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  • Liz-595 June 1999
    Universal Studios has done it again, in constructing a one of a kind thrill ride that makes your hair blown crazy and your voice numb from the screams. The ride consisted of standing in a room that looked like a totaled house (complete with a car stuck in the roof and chicken noises) where we watched a movie with Helen Hunt and Bill Pullman about the how twisters are so devastating, then that part ended. We were brought into another room that looked like the drive in scene during Twister, where a little wind began to whip around and we could see a faint storm far off into the distance. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the wind picked up to an exhilarating pace, lightning clapped and brought down the Drive in sign with sparks flying in every direction. Then, when you thought it was over, they SOMEHOW formed a realistic looking twister not even 10 feet away from you... and then it all just suddenly... ends... real quiet like. But you leave with a feeling like you survived something beyond belief. Now where's Real TV?? I got a story for 'em!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was one of the best special effects attraction that they had over at universal studios Orlando Florida. It's sad that they removed it. This show/ride will be missed by many it was still fun but I wish they would update it too todays technology then it'll be more fun for everyone bye twister I hope someday you'll be brought back that'll make me so happy. But I have many ways of making this attraction be really popular like other rides Harry Potter. But here is the problems that this show had 1. The issue of the audio when the year 2013 or 2014 came it the sounds started too get bad and sound awful well you weren't able to hear anything of the sound effects like before back then the sounds were really loud making you jump no kidding. 2. The fire effects yeah they've gotten really old over the years but apparently they update the show yearly but it's like a small pre-refurb nothing done to much 3. The tornado animation in the back of the stage that should've been changed in 2014 yeah they did change it but once and then they changed it back to the old I don't got to much to say you understand the attraction is out of date stuff is old and does not work like It used too.
  • DaADA120 April 2002
    Warning: Spoilers
    This ride was a real kicker! I liked it a lot! WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS/ADVICE. A gas tank thing explodes and a lot of fire comes out. Recommendation: if you're in the front row, it's REALLY hot when the fire comes out. Also, on the back row, I think (but I'm not sure), but it might drop down a little or something. Very fun ride and definitely worth the wait in line!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Ride It Out" is a theme park ride for the Oscar-winning movie Twister. This one premiered back in 1998, so it is already over 20 years old, and I think they are not showing it anymore now, which is okay though given how long it's been since the film was released. Director is Cecil D. Magpuri and you probably don't know the name, but you will know the names of Bill Paxton (rest in peace) and Helen Hunt, the two stars of the film and it is a nice addition that they got them to appear in here, which is really not a given for theme park releases that the two biggest stars (only stars you could say) from the cast are included. Sadly, they really did not make too much of it. With that I mean it feels more like a behind-the-scenes documentary than a theme park thrill ride with the duo explaining certain things about twisters and the shooting of the film while staying really basic and never making it below the surface. And the moment they talk about actual tornados being present during the time of the shooting and not too far away felt really forced if anything to make us think there was some kind of real danger, but yeah no. Maybe the film's biggest weakness. The effects at the end at the actual theme park were nice, but they don't count in favor of the video obviously that I am rating and reviewing here. So overall, I give this one a thumbs-down. It is not a failure, but one of the weaker theme park attractions I have come across. My suggestion is to skip the watch. Not recommended.