Alternate Versions (6)

  • UK cinema and Warner DVD releases were cut by 2 secs to remove a headbutt during a fight scene. The Optimum DVD is uncut.
  • The DVD Special Edition is "edited for home video" that changes several small scenes including the ending.
  • The US theatrical version (which is sometimes shown on IFC and was the version available on Netflix Instant), has three short scenes which were removed from the DVD release: Terl gleefully scolding the bartender after offering him a shady deal. Ker wonders if humans can fly, prompting Terl to pick one of them up and throw him off the edge of a cliff, which of course kills the human. Terl responds that this is why he's an officer and Ker his assistant. In the scene at the library, Terl tells Johnny one of the books might give him a good recipe for raw rat.
  • A scene where Johnny and the other humans try to find instructions to the bomb is added in the U.S. Video and DVD release
  • In the nightclub scene with Ms. Terl she promises that Terl will be "as happy as a baby Psychlo on a steady diet of kerbango". In the theatrical release the line she delivered was differently phrased and ended in "as happy as a baby in a crib full of Kerbango."
  • The U.S. television version contains many of the scenes cut for the video, but with some other scenes obviously edited for content.