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  • This movie was a real eye opener for myself. I watched this movie without high expectations. By the end of it I was "Wow, what have I been missing." This was the movie that really got me introduced to Indie Film. Now, I watch more independent material than I do "Hollywood block busters". The acting in this movie was award winning in every aspect. I actually work in a video store, and I do not hesitate to recommend this movie to everyone. An all round well done movie.
  • Heater is not only one of my favorite Canadian movies, but holds the day in my DVD collection beside such other classics as "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", "Midnight Cowboy" and Don Shebib's "Going Down The Road".
  • This film is enthralling, although somewhat stale compared to a higher budget release. The film is a deep look into all people, and as far as I can tell has little to do with being homeless.

    In the movie, the man finds a baseboard heater - whether it be stolen or not, it makes little difference. The entire movie deals with a man trying so hard to sell this heater, all the while guarding it from other people who also want to sell it. Money seems to be his biggest objective. He has found a gift, and tries so hard to sell, all the while never thinking how it may benefit him (until the end of course).

    I see it as a parallel to our everyday lives. We have all been given a precious gift - life. We spend our most of our lives either preparing to, or selling ourselves. We are too caught up trying to profit from something that was meant to be enjoyed. The movie is trying to get us to take a closer look at what is meaningful to us. Sometimes what is most important is completely overlooked.

    This film was by far the most moving and eclectic piece I have ever seen. Its grey and independent feel make it that much more symbolic, almost giving away the fact that this movie isn't about entertainment. Also, the narrative in this film is very slim. The camera angles tell a story that words could never describe. The bitter cold Winnipeg winter paint a dull backdrop, leaving very little colour and again drawing our attention to detail.

    I will see this movie again, and praise it all the more.
  • I really love Indie movies. I am ashamed to say that this movie will only appeal to a small audience. But if you watch this movie, and you are patient, it will work its magic and you will be rewarded. I rated it 8 out of 10 because it was watchable, compelling, and who makes movies these days with this kind of under-stated pathos? The movie centers around a big, tall, polite and perceptive, under-achieving (is that a proper or adequate adjective to apply to any human?), native American man and his smaller, excitable pal-for-a-day who seems to possess to varying degrees a case of Tourette's, kleptomania, and one or two other psychological problems. (Yes, I was reminded a bit of Cuckoo's Nest but this film is not the emotional star studded roller coaster ride of Cuckoo's.) Filmed in the cold wintry climes of Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba) right before the Christmas holiday, HEATER reminds us that the coldest thing around the holidays is often the behavior of humans towards other humans. And the most warming thing is often the gracious, giving, humble, humanity expressed by people, who, I believe, are too often looked upon as worthless, lower class, "under-achieving" parasites. This movie is a surprisingly compelling, sweet, sad, and simple film. And it is a humbling yet hopeful, homeless buddy movie that reveals much about what we in the west call civilization, good and bad. There are two remarkable scenes I want to point out. The first scene shows, (in the background), municipal workers endangering motorists and pedestrians by interrupting the streetlights in order to connect Christmas decorations to the power grid. The second scene is the long closing credits scene of the city streets being cleared of snow by a fleet of expensive state of the art vehicles, both of which spoke a thousand words about what we consider valuable services during the holidays or any other time. I understand, I know, we have to keep the streets clear, the cars moving, the business of business must not be interrupted, regardless of what it does to our humanity, and therefore our civilization. I believe this film should be among the most viewed of Christmas movies. It might help to keep us aware, that regardless of race, creed, religion or color, it could easily be us, or a loved one, out in the freezing cold, looking for shelter, and something to eat. (I was also reminded of the odd couple pairing of Al Pacino and Gene Hackman in the little known 1973 movie SCARECROW).
  • Heater is a movie that involves a very small plot, two homeless men trying to return a stolen heater. There is something more to it, the characters bring you in to the world of homeless people. There daily problems and strugels. It is a strange attraction to this story that made me watch it even when I was tired. All in all heater is a movie that can be enjoyed with some patience and beer.