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  • I think Dilip Kumar accepted this role as an experiment in that the entire dialogue that Dilip has delivered was written in in proper Hindi. That is all Persian/Arabic words that have become current in everyday Indian spoken language were replaced by specific Hindi words.

    That has made the film unrealistic. Even though, Dilip has delivered his dialogue effortlessly, the rest of the film is artificial. There is some specific contrast in the story where a conflict is shown between Hindu Dharam and modern secular social ideas. The whole set up of the story is very unrealistic - a police no go area in the middle of modern India.

    It is this kind of portrayal that has made the film unacceptable for the masses. That is why the film failed on the box office in spite of Dilip Kumar being the main character.
  • My wish come true to see 2 great Indian actors come To-gether in this movie, I had seen this movie on the release day, I also heard that it is true or not That the producer of this movie Krishnam Raju want to cast Jeetendra in the double role, those were the days in the 80's all the South Indian producer want to make the Hindi movie to en cash Jeetendra, When the film offered to Jeetu, after reading the script he told that the elder brother role will much suits to Dilip Kumar & he insist to Dilip Kumar to accept the movie & he accepted it. But unfortunately the film not get much success at the Box office, I don't know the reason but I can say that the movie was superb to watch with huge star cast, Acting wise Dilip Kumar done full justice to his role & his Sanskrit/Hindi dialogue delivery was excellent no doubt he as done his his job very perfectly, Jeetendra acting was also excellent as younger brother which suits to his role he has done the stunts very well at the age of 42 & dance number too with full of energy & as usual he looks so young & dynamic, Jeetu comic scenes with Sri Devi was also fine, Pran as main Vallian done his job very well, Khader Khan & Shakti Kapoor done their routine job, Sri Devi acting too good but her voice dubbed, If you want to see the movie for Dilip Kumar & Jeetendra this will be only one movie to watch.