaches the viewer what went into making all of those shorts during the war, which were used to teach Americans what was going on in the war as well as train soldiers how to fight. There are countless documentaries out there showing us how movies were made in Hollywood but this is the first I've seen that really took a look at the WW2 shorts, which were being produced throughout the war. The entire function of getting a movie made is pretty much the same here but most of the workers were drafted, which is the major difference. There's no talk on John Ford, Frank Capra or other major directors who made these films at the time but instead we see some of the smaller people behind the editing, production design, art direction and stuff like this. There's nothing too ground breaking here but if you're interested in these films then this documentary should keep you entertained.