Inspirations (1983)

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A doctor recalls his deviate hobby of secretly filming his patients.


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9 January 2015 | lor_
DIfficult to watch slapstick porn comedy
Clearly mis-titled by a mile, INSPIRATIONS is a tedious, unfunny and anti-erotic sex comedy that defies description. It is to the career of the late low-rent pornmeister Harry Novak what SKIDOO was to that of Otto Preminger.

Novak, immortalized by his non-stop b.s. on commentaries for Something Weird's reissue of a hundred or so of his soft-core epics, strays into XXX territory here with disastrous results. Mainstream cynics like to make fun of WATERWORLD, GIGLI or ISHTAR but I wonder what the booker for Pussycat Theaters or some other '80s adult chain had to say when he sat through this mess of a movie.

There's a plot of sorts involving 3 best friends (Lisa De Leeuw, Serena and Danielle) who get mixed up with a nut-case doctor and erstwhile guru/swami (Ron Jeremy making like Peter Sellers -he wishes! - in multiple roles) while juggling romantic entanglements with Mike Horner and Herschel Savage. But swamping the storyline are the tiresome antics of Jeremy and some untalented boob performing hoary old Laurel & Hardy style vaudeville skits while made up to look like a pair of Chaplin imitators. This unfunny "humor" makes the comedy of Novak's house directors Bethel Buckalew and Peter Perry seem sophisticated by comparison.

The stars are mainly embarrassing, though Nicole Noir is sexy as Savage's illicit bedmate. Maria Tortuga gets to don a strap-on and hump De Leeuw for your listening & dancing pleasure. Low point (or high point depending on your level of inversion) is Serena servicing two transsexual chicks with big dicks - Novak & crew are so sloppy that the she-males are credited at the end of the movie as "Transvestites" by mistake.

It's obvious that Novak (RIP) and his co-director Joe Sherman had zero respect for their audience - an unfortunate attitude for folks in the entertainment industry. That's what offends me the most, not the intentionally offensive content of their movies.

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Adult | Comedy


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29 October 1983



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