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  • aegm5 June 2000
    When a friend and I saw this in the recent releases, we decided to get it despite the fact that neither of us had heard of it before. We both like Costas Mandylor and it had James Coburn so we figured it couldn't be that bad. We were wrong. It was. It was REALLY that bad. No actor or actress could have made this film worth seeing. It was like taking Titanic, The Poseidon Adventure and some nuclear bomb film and trying to cut and paste it all together.

    I must admit that there were a couple of chuckles. I did laugh when the head cabin boy is asking Alan (Costas Mandylor) if he's some "pussy marine." The other laughs this film got though had nothing to do with the writing. I would dearly love to know how the people making this movie thought that you could have a cruise liner knocked upside down and have it remain steady. It isn't tipped or anything.

    If you are looking for something to watch for Costas Mandylor, James Coburn or any of the rest of this cast, move on. Find something good that they did.
  • Many people pick up a film and expect to watch good actors reading a good script. In this movie you will find neither. What you will find is an excellent B-Movie. It has all the good things about any B-movie, action, water, and it doesnt make much sense. If you are looking for some descent action without having to pay attention to the story then this film is perfect.
  • I watched this film on cable whilst on holiday, and immediately regretted spending a valuable 90 minutes of holiday time on it. The plot was a rehash of every disaster movie ever made

    1. Nuke lost & blown up 2. Passenger ship caught in the tidal wave 3. Secret passengers & spies on board 4. Rescue begins whilst being hampered by secret passengers & spies 5. Etc. etc.

    Terrible acting, thin plots, truly dreadful special effect. My recommendation would be to spend that 90 mins catching up with old friends, mowing the lawn, washing the car, cleaning the fluff from your belly button - anything except watching this film.
  • I am surprised that no one has yet to comment on the scenes early on that were taken directly from the TV show: "The Love Boat". People walking up the gangway, people waving good bye etc. There is one scene where you can actually read "Pacific Princess" on the ship while the voice over (supposedly a radio reporter) is calling it the "Intrepid". This quite possibly was the worst movie I have ever seen. If I was not locked in a foreign hotel room on a stormy day with exactly one English Channel, I would have baled. I almost opted to watch soccer in German rather than this. There was not enough alcohol in the mini-bar to take away the pain.
  • orgwan838 February 2005
    no one can deny that Coastas Mandylor is one of a kind. he is such an adorable, amazing and talented actor. I don't know how some people think that this movie was an Awful movie. I saw this movie over 5 times and I'm ready to see a hundred times. even my little sister thinks that it is a good and interesting movie. so if you really want a movie that is suitable for the whole family then you may watch Intrepid. it is also worth mentioning that his movie" just dessert"was given the award for best family movie of the year, that alone is something that not many people in the acting world get !!!!!!! I also think that costas has his own way of expressing the themes of his movies, not just with his good looks but with his acting talents as well.... Hollywood must be blind if it cant see that this Australian is worth a milllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiion dollars!!
  • maja_logar28 August 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    In my opinion, this movie is not good. I hardly find a good thing to say about it, but still I would like to explain, before I conclude it is just another bad movie.

    I decided to watch it because Costas Mandylor is starring in it, and that was the main reason I watched it till the end. I like action movies, and I understand that such movies are built on the action rather than the story. I know they don't go into details when it comes to the credibility of the story and the events, but even that does not explain why some scenes, just because they lack the sense of reality, look ridiculous.

    At the beginning, the movie looks quite promising: a tough, good looking specialist and his not so tough but smart and funny partner must do a job, which turns out a bit different than they expected. The story takes place on a cruise ship. A disaster happens, the ship is turned over, and only a few are left alive. During their struggle to survive they have to escape a shark, a professional killer and the rising water.

    Furthermore, the movie is quite violent. The main weapon (beside the disaster which already took out most of the passengers) is the gun, which is successfully used in many cases. I personally missed a good man to man (or woman to woman if you prefer) fight. Family fun? I don't think so.

    All in all, I think this movie was shot in a hurry, without a real vision what it is trying to say. Made of the usual action movie tricks, with a bit of something called love, and without a real meaning, it just results in a bad movie.
  • This picture is awful, unless you like watching stock footage. Aside from the occasional clever bits of writing, this horrible waste of celluloid and magnetic tape must be some sort of joke, or the work of an Ed Wood protege. If you're at the video store on a weekend and all the good new movies are gone, don't pick this film up. Go home and play Parchesi, go clean your chimney, go tag your own neighborhood, go do anything else but rent this picture.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    INTREPID is a cheap B-movie rip-off thriller that copies THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE in the setting of an overturned cruise ship. The twists here involve nuclear weapons and a crack squad of terrorists who prowl the lone survivors, picking them off one by one. The most obvious thing when watching is just how cheap and reckless this film is. Little effort has gone into the story and the scripting is pure cheese throughout. Cast-wise, you get Costas Mandylor as the square-jawed hero and old-timer James Coburn as the tired captain. Alex Hyde-White shows up too. The action is virtually non-existent and the various plot twists make you laugh more than anything else.
  • As soon as you read the synopsis, you immediately think of all disaster movies that have gone before. Titanic, Poseidon, even the Day after tomorrow. A ship capsizes yet all the lights stay on, everyone still manages to walk upright and you will hear the worst English accent ever! I also cannot believe that in all this mayhem a couple of passing sharks manage to actually get into the upturned vessel as well and then get a tasty meal from some bad guy possibly the best actors in the whole film. Don't waste your electricity and go and clean out your vacuum cleaner instead, much more entertaining.
  • I agree with the other handful of unfortunates who grimly sat through to the end of the movie. The only person missing from the cast of a movie like this is Michael Dudikoff; although had he been listed in the credits then I would have KNOWN not to rent this movie.

    It's a shame. Looking at the cast suggested that they could have done better. But I'm not prepared to waste mental energy asking why.