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  • "Atilano, presidente" is the last film of a trilogy displaying Spain through the backdoor in a tone of comedy. The first two were devoted to bullfighting and soccer, and this one deals with politics. The main point of the film is simple: anyone can be the president of the government. A politic party that defends the interests of the main banks in the country needs a candidate for the approaching elections, and Atilano Bermejo, a funeral worker, seems the least worst candidate. From this starting point things start to complicate and escape beyond control of the candidate and their masters. A good and simple idea, and a decent plot (though too complex for a comedy and ilogical some times). Manuel Manquiña is great as candidate Atilano, and Ramon Barea and Laura Conejero are also fine as the two professional politics. The film has several remarkable scenes too, such as the one in the market. Unfortunately, the film does not turn out to be funny (except occasionally), so people just trying to spend a good time watching a light comedy should look elsewhere.
  • It's not funny. It's not engaging. It's not believable. It's not coherent. It's not logical. It makes no sense. It's badly acted, badly written and badly directed. I think you get the picture. This film is a disgrace, an unmitigated disaster. There's just nothing in it of any worth. No wonder La Cuadrilla disbanded and disappeared from view after this. A shame, given they had seemed promising when they began. (Update: they have resurfaced years later with the Spanish version of a French comedy show, which has been, inexplicably for me, an enormous hit).

    What I hope is that nobody else ever sees this movie again. All copies of it should be burned, and the ashes dropped in a nuclear reactor for their complete evaporation, and the world would be a better place. You might think I'm being harsh, but that will only be if you haven't seen the thing. And believe me, you're much better off that way.