Yahiko: [after seeing his dead friend] Musashino... Musashino! Musashino! Musashino! But... why?


Yahiko: My friend! Don't leave me!

Yahiko: Ohhh.

Kaoru: It's incredible isn't it?

Sanosuke: Why do people take time to travel all the way to Yokohama just to stare at bring buildings like this one? And they probably like the steam train too.

Yahiko: Fish face pretends like he didn't like the train ride.

Kaoru: I'm starting to regret I bought your train tickets Sanosuke!

Yahiko: Heheheh!

Sanosuke: Well, I like Japanese architecture better. You have to admit these buildings are all alike, Kenshin.

Kenshin Himura: Well, I guess so. Japan could use some changes. We've caught up with the times.

Kenshin Himura: That's enough.

Shigure: Clear my path!

Kenshin Himura: Now, withdraw your followers.

Shigure: It's too late!

Kenshin Himura: I will *not* allow this!

Shigure: Your choice.

[he attacks Kenshin but Kenshin blocks it he strikes again but again Kenshin blocks Shigure's attack]

Shigure: The Sakabato, it has long been by hope that our swords never cross.

Kenshin Himura: And I had hope for the very same thing.

Shigure: You will... regret your decision!

[Shigure kicks Keshin in the stomach]