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  • Film is about how poor people could be corrupted by money. A simple but important topic for a screenplay.

    There are two poor friends that they are construction workers. And they found in the building site a urn full of golden pounds. They thought that their problems would be solved with that, but they weren't...

    This film is not a great movie. But it is very pleasant (easy- watching). Screenplay is also interesting and it is based on a Bost's (cartoonist) story. The starring actors are doing their best thou. Music is just fine, and it is composed by Giannis Markopoulos. Editing seems to be perfect, Aristeidis Karydis-Fuchs is a master of editing...

    From the other hand, direction and cinematography have lack of inspiration/imagination and that affects the whole atmosphere/style of the film.

    I vote 5 out of 10.