• Adrenaline V.1
    (WCW Monday Nitro Theme)
    Written by Gillian Stark
    Performed by Purity
    (From February 22, 1999 through the end of the series)
  • Seek and Destroy
    (Sting's Theme 1999 - 2001)
    Live Woodstock '99 Recording
    Written by Lars Ulrich & James Hetfield
    Performed by Metallica
  • Bailando
    (Nitro Girls Theme)
    Written by Patrick Samoy (as P. Samoy), M.I. Asensio, E. O'Laughlin, Charles Chavez, Deborah Chavez, and Brissa Alzarado
    Performed by Stephanie Marano
  • American Made
    (Hulk Hogan Theme)
    Written by Jimmy Hart and JJ Mcquire
    Production Theme
  • Invasion
    (Goldberg Theme)
    Written by Christian Poulet & Jean-Yves Rigo
    Performed by Christian Poulet & Jean-Yves Rigo
  • Bow Wow Wow
    (Konnan's Theme)
    Written by Jesse Perez & Tomas Lopez
    Performed by Madd-One & Konnan