Kaori Fujimura: You wanted to know why I don't want the department store to fold, right?

Shuichiro Harashima: Yeah, I did.

Kaori Fujimura: Well... Because then I wouldn't be able to eat the chocolate parfait that is served in the main restaurant.

Shuichiro Harashima: Nothing worthwhile develops from friendship, trust...

[looking at Kaori]

Shuichiro Harashima: and love.

Kaori Fujimura: [after Customer's girlfriend has gone] Are you just going to sit there idly eating your ramen?

Male Customer: I'm sorry?

Kaori Fujimura: Go after her, you two-timer! You're the worst kind of man there is. Can't you think of her feelings for once?

Male Customer: [laughing] Sorry?

Kaori Fujimura: Hurry after her now...

[customer laughs. Kaori slams her hand on the table]

Kaori Fujimura: [shouts] I said go!

Male Customer: [falling off chair in shock] All right! All right!

Kaori Fujimura: [to Harashima] You're *not* all right!

Kaori Fujimura: When you're ill, you act like an ordinary person. If it hurts you should cry out in pain. You'll feel better... so don't hold it back on my account. Be honest and admit you're in pain.

Shuichiro Harashima: You're amazing.

Kaori Fujimura: It's not natural for you to keep coming to see me to state that you don't mind if I see Shuichiro. I don't understand you. I wouldn't be able to bare it. Is this how it'll be? Everywhere I turn there you'll be, ready to remind me you're there? To remind yourself I'm there? Why don't you just say what you want to say?

Mayako Mizukoshi: Don't see him any more. Stay away from him!


Mayako Mizukoshi: Happy now?

Kaori Fujimura: I love you, Shuichiro Harashima.

[after finding out who Shuichiro is]

Shuichiro Harashima: I'm sorry, Kaori.

Kaori Fujimura: No, I... I'm sorry, sir -sorry- Shuichiro Harashima... For not realising who you are. God, what an idiot! What a fool I've made of myself... Believing that you were nice...

Shuichiro Harashima: I admit it, I am Shuichiro Harashima. I am you enemy, but I ...

Kaori Fujimura: ENOUGH! Please, no more lies, please! Don't spoil happy memories!

[Kaori starts to walk away. Harashima calls after her]

Shuichiro Harashima: I had fun with you... That's *not* a lie!

[about Harashima]

Mayako Mizukoshi: He never shares anything with me. What does he laugh like? I've never even heard him laugh.

Konosuke Shimodaira: Don't worry about that! He's just acting cool in front of his beloved!

Mayako Mizukoshi: Beloved? He's in love with Kaori, not me.

Konosuke Shimodaira: You're blunt.

Mayako Mizukoshi: I'm honest.

[after factory inspection]

Misao Fujimura: [to Konosuke] You're such an idiot!

Sensei: A hopeless idiot!

Konosuke Shimodaira: Eh? Ha! You're just jealous 'cos they gave me the special treatment.

Misao Fujimura: They have a motive: to close down the factory!

Konosuke Shimodaira: Eh? Didn't seem that way to me, they seemed to be nice! Anyway, even if it's true we have our rights as laborers.

Sensei: If, as a matter of, when they find a fault, they'll close us down!

Misao Fujimura: He's right, they're taking advantage of our faults.

Norihiko Nakahata: And Konosuke is fault itself.

Konosuke Shimodaira: What? So, so you mean *that* was the reason they gave me the special treatment back there?

Misao Fujimura: Finally got it, eh?

[Konosuke laughs hysterically]

Konosuke Shimodaira: [Seriously] How dare he...

Konosuke Shimodaira: God played a cruel trick, and I think he enjoyed it!

Shuichiro Harashima: What would you do if you knew you were going to die?

Satou: You don't have much time left. Don't leave any regrets!

Shuichiro Harashima: That's what I'm doing...

Satou: Harashima!

Shuichiro Harashima: Be nice, I don't have much time left.

Dept. Store President: I know numbers are slipping, but everyone here is trying their hardest...

Shuichiro Harashima: Really?

[Notices two shop girls and 2nd director talking]

Shuichiro Harashima: Doesn't seem that way to me.

[after Konosuke has hit Harashima over Kaori]

Kaori Fujimura: Stop it! Leave him alone! It's my fault, it's all my fault!

Kaori Fujimura: Tell me about yourself!

Shuichiro Harashima: About me? There's nothing much to tell.

Kaori Fujimura: What? I can't believe that!

[Shuichiro shrugs]

Kaori Fujimura: Fine then, I'll ask the questions then. What comics did you read as a kid?

Shuichiro Harashima: I didn't read them.

Kaori Fujimura: Okay then, who did you play with?

Shuichiro Harashima: I played by myself.

Kaori Fujimura: What's your favourite food?

Shuichiro Harashima: Nothing in particular.

[Kaori ponders for a moment, think of a question]

Kaori Fujimura: Do you have silblings?

Shuichiro Harashima: [Smiling] None

Kaori Fujimura: You're an only child!

[They both laugh]

Kaori Fujimura: So you had all your parent's attention...

Shuichiro Harashima: Actually, my mother passed away when I was a baby. My dad died when I was eight.

Kaori Fujimura: You're just like me then, both my parents died when I was a kid too. Misao raised me. I'm surrounded by poor people but I've never felt alone. I've always felt happy and loved. Konosuke was always teasing me though and causing trouble, he tries to help people but only makes matters worse for himself. One summer, Yosaku didn't do his homework so Konosuke gave him his! Konosuke got in so much trouble with the teacher, can you believe it? He's still the same today, he hasn't matured at all.


Kaori Fujimura: I can talk, can't I?

Shuichiro Harashima: Consider it a quality.

Kaori Fujimura: If you had no siblings, and no parents, and no one to play with as a kid, you must have been very lonely.

Shuichiro Harashima: I was very conscious about those things.

Kaori Fujimura: [pause] Of all the men I've ever know, you're the wealthiest but by far the loneliest... But you won't be alone any more.

Shuichiro Harashima: Huh?

Kaori Fujimura: Soon you'll be married to Mayako, so she can keep you company... And later, so will your children. I'm glad you'll have your own family and you'll never be alone.

Shuichiro Harashima: Yeah...

Kaori Fujimura: Please become happy, I'll become happy too as long as you are.

Kaori Fujimura: I'm a grown woman, Sis! I'm not a little girl and I won't be your doll any more. I may have been hurt many times in love, but not once have I regretted falling in love. I love Harashima, no matter who he is or what his name it. He's a kind, good man who has never been anything but a gentleman to me. You can't choose who you fall for, Sis. I can't help loving him. You don't understand! You've never been in love!


Misao Fujimura: Fine then! Go to him if you want him so much. I'll say nothing more.

[to Harashima]

Konosuke Shimodaira: What man treats the woman he loves like whore? Is it because she's poor, do you think she went with you for your money? Rubbish... Hey I maybe poor and my friends and Kaori maybe poor too, but she has had a much richer life then you have had. You say love will only get you hurt. Kaori's been in love, been hurt... But she's still cheerful! I'll tell you something, being poor is just a state of mind, but if you respect the three wells of my logic - Trust, friendship and love - then I truly am a rich person.


Konosuke Shimodaira: I don't need money, and Kaori doesn't need your money. She's a very rich woman, she loves you, she's your friend and until now she trusted you. You don't deserve your love. *You* sir, are the *poor* man. *I* am the rich one!

Mayako Mizukoshi: It wasn't Shuichiro who sent you the money. It was my father. He thought you were... Well... He thought you would keep silent about your affair with Shuichiro, if you thought your bill had... Been paid.

Kaori Fujimura: I'm not his mistress.

[Final lines. Harashima sitting in a chair. He's not moving]

Senpei Konosuke: [Worried] Uncle Shuichiro?

[Long pause. Harashima awakes]

Senpei Konosuke: What was wrong?

Shuichiro Harashima: [smiling] I was dreaming.

[Shuichiro takes Kaori's hand and leans his cheek against it]

Shuichiro Harashima: I'm glad I met you.

[Kaori smiles and kneels next to him]

Kaori Fujimura: Same here. I'm glad I met and fell in love with you. No matter what happens, I'll never regret knowing you and loving you. Never. And until the day I myself die... I'll keep on loving you.

Kaori Fujimura: Why your watch broken?

[Harashima says nothing]

Kaori Fujimura: Sorry, I asked another personal question.

Shuichiro Harashima: Not at all.

[reaches for the watch clumsily, Kaori helps him and puts it in his hand. He holds it to himself]

Shuichiro Harashima: My father collapsed... it fell and broke.

Kaori Fujimura: It's been broken since you were a child then?

Shuichiro Harashima: Yes.

Kaori Fujimura: Why didn't you have it fixed?

Shuichiro Harashima: [sleepily] I wonder... I suppose I never felt the need to.

Kaori Fujimura: I wish I could do something for you, but I don't know what. I try cooking, cleaning and being helpful. I feel hopeless.

Shuichiro Harashima: You don't need to do anything, Kaori. Just stay by my side.

Hirano: The chairman I was loyal to and I served would never give up.

[after being fired by Harashima]

Dept. Chef Yoshimura: What's wrong with betraying someone when they don't trust you not to? You're a sad man. You're a pitiful man who can't trust anyone.

Shuichiro Harashima: [smiling] Is that all?

[upon finding out his worker betrayed him. He laughs out loud hysterically]

Shuichiro Harashima: I'm only going to tell you, my outstanding secretary. I'm ill.

[looking at the photos]

Shuichiro Harashima: I'm dying. But now... I've found my cure. I'm going to be fine now.

[repeated line]

Kaori Fujimura: Who are you?

[Kaori's walking away, Harashima calls out to her]

Shuichiro Harashima: Wait!

[Kaori turns to face him]

Shuichiro Harashima: Can you keep me company for a while?

Konosuke Shimodaira: One more thing, don't ever speak to or go near Kaori again. If you were to see you now, it would destroy her. Just so you know, she's still very much in love with you.

[Konosuke turns and leaves leaving Harashima shocked and upset]

[upon finding that the "gardener is in fact Harashima]

Konosuke Shimodaira: You know, you look exactly like my friend. He treasures his broken watch from his father. When I first met him, he lent me 30 yen. He even lent my friend 2.5 million yen. He has neurogastric illness and debts. He likes to be logical. He a strange one. But... he's a gardener. The man I know... Isn't you.

Mayako Mizukoshi: Oh, by the way. A woman called you just now.

Shuichiro Harashima: Oh?

Mayako Mizukoshi: Yes. She said not to send her flowers.

Shuichiro Harashima: I see.

Mayako Mizukoshi: [smiles] See you then!

Kaori Fujimura: [to Harashima] You shouldn't ask me out again. Your friends will think less of you.

Konosuke Shimodaira: Do you know why I'm here? I came to punch you.

[Konosuke walks over to Harashima and stops in front of him. They look at each other. Konosuke laughs]

Konosuke Shimodaira: I came here to punch Shuichiro Harashima; not you.

Shuichiro Harashima: I'm sorry I lied to you.

Kaori Fujimura: Do you play jokes like this often?


Kaori Fujimura: Shuichiro Harashima?

Shuichiro Harashima: I am Harashima.

[after finding out that money had been sent to Kaori in Harashima's name]

Konosuke Shimodaira: Haven't you hurt Kaori enough? She's seriously in love with you. When she found out the money was from you, she felt so cheap. She was given the dirtiest thing in the world from the man she loved!

Shuichiro Harashima: You're the first person to hit me... and the first person to cry for me.

Shuichiro Harashima: I'm no longer the chairman. I don't have the power to protect you or the others now... I'm just a stubborn and sick man with only three months to live.

Kaori Fujimura: I still love you. You have nothing... not even the title of chairman... But I like you for what you are now. When I first met you, I had no idea you were the chairman. Had I known, I might never have fallen in love with you. You're still the same man. Nothing's changed.


Kaori Fujimura: Can I stay here? I won't leave, even if you tell me to leave. I won't let you be alone. I won't let you suffer all alone. I'll protect you.

Mayako Mizukoshi: I don't care about your wealth or status. Even if you only have three months... I want to be with you. When you can't walk, I'll be your legs... If you become blind, I'll be your eyes... I want to stay by your side until the very end... as your wife.

Shuichiro Harashima: No, there is someone else better suited to you then I.

Mayako Mizukoshi: Do you love Kaori that much?

Shuichiro Harashima: I don't deserve to love or have the love Kaori or anyone for that matter... I can't make anyone happy. I'm sorry for lying to you all this time. Please leave.

Shuichiro Harashima: You...

Kaori Fujimura: Yes?

Shuichiro Harashima: You remind me of my late mother.

Kaori Fujimura: I do?

Shuichiro Harashima: [nervously] I'm sorry.

Kaori Fujimura: No! If anything, I'm flattered to remind you of someone who meant a lot to you.

Konosuke Shimodaira: Sorry I hit you over the Kaori incident.

Shuichiro Harashima: You told me not to come again... But I had something to tell her. I had fun with her... When I'm with her, I forgot about my illness. When I came to this place and watched her, I felt I could be someone different.

[about the money given to Kaori]

Konosuke Shimodaira: Kaori loves you more then you could possibly imagine and I know you feel the same, I know you do. But you send her money? That's shocked her. It's shocked me. Kaori was treated like a whore, by the man she loved!

[to Kaori]

Yosaku: So, where's you rich and handsome boyfriend?

Misao Fujimura: Yosaku!

Yosaku: Why are you here in this run-down dump eating re-heated ramen when you're the mistress of one of the richest men in Tokyo?

Sensei: Yosaku, leave her alone!

Yosaku: I bet she's been taking infomation back to him. We can't trust her! He's probably going to put her up some where, like rich men do with their mistress, while we'll all be out on the street. They probably spend their evenings laughing at us over a glass of wine - she probably thinks she's better then us 'cos she's got her claws into Harashima. Filthy whore ...

[Yosaku goes to attack Kaori, Sensei holds him back]

Sensei: Yosaku, that's enough!

Yosaku: Why, it's true isn't it? Kaori is Harashima's lover.

[Long pause]

Kaori Fujimura: I don't care what you think of me.