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  • Blackheart is one of the most interesting films that I've ever seen. The man behind it is Robert Engels, acclaimed writer of Twin Peaks. He weaves a very interesting story that is extremely campy and loads of fun.

    Rob Bogue, Chris Heyerdahl, and Jay Baruchel all give great performances and the special effects are something to see, but the reason this film is so good is because of the script-

    Don't miss this one 9.5/10
  • I caught this movie quite by accident and was drawn in. The character is campy, in a 40's tough (but nice) guy kind of way. His clean cut demeanor, and no nonsense attitude towards good and evil make the Matthew Blackheart character a continuously enjoyable phenomenon. This movie was like a cross between the Guyver and Evil Dead. Campy, but nonstop fun. Don't watch it if you don't like cheese, but those with the taste won't be disappointed.
  • Bogeys beware! This is a made-for-television gem. Matthew Blackheart is a quirky mix between Captain America and a cocky Bruce Campbell. Matthew Blackheart was engineered by the government to fight nazi monsters known as Bogeys (that's the Captain America part). After a fifty-five year sleep (more Captain America), he is back it New York, cocky as hell, fighting Bogeys (that's where the Bruce Campbell part comes into play). The special effects are incredible, especially for made-for-TV stuff. The movie itself runs more like a pilot for a television series. And I'm surprised that it's not one. It leaves some unanswered questions and a very open ending. An excellent comic book movie nonetheless.
  • There is a line between tongue-in-cheek parody and "Hey, look at me" ham acting. This film is so far on the wrong side of that line,you can't even see it from there.

    It's a shame, because this could have been a good movie. I like everything about, except for the HORRIBLE over-acting of its star. Bruce Campbell is the undisputed master at this style of acting, and Rob Bogue tries so hard to imitate him, you have to wonder why they didn't just get the real thing.

    Call this one a missed opportunity. 4 out of 10.
  • Painful to watch.

    This film wants to be a tongue-in-cheek campfest, like a cross between "Trancers", "Army of Darkness", and, yes, some or other comic book story -- Captain America as likely as any other. Which is not such a bad idea -- it's not terribly original, but it could have been very watchable.

    Unfortunately, the campiness just comes across as narrative incompetence, and pretty much everything else goes horribly wrong as well. The dialogue ranges from unbelievably awkward to wincingly bad, with tired cliches and bizarre garblings standing in for witty one-liners. The actors often seem to have been filmed at different times, even during short scenes -- there's no natural back-and-forth. And there's a ridiculous overuse of close-ups, making it impossible more than half the time to get any sense of location.

    So you start off with a comedy that isn't funny. Since the film's horror elements (such as they are) are played for laughs, there's no horror, either, and that pretty much leaves us with action as a possible source of entertainment. Sadly, the action is god-awful. The stunts and fighting are extremely amateurish and unconvincing, including sword 'fights' where opponents stand too far apart to possibly hit each other and only aim for each other's swords. With slow, awkward swings.

    What's more, the camera work and editing conspire to make the action look even worse, with lots of fake undercranking (the action is sped up in a cartoonish fashion) and a complete lack of even simulated master shots. This makes the fighting look staged, which is exactly what the camera work is supposed to *avoid*.

    The special effects are low-budget, which can be forgiven, but they really *look* low-budget. The most impressive effects I noticed were white contact lenses used on some of the zombies. Most of the effects, and a lot of the costumes, look like they were cooked up in someone's garage and rushed into production before they were ready.

    Other reviewers are right on the mark when they describe Rob Bogue's performance, here, as looking like an attempted Bruce Campbell impersonation. It sure seems that way . . . especially when you consider the cleverest bit of writing in the film, a casually dropped "S-Mart" reference . . . but it's a misfire. I haven't seen any of Bogue's other work, but he's probably better when not trapped inside this character, because it just doesn't work for him.

    Of course, that awful dialogue doesn't help, and the title character has far, *far* more dialogue than a film this long could possibly require, even if it had a better plot. Despite a story that takes about ten seconds to describe (WWII superhero awakens from hibernation to continue battling arch-nemesis and his smallish army of half-assed monsters), the movie is heavily belabored with unnecessary exposition, flashbacks, and voice-overs, ad nauseam. None of this seems even vaguely necessary; it just litters the film like the script was dipped in a vat of I Can't Shut Up.

    In all fairness, there was some passable work by the supporting cast, including Karen Elkin, as a waitress, and Jay Baruchel, in a thankless and fairly annoying sidekick role he seems to have been born to play. (If you want to break out of that typecasting, Jay, you'd better start soon.)

    But, in the end, this is a movie that misfires on all cylinders.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a 2002 made for TV film that is now released to DVD. Matthew Blackheart (Robert Bogue) is a spoof of superhero films especially imitating Captain America without the uniform. Brogue delivers his quips in a manner reminiscent of Bruce Campbell in...just pick one. It is heavy on the cheese and corn. At one point the bad guy dwarf says, "Bye Bye Mr. American Pie." Blackheart was frozen for 50 years and is now in a New York he barely recognizes having to fight zombies, vampires, and Republicans.

    Ant-Man is better, but this will do for fans of films such as "Dylan Dog."
  • It's your average modern b-movie sci-fi but with excellent one-liner delivery. The actor that plays Blackheart, Rob Bogue, can deliver the comic book lines very well and could be 2nd choice to Bruce Campbell. I say this being a Campbell fan myself. All other counts are average for effects, acting, and music with nothing really good or bad. A- for 1-liners.---"Bogies..Hate'em"
  • amputeetango17 August 2019
    It's clearly a low-budget film but they really ran with this WACKY PLOT! I can see how some people may dislike it but it is at least a 7 star film

    I say 10 because the writing was so good! And that supporting woman character; once she put on a little makeup she was rocking it out! mmm yeah

    I can't imagine trashing things just to trash things. This is a B-Movie. It isn't quality across the board but it has it where it counts! 10 stars for the scrappy underdog! woof woof
  • My problem with it was this, it seemed, for lack of a better term, schizophrenic. I watched most of it and had no clue whatsoever what it was trying to be, sometimes it seemed like a TV show pilot, sometimes it was a spoof, sometimes it tried being serious. The problem was that it seemed more like an accidental spoof, as if they were trying for a real kind of movie but screwed up.
  • wolfmano22 August 2003
    I had the "Pleasure" of watching this movie on the Sci fi channel, some months ago and let me tell you this movie is awful, i warn anyone and everyone out there to avoid this movie, it seems to me this was a pilot for a doomed TV series, thank god because who wants to be watching tv and to hear " coming up next after hercules and xena and cleopatra 2525 Matthew Blackheart.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is so horrible, you have to see it to believe it. With acting that would fit a preschooler's action cartoon show, but with material slightly too grotesque for a younger audience, it is difficult to see exactly who the film makers were trying to target with this film.

    The movie's opening looks somewhat promising- a man walking through a crowded mall, weapons attached to him as others in the mall give him odd and frightened looks. However, the moment the character finally opens his mouth, the entire tough look is blown away, and I am reminded of the character Joey from FRIENDS- except for much worse of an actor than the character of Joey is.

    The only way possible to convey just how bad this movie is, is to be forced to watch it. If you can even FIND it.
  • Okay, this was a piece of almost unwatchable trash. I love "bad" movies, but I found it difficult to find this movie humorous because it was just that bad. The acting was horrible. The special effects were terrible. The plot was a cross between "Captain America" and "Frankenstein".

    After watching I can honestly say my brain-pan hurt. The movie gave me a headache. Avoid this movie, unless you are a masochist.

    I did get the feeling that the director was attempting to build an "Army of Darkness" vibe to the lead character and the plot. That also failed miserably.

    I do not know how else to trash the movie.