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  • I once hated this show but I decided to give it a chance. I love it because of how much deep thought Danny Antonucci and his cohorts had to put into this. This is a satirical commentary on the lives of kids who are between the ages of 10 and 13. At least one area in every big city has to have kids like this. Every kid in America has at one point has tried to scam money out of someone. Every kid in America has at one point been a bully to the weak or been bullied themselves by the weak. Every kid in America has shown hypocritical to their personality.

    The show's basic premise has the three main characters (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) interacting with nine major supporting characters but it doesn't stop there. One of the most revealing aspects of "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" is the interactions between the supporting cast themselves. I remember one episode where the Kanker sisters kidnapped Kevin and tied him to a large wheel. The girls seemed to like Kevin as well as the Ed Boys. Ed released Kevin but the latter decided to be a complete dick and not say give out gratitude to his rescuer. Another episode showed Jonny 2x4 getting pushed down a hill in a tire by Sarah and Kevin. This to me shows that early adolesence is a trying time for all those who are going through it.

    Another major aspect of "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" I like are the distinct characters. Every character on that show is well-written so they can have depth and personality. The situations they all get involved may be seriously far-fetched but I think it brings out the best parts of each personality. Each character that was created to portray some sort of typical adolescent personality (eg Eddy is the brainy wimp and Ed is the stupid brawn). Each character has its' own flaws and they are displayed perfectly in each episode they appear.

    Possibly the best aspect of "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" in the gritty-like pencil and watercolor animation. It gives you the point of view of actual art that an early adolescent that might create in relation to his life and friends. At that age, artistry of that caliber is well-done and genius. The animation gives you the feel that you are actually in the mind of an early adolescent as they create such a visual landscape.

    Overall, I think this a very original premise. It is a satirical look at the lives of twelve distinct characters who are in the stage of early adolescence. Each character's personality and depth are well-written and perfectly thought out. The animation is exceptional because it portrays the idea of superior early adolescent pencil and watercolor artistry. This shows ranks high on my list with "Beavis and Butthead", "Courage the Cowardly Dog", and "The Simpsons" for best animated shows of all time.

    Grade: A++, the best show on Cartoon Network
  • Question: Why does everyone hate this show? Answer: I don't know. This has got to be one of the greatest shows known to man. The animation is far more unique than any other style of animation I've ever seen. And you've just got to love these characters!

    Ed-An idiotic but lovable lummox who's absolutely crazy for those ridiculous B-movies, buttered toast, and stuff we rarely give a hunch for. His head is so empty you could fit Veterans Stadium in there but yet he's what makes this show so funny!

    Edd-Also known as Double D, this genius knows just about everything as we all know. As a favorite of mine, I enjoy his liking for being clean, labeling everything, and being kind of course. Loved the way he played that Pedal Steel Guitar!

    Eddy-The master scammer, as we know him, is always trying to scam the cul-d-sac kids.(or pigeons as he refers to them) He may not be the most popular of this fab trio but he's funny and hey, I like him!

    So go watch it already! This is WAY better than the Powerpuff Girls anyhow! Thanks Danny Antonuci! You rule!
  • Ed Edd n Eddy is one of Cartoon Network's most popular cartoons, despite all of the critics out there who may not think too highly of it. I find a very entertaining cartoon that, like many other cartoons, illustrates what it's like not being "cool" or "popular." Ed is always happy, and tries to help (although he makes mistakes a lot.) Edd is very smart and is also aware of the consequences of their actions ahead of time (unlike Ed and Eddy.) Eddy is the one who tries to do what's popular, yet it always backfires on him. As if that wasn't enough, there are many other colorful characters as well. There's Sara, the annoying sister of Ed, Jimmy, the crybaby kid who's always afraid, Johnny, the loner who's best friend is a piece of wood, Kevin, who's motto is probably "it's my way or the highway," Rolf, the foreign boy who finds many of the Ed's actions unusual, Nazz, the pretty one who's Kevin's girlfriend, and the Kankar Sisters, the annoying girls who are in love with the Eds. It's a very funny show, because of the colorful characters, inspired settings and problems, and because of the things in the show that make absolutely no sense. For example, when Ed is spinning around a telephone post, it makes a busy signal sound. Another example is how it makes the noise of a car driving by when Ed is slipping through some lard (I think it was lard, I haven't seen that episode until a while.) Overall, I recommend everyone give this show a try. You may not like it right away, just give it some time.
  • My favorite part of Ed, Edd, and Eddy is that no matter how old you are or where you grew up, the characters of this hilarious show remind us all of those we grew up with. Look at it this way:

    ED- the dim-witted, but good-natured kid who was always lacking in the brains department

    EDD- that brainy kid who always got straight A's and was a complete nerd

    EDDY- a greedy short kid who takes everything way too personal and knows that he's destined to be rich and famous someday

    KEVIN- the basic "jock" stereotype who picked on the non-athletic kids

    JIMMY- a weakling who felt terrified to play with older kids and everyone thought was a bit on the "feminine side"

    SARAH- the super-evil bully who scared off practically everyone she met

    ROLF- the foreign kid who puzzled everyone with their strange and bizarre customs

    NAZZ- that pretty girl who always got boys' attentions and all the other girls wanted to be like

    JOHNNY- the unusually strange kid who no one could ever really understand

    THE KANKER SISTERS- those girls who thought the best way to get someone's attention was to be as ruthless as possible

    No matter where you grew up, we can all identify with kids like this. Perhaps not as extreme as these characters, but it's hilarious to think of the kids we went to school with and now see them on TV.
  • Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy has made me laugh time and time again. There is also something appealing about the universe which the characters inhabit with no adult supervision, at least not visible to the audience. If I was a parent to these kids I would send them to a nut house (that goes for all the characters.

    Here's a rough sketch of each: 1) Ed, the dimwit who is totally controlled by his impulses. 2) Edd (Double D): The geek who would like to be a saint but can't help but be influenced by Ed and Eddy because it might give him some laughs and the ultimate prize - the jawbreaker. 3) Eddy: Totally controlled by his greed and ego but also has inferiority complexes regarding his height and communicating with girls (Nazz). 4) Kevin: The jock who thinks everybody are more lame than himself including his best friend Rolf. He hates Eddy the most but still he can't live without him because where would he go to boost his own ego. He also has a major crush on Nazz. 5) Sarah: Has a nasty temper but also a childish need to be the center of attention not unlike Eddy. 6) Jimmy: A girl in boy drag who also schemes to get revenge on Eddy who has scammed him time and time again. 7) Jonny 2*4: Friendly on the outside but when someone tries to take advantage of his pal Plank (with who he has some kind of ESP like connection) he turns into a homicidal maniac. 8) Rolf: A burly guy from an undisclosed foreign country who is also friendly on the outside but when he gets mad - watch out because he has superhuman strength. 9) Nazz: The airhead pretty girl but also the one who tolerate the Eds and even joins Eddy in his scams a few times. 10) And last but not least the Kanker sisters: Totally insane girls who behave like hicks who visit the big city and are hungry for love but haven't a clue on how to attract the opposite sex.

    The first two seasons were moderately entertaining but the characters weren't really fleshed out yet. Nazz, for example hardly seemed to exist at all. Later, they started to develop. In later seasons which are my favorites Eddy becomes more shrill and Double D more whining. Ed actually had more to do in the first two seasons because his obsession with old horror movies was more a basis for his character. Gradually, he just becomes an oath although a lovable oath. The Ed universe becomes more of a staple where the locations gets wider - we actually see the candy store and the nearby lake in later episodes. Still no adults if you don't count Ed's nightmare where his mother turns out to be Jonny.

    I also love the way the creators tampers with cartoon conventions. In one such instance Eddy actually says to Double D: We don't wanna hurt those badly drawn fingers and Ed references earlier episodes in the time capsule episode. So all I really have to say what a magnificent thought out premise. I hear that new shows are in development where we finally see the Eds in school. That I'm looking forward to because I think Eddy would collapse in that situation.
  • I have been watching "The Eds" since they first came to Cartoon Network. After recently reading a review of this show, I decided to make a comment. Many people complain about the animation quality of the show. However, I would like to point out that this is a CARTOON. This isn't real life, nor does it claim to portray real life. Therefore, it may be forgiven that the art isn't up to the quality of classic cartoons (Loony Tunes, Tom and Jerry, etc.). In truth, I really appreciate the animation of this show. It adds to the energy that the show has. A constant liveliness runs in every episode, just as kids are in real life.

    The characters seem so familiar to me (after all, I'm 19, and childhood wasn't too long ago). Each one is exaggerated, but they each seem more realistic the more that they are pushed to extremes. The girly guy (Jimmy), the tomboy girl (Sarah) - reminiscent of some of my friends. The hot girl everyone wants (Naz), the jerk who of course has the best "chance" with her (Kevin) - who hasn't known those two? The guy who lives outside of reality (Johnny), and the guy who works too hard (Rolf) - yep, been there too. Of course, those are gross simplifications, as there is quite a bit to everyone in the show.

    Creativity - the show is full of it. The show's premise - three guys whose life lives around making money - is surprisingly fresh. Generally, characters in a kids' show deal just with growing up (As Told By Ginger and Hey Arnold come to mind). Those shows tend to bog down sometimes. I personally found Hey Arnold to be too serious for me. The Eds, though? Comedy in its truest form. It never bogs down, becomes sentimental, depressing, or anything of the sort. Instead, it gives us constant humour and action. The characters live in a constant summer, so to speak. It is never schooltime, it is never winter. There are no parents, no responsibilities. Only desire. Perhaps even, if one was to truly be devoted to the show, one could argue that The Eds could be a study on the psychological aspects of each character type. But I'm not going to go that far.

    Stock episodes tend to be the worst ones for shows. By stock episodes, I mean Christmas, Halloween, etc. The standard episodes that every show does to show its diversity and have something to be played at a certain time of year. There have been few to do these well (Rugrats, sorry but your Passover special is much better than your Christmas). The Eds treat it differently - they all get the Christmas spirit in July. How wonderful is that? As I said, perpetual summer. Halloween is done in a unique way - it's not really Halloween. Instead they do a sort of "scary" mystery episode. Very nice, with a great ending.

    But what about the lack of parents or any other adults? Adults would detract from the cartoon. While adults worked for a show like Rugrats, bringing adult humour to an otherwise children's cartoon, the humour in the Eds is already mature enough to be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. Ed's slapstick humour is purely in fun, reminding one of Harpo Marx, though slightly exaggerated and dumbed down, of course. But his slapstick is so oustandingly unrealistic that adults can appreciate it. Edd provides the verbal wit that allows for humour that can be a bit more mature. And let's face it, the older you get, the more you appreciate verbal humour over "kick in the groin" style of humour. So why would you need adults in this show? It would only detract from that fantasy "perpetual summer" that I mentioned earlier.

    Before judging the show to be a piece of rubbish passed off as a show (as I have heard all-too often from people who've just seen the drawing), you should try watching a few episodes. Don't Rain On My Ed is my favorite, showing off the classic Murphy's Law and how everyone reacts to it. Another is their delving into the cartoon world, One + One = Ed. It even ends with a slightly religious connotation (which makes that ending so much better if you think of it like that). If you watch these two episodes and find yourself disliking it still, then don't watch it. However, you should find the humour quite appealing.
  • This is no doubt my favorite show ever. Ever since I was a child, I always loved a good episode of this show. I watched this all day on some days. I'm always in the mood to watch this show, and it can always put me in a good mood, and make me happy no matter what.

    Three friends with similar names spend all day in their suburban cul-de- sac scamming kids for money to buy jawbreakers. But other than that, they always get mixed up in crazy "ed ventures". All the characters of the show are well known for their personalities, and each character is important in specific episodes, where they concentrate on issues with one of the neighbor kids. The countdown of characters is long, but they all have a big part of this show.

    Ed - The main, and best character of the show, Ed is low educated, goofy, and always willing to go with any scam of Eddies. He's into comic books, horror films, and all kinds of teenage mind likes. He's also considered sickening in the show, with the grossest room in the history of mankind, not to mention he barley showers, and when he does, its in gravy. His favorite foods include butter toast, as well as gravy.

    Edd a.k.a. Double Dee - The brains of the Eds, as well as the most organized, as he is a huge health freak who likes to study, read, conduct experiments, and all kinds of brainy things. Don't get me wrong, he's still hilarious and funny, and has his moments of surprises. Is without a doubt the second best character.

    Eddy - The leader of the Eds, at least thats what he considers himself. Eddy likes to think that he comes up with all of the scams. He treats everybody like he knows everything, when in fact he barley knows anything. Likes to brag about his brother, as well as his knowledge for things, which is what gets the eds into trouble most of the time. Not too funny, but still likable.

    Sarah - Ed's little annoying sister that is easily angered and easily annoyed. Although little, has the strength of a thousand men, and uses it whenever necessary. Shes nice and cute on the outside, but inside, she is one sick person. She just loves to spoil the Ed's fun. She is one of the worst characters of the show.

    Jimmy - Jimmy, although a boy, likes to play with dolls, spend time with girls, and just loves girl stuff. Sometimes I ask myself if he got a sex operation. His best friend is Sarah, which is good for someone with his puniness. Although he's weak, with Sarah with him, everybody that bothers him will be punished. Has his funny moments, but is rather annoying, but still fun for the ride.

    Kevin - The worst person of the show, Kevin is nothing but a fun spoiling, face breaking jerk that loves nothing more than to ruin the day of the Eds. He gets his most of the time, but its just sick to watch him get away with stuff. He's the jock of the kids, so he's the official butthole of the whole show.

    Johnny 2x4 - Johnny is the outcast that everybody finds unusually weird. His hobbies include talking to his best friend Plank, who is a hunk of wood. Although spends most of his time alone, Johnny always seems to be around the kids whenever they take in on a thing for the Eds. He is funny, though, so he still means well.

    Plank - Although just a hunk of wood with a smiley face to people, to Johnny, he's an actual person with a personality, a brain, and feelings. You can call Johnny a weirdo, but there are constant moments in the show that include signs of Plank being real. So he's just pretty much there for the ride.

    Nazz - Nazz is one of few woman of the cul-de-sac. She's considered the hottie of the cul-de-sac that everybody wants to be with, and gets all sweaty and nervous when she's around. Although not much of a personality, or anything entertaining, she isn't annoying, which makes her acceptable.

    Rolf - Rolf is considered the oldest of the cul-de-sac. He's from a foreign country, so whenever someone comes to him, for whatever reasons, it will always result in a story from his old country times. Even though I never knew which country he was from, I guess something like Switzerland. But either way, he's the funniest character of the show besides the eds.

    The Kanker Sisters (Lee, Marie, May) - The Kanker sisters are three girls who just love the eds, not just to bother them, but to jump them and make them do chores, as well as kiss them. They live on the outskirts of the cul-de-sac, the trailer park, where they spend their time together. Nobody likes them.

    All these characters make the show funny, humorous, clever, and irresistible, which is why this surpasses any show on the face of the planet!!!!
  • I'm really not a huge cartoon fan, I really didn't even want to watch Ed,Edd,and Eddy. But, one day my younger brother sat me down and told me to watch it. I was so surprised that the show had made me laugh out loud so many times. Honestly though, there is only one character that keeps me watching it whenever I see it on, Ed. Come on people, I don't know anyone who hasn't sat down and not laughed at Ed. He's stupid and he usually speaks in some sort of jumbled up riddle. Just today I walked in on an episode where he said "What can you do if you live in a shoe and you ain't got no soul." As I have listed above. The other characters are great, the plot lines are usually a little weak, but I don't expect much more from a cartoon. Don't be so skeptical of it because its a cartoon, or maybe you think your too old. Just watch it, you'll see.
  • "Ed, Edd n Eddy" is the greatest show of all time. I pretend it is a sitcom like "Father Knows Best"(1954-1963). I watched the very first episode on January 4th, 1999(actually, I fell asleep and I watched an encore of the "pilot" on January 8th, 1999. Last year, I read that the creator of the show(Danny Antounucci) announced that they were no longer producing anymore episodes, I felt terrible, I give "The Ed, Edd n Eddy" show **** out of ****.
  • wwe796113 August 2010
    Some of my best young childhood memories were of me sitting in front of the TV on a summer day watching "Cartoon Network". There was so many good shows on the channel, but the best was "Ed, Edd, n Eddy" This show contains some of the best characters ever on a TV show. The characters are easy to relate to, and probably remind you of friends of your own. That is what makes the show so good. You relate to the characters so much you feel like your watching your own childhood. I love all the characters, but my favorite is Eddy. He reminds me a lot of myself. All the episodes are great, but the best for me has to be the last episode "Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Big Picture Show". It is everything I could ask for as a big fan. The comedy is hilarious, the characters are still very good, it visits different moments from the series, it brings back good memories, and it is surprisingly deep. Eddy has to except that without Double D or Ed he would be nothing. While he figures this out he breaks out in crying which I never expected. This may be the end for the Eds, but they went out with a big bang. Now that the Eds are gone Cartoon Network has officially became a hollow shell of it's former self. All the classic cartoon's I grew up with watching Cartoon Network are gone, and have been replaced by shows that will just be canceled after one season. At least I still have the memories. Goodbye Cartoon Network. (sob)
  • I'll admit it, I'm an adult who enjoys watching cartoons and there is nothing more rewarding than tuning into "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy!" The writing is amazing, the animation is superb and the voice acting is both ingenious and downright hilarious. Danny Antonucci is a sheer genius that deserves to be up in the league with Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. If they made an "Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy" movie, that would be even better.

    The characters in the show are wonderfully drawn and described in the show, all with unique quirks and deeply-thought out dialog. If you're going to watch a cartoon, watch this one. Cartoon Network is going downhill and eventually the Ed's will be canceled, but the memories will never die.
  • "Ed Edd and Eddy" is the best cartoon that Cartoon Network ever had. It is also one of my favorite TV shows. I even have a DVD and 2 VHS tapes that I taped of it that Ilove because no matter what, this show is always zany, bizarre, silly very funny and just plain awesome all at the same time. Some people might not like it, but so what? The animation is cool, the music is nice and this is absolutely fun to watch any time! Of course, the Eds are my favorite characters because they're like the "village idiots," so to speak. Ed just screams nonsense and is the dullest, Edd {double-d} is the brainy one who wears a hat and nobody knows what's under it, and Eddy just always thinks of clever scams for money so they can somehow get jawbreakers later on.

    I love this show!

    10/10 stars.
  • Even if it did lose its way later on, this show is hilarious and very endearing.

    The visual style is quite unique, it isn't the most beautiful-looking of all cartoons but the characters move well and the backgrounds are nice to look at.

    The music is pretty irresistible, the theme tune especially will have you whistling for a while afterwards.

    The stories are admittedly daft and off-the-wall but they are fun as well, and the dialogue verges on the hysterical side of things.

    The characters are likable. Ed is an idiotic goof ball but we love him for it, and I love Edd for the fact he is smart and intelligent and Eddy because while he is small his mouth more than makes up for it.

    Sarah is every brother's worst nightmare, bratty, selfish and ungrateful, while Jimmy has his annoying moments but he is cute. Johnny and his plank are nice additions and the Kanker sisters while flirtatious are positively revolting.

    Overall, despite meandering over recent years, it is a hilarious show that is easy to like. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • mechg299431 July 2008
    Ed Edd n Eddy has got to be one of my favorite and the most funniest cartoon ever. It was one of the originals or Cartoon Cartoons. I loved every episode and just couldn't get enough of it. It made you laugh til you fell off a chair or something. I used to laugh hard on this show and little did I know that I would be obsessed with it. I also liked watching the marathons also like Ed-dependence Day back in July 2001 or The best day Edder. I really liked it a lot. Today I wish Cartoon Network would re-air the old and new episodes again. I got Season 2 and 3 on my computer and it still makes me laugh.

    I feel sorry for kids these days who haven't watched this state-of-the-art funniest show on television.

    10/10 and still laughing...
  • I love this show so much. Ed is my favorite. How can you not love him? I found it surprising though that it seemed like no girls rated this show, or at least that was what it said. That is why I'm writing this comment. I love Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy. I always have. I kept thinking it got cancelled when it didn't, it was just on hiatus. They won't let me post this fewer than ten lines, so I'll just repeat what I said. I love this show, Ed's my favorite, blah, blah, blah, and blah. Seven lines so far. My favorite episode is the one where they were going to bury a time capsule and were looking back on stuff they did earlier in the show. That was pretty cool.
  • cjfman11 November 2007
    There are enough hidden messages, sub-plots, and themes in this show that it should be eligible for discussion by scholarly thinkers. Although, that would ruin the show the same way English class ruins great books.

    This show, like many cartoons, is not just only for kids but also for adults (if they bother to look past the surface). Many of the things in this show that are usually overlooked all mean something that is much more intelligent than just the basic plot of the show. For example, the title of every show is a popular saying with one of the words replaced with the word "ED". The endless number of media references could not possibly be comprehended by little children.

    Another thing that interests me about this show is that the laws of physics are constantly broken with no explanation (not even a science fiction one). I always thought that was interesting.
  • I remember when I used to watch Ed, Edd n Eddy cartoons, I recorded all of them on blank tapes, so that I could see them over and over and over again. I don't ever want this show to expire, because it seems to be everyone's favorite reality show on TV! I like Ed. I have reviews saying that he's funny, he's tough, and lacks the process of being smart. Edd is cool, too. I like it when they call him Double D. I've heard from my friends that he's funny, he's cute, and that he's a real whiz when it comes to knowledge and common sense. And let's not forget Eddy. The most funniest, dim-bulbed, selfish, 3-haired stud who's the leader of the Eds and the one that always comes up with the scams! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I GIVE IT A PERFECT 10 out of 10 stars!!!
  • I can only say one thing, this show is the funniest and craziest show I ever seen on cartoon network. It's about three friends called Ed (The big and stupid oaf), Edd called double D(The smart geek)and of course the leader of the Eds, Eddy (The egoistic and greedy guy).They always trying to scam the other kids in the neighborhood from their money to buy giant jawbreakers. But their plans is always crazy and unusual and rarely works. My favorite of the Eds is Ed. He's stupid, he likes buttered toast, chickens and is just plain sick. He always makes me laugh my head off. My second favorite is Eddy- he is sick on his own way. Edd is funny too but not as much as Ed or Eddy. The music in this show is very good, so are the animation and the drawings. The characters is very amusing- everyone has their own personality- ex. Kevin the bully, Johnny the strange kid etc. The plot in every episode is very eccentric and that's why I like this show. I can never understand how the creators came up with all this. This show rules !!! I give it 10 of 10.
  • What can I say about a TV series that I love so much: Great!

    When it first came out, it stood out for its new look,it's one of the first to bring the modern style animation that's been around for a few years.

    With a simple premise, 3 completely different boys, but best friends have some crazy adventures in a suburban landscape. Rather than story telling, it relies on humor, which doesn't mean the plot is weak(for it's purpose that is). You can watch episodes over and over again, it's great fun!

    Strongly recommended, I think they still air it on CN.
  • astrobetasara29 July 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just love the show Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Has funny characters and stuff happens. It is shown on Cartoon Network. Check you local listing for the time in your time zone. Ed is the one that likes monster movies, sci-fi, and anything gross. Edd seems to be really smart and does well in school. Is well behaved. Eddy- Loves to scam people, loves cash, misbehaves, and gets bad grades. Sarah- Ed's sister. She is really strict with Ed, is Jimmy's friend, and trys to act sweet around people. Jimmy- Sarah's friend. Same as Sarah. His father makes him play and practice hockey. Jonny- Is weird, and he plays with Plank, his wooden buddy. He also seems to forget people now matter what. Plank- Is Jonny's buddy. According to Jonny, he sees things. Nazz- Is the girl every boy (except Rolf and Jimmy) has a crash on. She is nice. Rolf- Loves animals. Is proud of this culture. Says weird stuff. Kevin- Likes Nazz, and his bike. He bullies the Eds. The Kanker sisters- May, Lee, and Marie. They will do anything to marry the Eds. They like the Eds.
  • Though young people might enjoy this show, it can only be fully appreciated by older adults. EEnE takes us back to the carefree days of our pre-teen years. No matter which decade in which you were 12, this timeless show will resonate with you. The Eds and their friends are on perpetual summer vacation, back in the days before the internet and cable TV. They while away the aimless days creating misadventures and pre-teen power struggles. Jawbreakers really were the ultimate delicacy to strive for. Each episode recalls some aspect of those old summer vacations we had forgotten about until now. This surreal view of pre-pubescence hits home in a timeless, powerful way.
  • How dumb can a show get!? Well apparently this dumb!
  • I came across this marvel one night when my weekly tennis match with my lawyer was cancelled due to a juicy ambulance he had found, and my beautiful horse, Bucephalus, had an infractured knee from the last racetrack incident (one more mistake and it's off to the glue factory for Bucephalus!).

    Because I was kept in my cottage, in the lovely town of Derbyfoot-by-Beeblefordchestershire with nothing to do, I perused the television channels to see what is on. Television, normally a medium for your average simpleton, had gleefully surprised my misconcepted mind when I chanced upon this marvelous splendor of animated art!

    "Ed, Edd, N Eddy" is, simply put, a masterpiece. The animators take great care in their carefully-drawn splashes of color and light while our lovable characters shove squirrels down their pants, cornhole wooden planks (with FACES drawn on one of them -- a subtle hint to the influences of Tom Hanks's most Oscar-worthy 'Cast Away'), and throw skillfully-drawn boogers at foreign kids.

    Ah, yes, the booger-flinging! Given much attention to its predecessor, the realistically-anatomical frog in Warner Bros.'s classic "One Froggy Evening (1955)", this is an example of how much care the creators of "Ed, Edd, n Eddy" give to their own animation: The boogers fly across your television screen with realistic, unadulterated booger physics! With pastels of green, green-yellow, and green-brown, no less -- and here is the icing on the cake: The animators even spend overtime drawing in the loose nostril hairs!

    Physics, the very profession I make a living out of, has been eternally blessed by the sinal sludge-flakes of the immortalized characters on this show. My life is now complete, and I will forever be enthralled by the new spirituality I have found with this television show.

    Thank you, "Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy"!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed this show, my friend Daniel wants me to stop watching it. He's now caught watching it, thanks to Danny, here is the Cast.

    ED- A freindly no-brainer who likes alien movies and TV. I like his ways of living, he likes buttered toast (with gravy).

    EDD(or Double D)- A genius who makes the scams Eddy tells him to make, and he will. He wears a hat everywhere. Maybe we will find out at the last episode with the future center. Could it be his brain or baldness, one intelligent baldy.

    EDDY- A strict friend who make scams up. He is the leader of all eds.

  • Ed, Edd, n Eddy does a lot with a little. Despite it's small cast and limited locations until the final season, EEnE never feels repetitive. The series is constantly funny. Unlike a lot of all ages comedy, EEnE remembers that it's a comedy first and foremost, and it does not allow itself to become bogged down moral lessons, storylines, or edutainment. It's also a visual treat. It is one of the last western animated series to be animated on cels. The crew show a great understanding of animation fundamentals. It's a great show.
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