WCW Legend Leon White (Vader) never appeared on a single episode of WCW Monday Nitro, although he did appear in archive footage used for the opening title sequence.

Went out live for many years, and as a tactic to draw viewers in Eric Bischoff would give away results from their competition WWE Raw (1993) at the start of the show.

Around Halloween of the show's 1998 season, Chucky of the "Child's Play" series was featured as a promotional tie-in with his new film, Bride of Chucky (1998). He trash-talked various wrestlers and made threats from the jumbo-tron while plugging his new film at the same time.

For a while, this show was shown Monday nights live opposite bitter competition from taped events of WWE Raw (1993). "Nitro" took advantage of this with its announcement of the hiring of former wrestler Rick Rude, whose scripted role was like a manager. Rude debuted live on "Nitro" while, during that exact moment, he appeared during a taped "Raw" telecast.

On 19 March 2001 Eric Bischoff announced that he would be appearing the following week with a major announcement. Originally, Bischoff was going to announce that he and his company Fusient Media were going to be purchasing WCW. However, the deal fell through when the Turner networks announced they no longer would be carrying wrestling. That left the door wide open for Vince McMahon to buy the company as well as the WCW video library.

The final broadcast of Nitro aired on Monday, 26 March 2001, which included a simulcast with WWE Raw (1993), and featured appearances by Shane McMahon, as his father, WWF owner Vince McMahon had just purchased WCW. As a WWF storyline that would include a WCW "invasion" of the WWF, Shane commented that he, and not Vince, had signed the purchasing contract.

Besides broadcasting from various arenas across the country, the show also did special broadcasts from Disney/MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Towards the end both Nitro and Thunder were taped on the same day as they couldn't get enough fans for two separate television tapings.

In 1997, wrestler Ric Flair got involved in a legitimate legal dispute with WCW President Eric Bischoff regarding his contract with the company. This stemmed from Flair missing a "Nitro" show with the understanding Bischoff gave him the night off so he could see his son compete in an amateur wrestling match. Bischoff denied this and took action against Flair, who, in turn, tried to get out of his contract. After the lengthy dispute was settled, the situation was written into a story and the two feuded on TV and pay-per-view events.

By the time Nitro started airing in the UK, Lex Luger would briefly feature in the opening titles at the instance where Vader used to be featured. Months later, however, the original titles which included the latter wrestler where inexplicably used at the start of the show - by which time Vader was a high-profile employee of the World Wrestling Federation and could be frequently seen on Nitro's rival show, Monday Night Raw (1993)

Kevin Sullivan, who was the booker (writer) for WCW, decided to include his real life divorce from his wife Nancy Daus-Sullivan in the storyline involving his feud with Chris Benoit. Nancy and Benoit fell in love in real life and eventually wound up getting married a few years later.

Every episode of this show can be viewed on the WWE network for $9.99 a month.

According to Disco Inferno, he was hired just one week before the pilot episode, for the sole purpose of strengthening the WCW roster for this show.

The night Mick Foley won the WWF title on School Rules (1997), the announcers, insultingly, mentioned it wouldn't put butts in the seats, and then nearly 500,000 viewers changed channels to watch "Raw".

David Arquette is the only non-wrestling-oriented actor who appeared as the World Champion. This was during the promotion of the WCW-influenced movie Ready to Rumble (2000), which starred Arquette.

After coming into WCW with the promise of saving the company, the man who most believe killed WCW,and the same person who said he would never appear in person on a wrestling telecast, Vince Russo would himself become world champion on the 25/09/2000 edition of Nitro.

In 1997 Nirvana sued WCW for copyright infringement to Diamond Dallas Page's theme song Self High Five because it sounds similar to the Nirvana song Smells Like Teen Spirit