Dean: Tell me, what's the trouble, precious little God-niece?

Nancy: Well, I... I just sang a very very sad song and I'm depressed.

Dean: Well, I sing a lot of sad songs, I never get depressed. Other people get depressed, but not me.

Nancy: [having just tried out Dean Martin's magic wand] Wow! Gee, I have to get daddy one of these.

Dean: Honey, your daddy thinks he is a magic wand.

Nancy: I still feel depressed.

Dean: Say, why don't I sing you a sad song. That ought to cheer you up.

Dean: Well, hi there, and who's little girl are you?

Nancy: You wouldn't believe it.

Dean: Yes I would, I'm your Fairy Goduncle.

Nancy: Fairy Goduncle?

Dean: [looks at the camera] See, she didn't believe me either.