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  • Its title suggests another porn spoof of the INDIANA JONES genre, but instead we get a tired-blood repetition of the greedy offspring gathering for a reading of the will.

    Sacha Gabor (not looking like Burt Reynolds for a change) is the dead uncle, who has videotaped his last will & testament as a way of insulting and manipulating the next generation, who he clearly disapproves of. With a 48-hour time limit, they have to follow clues to find the Golden Bone, a 24 karat priceless jeweled effigy of his cock.

    The pretty executrix of his estate is the key to the mystery, and sets up a fairly predictable twist ending. The greedsters pair off and have mechanical sex, wasting an okay premise.

    Jack Remy not surprisingly took a pseudonym for directing & lensing this baby, which is not up to his usual standards. The cast, on paper at least, is extremely impressive, but such beauties as Careena Collins and Candie Evans have been much better elsewhere, notably teamed up together in BABY FACE 2.

    Needless to say, the male talent like Peter North, Tom Byron and Herschel Savage, who long since have stopped counting after having made over a 1000 films & video features each, contribute barely the minimum here.