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  • They do not do that kind of farce anymore.The star is Georgius ,who is also the screenwriter ,Fernandel is only supporting although his part is important .

    How to depict that?It could be Adam's warning ("do not eat that fruit or else you would lose everything!do I say !") Lucien Lepur is engaged to Micheline but there's a problem:he is sex shy ;although he is twenty-seven ,he is still a Virgin lad;His best friend Casimir (Fernandel)tells him that he can get help from "Madame Cléopâtre" ,a prostitute who is "like a volcano" but he takes the wrong door :there he meets an eminent scientist and his ugly female assistant who's got a bit of a mustache ;the professor has invented a machine who can turn the first to come into a superman (most likely a financier superman) ,provided he remains chaste.Lucien Lepur (check the name =Lucian Pureman) .

    The machine seems prehistoric ,compared to today's special effects ;the far-fetched plot includes a love elixir -much more effective than today's Viagra-,a free-for-all in a cabaret called "La Vache En Folie =the cow gone mad" ,even a scene of love between the horrible assistant and her boss ! They do not do that kind of farce anymore;in 1932,it's not sure that the Catholic office of cinema would have allowed its audience to see it.Not at all.